Shopping for the best yoga shirts does not have to be stressful. Yoga shirts are perfect for both home workouts and visits to the gym. There are a lot of fitness clothing options and filtering through everything to find the best of the best takes time—time that may not be available. 

Well no need to worry, there is no need to do any more leg work.The top five— in no particular order—women's activewear shirts are reviewed below. No doubt something for you will be among them.

1. Icyzone Workout Tank Tops


These tank tops are a great value, coming in packs of three for about $20. Don't let the low price create concerns about poor quality, however, because these activewear shirts were made to stand up to harsh daily use.

The overwhelming number of satisfied customers on Amazon attests to that. Occasionally, Icyzone puts out great bargains and coupons on Amazon.

The lightweight, stretchy and moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep wearers cool and dry, even during an intense workout. Cotton becomes hot and sweaty much faster, and Icyzone has solved that problem.

The fabric is made of polyester and spandex, allowing heat to leave the body far easier than cotton clothing. Icyzone has combined a stylish look with function and quality to make one of the best yoga shirts around. There is no doubt that these shirts would make a great addition to any fitness wardrobe.

2. Mippo Workout Tops


At $17, this fitness top comes in a wide variety of colors and styling options. The Mippo brand has always put out clothing of exceptional quality, and this shirt is no different from others in the line.

The company also runs various promotions and coupons ongoing, so snagging a great deal on this shirt won't be that hard. The great number of pleased customers attests to the fact that they don't need to run deals in order to sell their products.

Similar to the other fitness tops on this list, the fabric is modal and spandex. Modal is a well-known fabric in the fitness world that often lasts longer and remains more comfortable than spandex over time. The result is a soft and breathable material that prevents buildup of sweat.

The open back design of the shirt allows for even more cooling air to reach the skin. With either a discreet tie or open back design, this shirt can be styled to suit any outfit.

3.Aeuui Workout Tops


Third on the list is a $17 fitness tank top from Aeuui. Like every great fitness shirt, it comes in a variety of colors for mixing and matching outfits. The brand has always brought a unique style to the table and this yoga shirt certainly deserves to be on the list. Like Mippo, this company also runs various coupons and deals on their clothing.

Usually a coupon can be easily applied to a purchase and Aeuui, too, does not have to rely on deals to sell their clothing. Aeuui has always put out high quality products.

Aeuui puts polyester and spandex into this shirt to keep the standard breathable and comfortable feel. However, what makes this shirt different than others on the market is the mesh build through the neck and shoulders. This allows for sweat that tends to build up in that area to easily be wicked away and make the wearer far more comfortable.

4.Oyanus Workout Tops


Coming from Oyanus at $19 is another amazing workout tank top. Made from modal and polyester, it retains the important breathability and comfort that means so much.

Though the company’s coupons are harder to find, it doesn't make this yoga shirt any less of a great buy. Oyanus sets itself apart with this shirt and the direction they've taken it in.

The open-back style of the shirt adds a level of breathability that other tank tops on this list don't have. Despite the wide open styling, there isn't a need to worry about the shirt falling forward and exposing the wearer. Oyanus took that into consideration and designed the fabric and shirt to prevent that.

 5. Fihapyli Women's Tanks


Last, but certainty not least is the Fihapyli tank top. Fihapyli released this $17 yoga tank top to overwhelmingly good reviews. They have both bright and muted color options if you want to create the perfect exercise outfit.

With a touch of cotton and mostly modal, the fabric is very soft, while retaining the sweat wicking aspects. The 5% cotton might be a turn away for some, but it shouldn't be. It's just enough to add extra comfort, which is important in a tough yoga routine.

The shirt has a keyhole back opening. It is a different style to a totally open back and covers more, while keeping an opening for more airflow. The shirt can be machine or hand-washed and hung up to dry, or tossed in a dryer.

The shirt isn't clingy and has a looser fit while not being overly baggy and unstylish. This shirt deserves to be on the list and the fact that it falls in the last spot doesn't mean a thing. Each shirt has earned its position on the list.


The best yoga shirts are both well-made and stylish, while being modest enough to cover everything important, regardless of the position. It is also a must that the shirt isn't overly clingy and restrictive, preventing certain poses from being possible.

A yoga top can be basically any style, from baggy and loose, to cropped. Whatever works best is what matters. The fabric also needs to be breathable. Polyester, modal and spandex, or some combination of these, are all great choices. Don't hesitate to try a few different shirts to see what works best, and results in a comfortable workout.

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