The Runme Fitness Tracker is an amazing fitness tracker, but is it one of the best, Fitness trackers help us by recording and displaying some important physical metrics. By recording and then seeing these metrics, we can understand how effective our exercises are, or if they're effective at all.

 Here is a Runme Fitness Tracker review we’ve put together to guide you when choosing your fitness tracker.

The Runme Fitness Tracker offers multiple sensors and modes, making it a versatile fitness tracker. Usually, such affordable fitness trackers don't offer more than five features, and most of them offer the common features such as calorie meter, step meter, heart rate, GPS that doesn't work properly, etc.

On the other hand, the Runme Fitness Tracker offers a variety of tools such as:

  • Pedometer
  • Sleep monitor
  • Calories
  • Alarm alert
  • Mindfulness
  • Weather forecast
  • Heart rate
  • Message push
  • Call alert
  • Sedentary alert
  • Well calibrated GPS
  • And multi-sports modes.

As you can see, this can perform a lot of different functions, and you can be benefitted from all of them. 

With the Pedometer, you can count your footsteps. This allows you to see how much you are walking or running, which is a great metric for understanding how hard you're working, what's your limit, and how much you can push your limits. 

The sleep monitor will record and display for how many hours you were in mild sleep and how many hours you were in a deep sleep. With this, you can change your sleeping time and position to see which is the best environment for giving you the best sleep experience. 

The calories meter will display how many calories you've burned. This will allow you to set your diet accordingly to keep fit. The sedentary alert will alert you if you're sitting for a long time, and you need to stretch for a bit. 

video: the Runme Fitness Tracker

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The most interesting thing about the Runme Fitness Tracker is the multi-sports mode. With this, you can set different timing, lap system, etc. According to the exercise style of yours. I found it very convenient, as this feature gives the user the most ability for customization. 

Usually, it's pretty tough to get the hang of these affordable fitness trackers as they don't come with a good user manual. However, the provided Runme fitness tracker manual will help you understand and use the device very easily.

Product Design and Quality

The first thing that I noticed was the impression this fitness tracker gives off. At this moment, I think that there are thousands of fitness trackers available on Amazon and local shops that come at the same price range, and they promise to offer the same features. 

However, most of these products, if not all of them, fail to provide the promised service and quality. They usually look nothing like the display picture, and they make you look like one of those hipsters who settle for cheap stuff from local pawn shops. 

The Runme Fitness Tracker looks or feels nothing like those; in fact, these feel rather premium, especially if you consider the price you're paying for them.

Once you put these on your hands, they'll give a stylish, sporty look. 

The Runme Fitness tracker features a 65mAh battery that gives backup for a whole week, and it can be charged to the full in a few hours only. It also features a 0.96cm OLED screen that shows all of your metrics and information in high definition, even under broad daylight! 

Furthermore, the wrist band is IP67 water-resistant, which makes the fitness tracker very durable and resistant to sweat. We found this extremely convenient as the user is supposed to sweat a lot during exercise, but the water-resistant bands will keep the digital display safe. 

Product Features

  • A variety of sensors for measuring different physical metrics with accuracy
  • Multiple sports modes for customizing experience
  • OLED screen for viewing the metrics under broad daylight
  • IP67 water-resistant wrist bands for durability and sweat resistance
  • A stylish, sporty outlook


I tested the Runme fitness tracker for a few days, and truth be told, I'm impressed. I didn't expect it to be quite sturdy and functional. Yes, it promises a lot of functions, but I was skeptical about whether all of them worked or not. After I checked them one by one by myself, I was finally able to ascertain that they work perfectly. 

The Runme Fitness Tracker offers one of the best GPS sensors. This is very calibrated, and you won't find yourself on top of a mountain all of a sudden. 

The build quality is very nice, and the design is very decent as well. 

So, overall, the Runme fitness tracker is the best choice for you if you're looking for an affordable fitness tracker. 

what you should look for in a Runme fitness tracker

Good Build Quality

A fitness tracker will be your companion in tough times, so it must be tough as well. A fitness tracker that comes with a durable build and the water-resistant wrist band is to be considered as a standard.

A lot of Functions

Without the functions, there's no point in spending the cash after these gadgets. So, make sure that you get yourself a fitness tracker that offers the necessary features and sensors.


Yes, the Runme Fitness Tracker is completely worth the hype, and I can see why people love it so much. If you're looking for a fitness tracker, get the Runme one, and I'm sure that you'll love using this and will have an excellent experience using this device.

The Runme Fitness Tracker compare to Other trackers

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