A fitness tracker is like an electronic watchdog for your health. Some people also refer to them as smart bracelets. These beneficial gadgets come with multiple features that help to keep track of your health with accurate readings of heart rate, calorie intake, steps taken, distance traveled, sleep pattern, and more. 

here our recommendation to find a simple buying guide for the best Willful fitness trackers, affordable gadgets that help you keep track of your health on the go.

1. Willful Fitness Tracker 


Here’s a slim and sleek fitness tracker from Willful that will help you track your steps, calorie intake, and distance traveled. With this smart gadget, you can also monitor your heart rate with the latest HR sensor. This tracker costs about $26.99.

Product Features:

  • IP68 waterproof standard allows it to be used during swimming
  • Outstanding HD image on the LCD screen
  • Highly adjustable controls

What’s Special About It:

  • 14 training modes to track all sorts of activities
  • Can be charged with any USB port
  • Analyzes your sleep automatically

2. Willful Fitness Tracker 2020 New Version 


This is a lightweight and stylish fitness tracker that lets you track the distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality, and more. If you wish to improve your health and lifestyle, this will help you to reach your desired goal. You can get this fitness tracker for $25.99

Product Features:

  • It has 14 exercise modes including cycling, hiking, yoga, basketball, etc.
  • Features a VeryFitPro app which is user friendly and easy to sync
  • Allows direct alerts and messages

What’s Special About It:

  • It can work without a smartphone
  • Works up to 10 days with a single charge
  • Swim-proof

3. Willful Fitness Tracker 



This is a simple yet appealing fitness tracker with a dual-band design that allows various colors to choose from. The 0.95 LCD screen displays vivid images as it tracks your day-to-day activities. This fitness tracker will cost you about $23.99.

Product Features:

  • Waterproof to a depth of 3 meters
  • Features 14 modes to meet all your exercise needs
  • Keeps your health in check with the heart rate monitor

What’s Special About It:

  • Willful SW350 pedometer reminds you to relax when necessary
  • Allows you to control your camera
  • Built-in USB port, no cable required

4. Willful Fitness Tracker


This fitness tracker has more of a traditional watch belt design that can fit all sorts of outfits from dressy to casual. With this, you can obtain accurate data on all your activities on the responsive HD full touch screen. You can get a hold of this watch for $33.99.

Product Features:

  • 14 sports modes including hiking, climbing, running, badminton, and more.
  • IP68 water-resistant
  • GPS mode for real-time distance

What’s Special About It:

  • Female health tracker
  • 10 vibration alarm clocks
  • You can get all the notification, call, and message alerts in the device

5. Willful Fitness Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor 


This fitness tracker is not only ideal for adults but children as well. The fashionable dual-colored band looks great on the wrist as it allows you to track distance, steps, calories, and more on its pedometer. You can get this fitness watch at the reasonable price of $19.99.

Product Features:

  • Willful SW351 activity tracker tracks up to 14 exercises such as treadmill, dancing, spinning, and more
  • 24 hours of heart rate monitoring
  • Allows notifications from all the apps on your smartphone

What’s Special About It:

  • Sedentary reminder to keep your body in good state
  • Allows you to control your camera to capture moments
  • Extremely affordable

Buying Guide for Willful Fitness Tracker


The style depends on your preference, but since a fitness tracker is a gadget that you will have on your wrist 24/7 it’s better to get one that feels comfortable to wear.


The features of a fitness tracker include everything starting from activity tracking and sleep tracking to heart rate monitoring and app functionality. If you are planning to depend on your fitness tracker to improve your health significantly in the long run, you might want to look at its data and metrics, as accurate readings are pivotal for any training.

If you are a swimmer, opt for a fitness tracker that tracks your swimming and is of course, waterproof. If sleep tracking is important to you, look into the fitness tracker that provides the most accurate reading of your sleep pattern. In the case of heart rate monitoring, the data and its accuracy are crucial, so any HR fitness tracker should have the most advanced technology.


A major part of the fitness tracker’s functionality is its display. Therefore, look into the following features: touch screen, color or black and white, size, visibility in different lighting, and side buttons.


GPS plays a significant role in fitness trackers as it allows you to track your routes and track your steps, distance, and other activities on the move. Without it, you may not get completely accurate data.       


To be connected at all times, it’s important to choose a fitness tracker that allows notifications of calls, messages, and alerts. Plus, you can leave your phone at home.

Final Words

Willful fitness trackers are affordable smart gadgets that cover most of the features that a high-end fitness tracker has. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that includes all the important features of a fitness tracker, grab yourself any of the products reviewed in this article.

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