Xterra Fitness Tr150 Review
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There is always something for everyone i.e., for someone trying to recreate a budget-friendly home gym, the aspect of space being in the picture— the Xterra TR150 treadmill  may be a great option. Looking for a machine that offers value for your money and still doesn’t come with overwhelming numbers of bells and whistles? This is the right fit.

The model comes from the lower end of the treadmill market. This, however, doesn’t mean that it has no attributes. It is functional, made of good quality and most importantly it has been well rated under the entry-level machines such as the Horizon t202 treadmill. Fortunately, the treadmill is a bit light and comes with a not so small running surface.

This article has covered an in-depth review of the Xterra Fitness tr150 to ensure you get the right information. You definitely need to read the review.


  • Tread Belt Dimensions: 50″ length x 16″ width (137 cm long x 40.6 cm wide)
  • Fully Assembled Dimensions: 63.4” long x 28.75” wide x 51.4″ high (161 cm L x 73 cm W x 130 cm H)
  • Assembled Weight: 108 lb. (48 kg)
  • Motor: 2.25 HP, 0.5 -10 mph
  • Incline: 3 levels
  • Type of Deck: Described as XtraSoft (comfortable)
  • Console: Inbuilt 12 fitness programs
  • Added Extras: Tablet holder and small personal belongings holder
  • Guarantee: Lifetime on frame, 1 year on motor, all parts just 90 days and labor just 90 days
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. (113.3 kg)

Overall quality

We honestly wouldn’t recommend cheap treadmills. But this specific model isn’t as bad as most are. It has the right attributes making it stand out in the market. The right fit would be if you are trying a treadmill for the first time. The Xterra company is mostly known for making solid machines. This means that the quality of the machine isn’t that bad. Besides, it comes with a pretty great deal warrant in comparison to most of our top treadmills in its price range.

The features in the machine are thoughtfully developed to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable workout that will keep challenging you.

Impressive Features

It's only right to say that settling for a cheaper treadmill machine is giving up the luxuries found in expensive ones. But, somehow, this machine is packed with unique and notable features. Below are some of the most impressive features found on the machine.

1. The Step-up height and incline

The Xterra tr150 Treadmill may need a routine set up before you begin your daily workout. This is because of its basic manual incline. You should note that its completely impossible to adjust the incline while working out.

The pop-pin makes it easier for you to lock in the stabilizers into your desired positions. Additionally, the incline levels aren’t as extreme. They go up in a slight increment of approximately 0.5’ 1’ and 2’. The two incline degrees can still offer you a challenging workout experience that will help you burn calories. If you enjoy an extremely steep incline, this wouldn’t offer you the challenge you are looking for.

The deck height completely relies on the set incline level. So, this means that if the machine is left without any incline (0’), the step height is about 14cm (5.5 inches). This is the point you ask yourself about your ceiling height. Is it way higher or just the exact height as yours? The best and recommended ceiling height of the room your about to place the Xterra tr150 should be atleast 25cm or 10 inches higher than your height.

2. Deck and Frame

Let’s discuss the frame first. The machine is a light-capacity. But still, the Xterra ensured that they used steel tubing from a robust and durable frame. Although we all know that the steel in most cheap models may rust, this workout equipment is an exception. The steel parts are painted with a corrosion-resistant black finish.

How much weight does it support? Well, the machine is quite impressive. Its console dashboard, motor and side rails are the only parts that are made of the strong ABS. This in return allows it to support a maximum bodyweight of up to 113.3kg (250lbs).

You cannot classify this machine under the commercial trainer category. Its dimensions are quite large. You would need to leave three feet of clearance at the rear, two on each side, and one at the front. This will enable you to access it with ease and also promote safe operations.

The Xterra tr 150 is fairly heavy—49kg (108 lbs.). This is, however, eased up by the presence of a set of wheels found on the front base. So, in times of transporting it, you wouldn’t strain so much.

When it comes to the deck, the XTRASoft cushioning system has some shock-absorbing elements. These are mainly for protecting your foot when working out thus a promise of comfortable rides.

We cannot forget to mention the non-slip rubber belt. This heavy-duty belt has a running surface of 50” L and 16” W. The maximum speed is 10 MPH thus great for walking and jogging. If you are tall, the running surface of the Xterra tr 150 wouldn’t provide the thrill you might be looking for.

3. Storage

The space you have will determine the machine you will pick. Nonetheless, the model that offers you the chance to fold it should suffice. This being said, the Xterra Fitness tr150 works perfectly for limited spaces. It has wheels for portability, a deck with a folding design and a tread belt and frame that is small. The folding design helps you store it neatly after use by turning from being long to tall.

4. Assembling factor

How easy can it get? An assembling process that takes less than an hour? This model arrives fully made up. The only thing you are left to connect is the side masts, console and wiring. One more thing that makes the process even easier is the presence of tools for adjusting the belts. This also saves you money if you didn’t have them. 

5. Sound

Sound is a huge factor when it comes to choosing home workout equipment. You don’t want to be the neighbor who always destructs the others when they need to watch a movie or have a silent conversation. This model has noise-reduction features (motor) designed to reduce noise and vibrations. Additionally, the wheels make it silent to transport it without dragging it.

6. Console

The console offers a few features that are perfect for a person that isn’t so much into tech. First off, is the large and readable digits keeping track of the distance, speed, pulse and calories displayed on the 5” Lcd. The buttons on the console make it possible for you to pause for only 5 minutes during the workout session. Secondly, are the pulse sensors in the handlebars. Third and most importantly is the 12 programs that are made available for you. The interval-based programs have a default duration amounting to 30 minutes each.

7. Maintenance

This is a factor that will determine the life your machine will have. So, to begin with, it is advised that you lubricate the belt after 40 hours of use. Fortunately, if you fear that you might forget to, the console has a lube notification function that will remind you.

The machine should be checked more often to ensure there are no broken parts or loose bolts. You should also consider keeping the belt clean. If foreign objects accumulate in the motor, they can cause damage.

Video: xterra fitness tr150 folding treadmill

Video Credit: XTERRA Fitness OnlineClick Here to watch directly on YouTube


  • The construction is pretty sturdy considering it’s a walking treadmill (holds users up to 250 lbs.)
  • Have accessory trays found in the dashboard
  • There is a folding deck, has a space-saving design, and a holder included
  • Low power consumption
  • It has a track function for distance that counts the laps you have completed
  • Presence of transport wheels.
  • Low impact ride because of the XTRASoft cushioning
  • The incline is manual and has 3 levels of adjustment
  • Very easy to assemble
  • The speed sets up to 10 MPH
  • The feature of speed adjustment increments (0.1 MPH), offers you the possibility to find the pace that is perfect for your workout
  • There are 12 preset workout programs
  • Presence of pulse reading function
  • Little maintenance required.


  • Lack of a backlight on the console
  • No goal function
  • The calories reading isn’t too accurate.


For medium and light cardio workouts, the Xterra tr150  is an excellent choice. It is equipped with a motor with 2.25 horsepower making walking and jogging easier. The fact that it has a foldable frame makes it a go for when space is limited. And for noise, you don’t have to receive complains anymore— such a great value for your money.

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