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One piece of home gym equipment that’s gaining lots of popularity is that xmark functional trainer cable machine. This amazing home gym also comes with an adjustable weight bench. It also includes lots of handles and bars to help you perform a wide range of exercises.

Before buying a new home gym, it makes sense to want to do your research. Fortunately, we’re here with a review of the XMark Cable Machine and Functional Trainer.

Enter the home gym. With a home gym, you can enjoy all of the benefits of exercising without having to leave your home. This means looking better, feeling great, and staying healthy. Considering how popular these items are, it’s no surprise that many companies sell home gym equipment.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this review:

  • The features and benefits of this home gym
  • Any drawbacks that you’ll want to know about
  • A bit of background information about XMark
  • What other online reviewers had to say about this home gym

Are you ready? Then, grab your favorite fitness tracker and workout shoes. Let’s get right into it!

Features and Benefits of the XMark Functional Trainer Home Gym:

  • This home gym comes with a chinning triangle, single grip handles, tricep rope, revolving curl bar, and tricep press down bar.
  • Functional trainer cable machine
  • Adjustable bench with flat, incline, and decline levels
  • Ergonomically designed three position seat
  • 3-inch thick bench cushioning
  • Easily adjustable for people of almost any height
  • 200lbs of dual weight stacks, 400 lbs of weight in all.
  • A quick-adjust pulley with 19 settings, making it fast and easy to adjust your workout
  • 1,500 lb weight capacity
  • Space saving design that fits against a flat or corner wall

Special Features (Pros) of the XMark Functional Fitness Trainer:

Suitable for people of many heights. When making such an important purchase as a home gym, you want it to be accommodating. Fortunately, you’ll be glad to know that the XMark Functional Fitness Trainer has 19 different settings to accommodate people of almost any height. With its pop-pin locking mechanism, it’s easy to quickly and securely lock these pulleys into place. It can help people as tall as 6’6 comfortably exercise.

The ability to do many exercises. One of the most important things to consider when buying a home gym is what it comes with. You’ll find that the XMark Functional Trainer includes additional handles to help you perform many more exercises than a standard home gym. The included handles and ropes allow you to train your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and other muscle groups. With this home gym, you can easily get a full-body workout without needing to purchase any additional equipment.

Comes with an adjustable weight bench. An essential part of almost any serious training program involves working out all of the major muscle groups in your body. Fortunately, the XMark Home Gym comes with an ergonomically designed and adjustable weight bench. This weight bench can also incline and decline, maximizing the amount of muscles you can train. What’s also great about this weight bench is that it features 3-inch thick padding. It’s also made with sweat and tear-resistant vinyl. With this material, you won’t have to worry about sweat or friction damaging your bench. It’s also adjustable, meaning you can do incline, flat, and decline workouts. Whether you’re trying to train your lower chest or bench pressing on a flat bench, this home gym can handle it.

400 lbs of total adjustable weight. As you continue using your home gym, you’re going to gain strength. With that in mind, you don’t want a home gym that you’re going to max out with quickly. Trust us, consistently working out for a few months or years will give you sizable strength increases. If you purchase a beginner’s weight set, you might quickly become too strong for it. Fortunately, it should take a long, long while before you get too strong for the XMark Multi-Functional Trainer. This trainer features dual 200 lb weight stacks, totalling up to 400 lbs.

A super smooth pulley system. This home gym features heavy-duty 11-gauge steel paired with a commercial strength pulley system. With this system in place, you’ll enjoy exercising with perfect tension. Plus, this smooth pulley makes the XMark Home Gym incredibly quiet. If you need to work out quietly, this home gym is the one for you. The quietness is great for people who are working out with either kids or pets at home.

Drawbacks (Cons) of the XMark Functional Home Gym:

Installation can take a while. After buying a large item like a home gym, there’s often going to be some assembly required. Considering that, one of the drawbacks of this home gym is that it can take a few hours or more to fully assemble. If you want to make assembling this a little easier, consider having someone help you set up this home gym. As you’ll see below, the majority of other reviews for this home gym reference the importance of having two people assemble this home gym. Installing this functional trainer machine by yourself is possible, but it could be potentially dangerous and time-consuming.

Might be too bulky for extremely small spaces. When it comes to home gyms, one of the main things people worry about is how much space these machines take up. Unless someone has a designated workout room, they probably don’t want a home gym that takes up an entire room’s worth of space. While it’s true that most home gyms are large items, the XMark Functional Trainer was made to help you save space. This home gym’s design makes it easy to fit either in a corner or against a wall. With a flat back, you won’t have to sacrifice a lot of space to start training from home. Before you buy this item, consider measuring the room you want it in. This way, you’ll make sure that this home gym will fit in your room before it arrives.

No free weights. When you’re lifting weights, you have two options: free weights or a cable-type system. Considering that, this home gym uses a cable weight system. If you only work out with free weights, this home gym might not be for you.

Video: xmark functional trainer cable machine

Video Credit: XMark FitnessClick Here to watch directly on YouTube

About XMark Fitness:

XMark is a company that focuses on making home gym equipment that helps to bring you the best results at an excellent design. This business focuses on having its customers feel confident using their products. What’s also great about XMark is their focus on ergonomic comfort. This company also prides itself on making safe fitness equipment that’s also extremely affordable.

Whether you’re new to lifting weights or an experienced person looking for more of a challenge, consider this or some of XMark’s other home gym equipment.

xmark functional trainer cable machine Reviews:

Now that you know a lot of information about this home gym, it’s time to learn how others feel about it. You’re now going to see real reviews of the XMark Functional Cable Trainer from other people around the internet. We feel that this gives you a deeper dive into what this home gym is all about.

Independent Reviews for the xmark functional trainer cable machine:

Considering the popularity of this home gym, there have been other reviewers who wrote about this item. By taking a quick look at these reviews, you can gain another perspective about this home gym. Let’s get started.

A reviewer from The Home Gym was overall satisfied with the home gym, noting that it contained just about everything you need for a full-body workout. This person also pointed out that the XMark Cable Machine comes with a lifetime warranty, which can be an important purchasing factor. The reviewer noted, as did several other reviewers, that setting this entire home gym up was a little daunting.

Let’s now look at another review from Home Gym Mag. In this person’s review, they noted being happy with the look and performance of the XMark Cable Machine and Functional Trainer. This reviewer liked that the materials used in the making of this home gym were of high-quality. One drawback this reviewer had with XMark Cable Machine was only being able to increase weights in increments of 10lbs at a time.

These reviewers both noted that this home gym came with durable and high-quality materials. Again, the assembly time was the main drawback with this gym from reviewers.

What Do Amazon Customers Have To Say About the XMark Functional Trainer Home Gym?

After learning how other reviewers felt about the XMark Home Functional Trainer, you might also want to know what Amazon customers had to say about it. Fortunately, from what we’ve seen, reviewers have lots of acclaim for this home gym.

One verified purchaser noted that the XMark Cable Machine was just like being inside of a “name brand gym.” The reviewer noted that they were 5’9 and using the adjustable equipment was incredibly easy. In this review, this person also noted that this item’s included weight bench looked and felt great. This person was also happy that, with this home gym, her whole family can work out “without the fear of getting hurt” as might happen with products of inferior quality.

Another verified Amazon buyer bought this item because he wasn’t comfortable currently going to the cheap. After setting it up, he noted that it’s “simple to put together” but notes that it’s best to have two people set up this home gym. He also noted that the XMark Functional Trainer Home Gym was equal to what he “used at big name gyms.”

A different verified purchaser of this item gave it another 5-star review. This reviewer pointed out that installation was easy enough. But this person recommended watching a YouTube video on how to install this cable trainer. This reviewer noted that “XMark did a great job” designing this incredible home gym system.

From looking at these reviews, it’s easy to see that people were extremely satisfied with this home gym. The major drawback was a lengthy assembly time, which is commonplace among almost all non-assembled workout stations. To shorten your installation time, have someone else help you assemble the XMark Functional Trainer.

Bottom Line:

If you’re ready to start working out from home, the Xmark Cable Machine and Functional Trainer has everything you need to do it. This home gym does take some time and effort to fully assemble. However, the wide range of exercises you can do paired with this home gym’s durability makes this item well worth its price.

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