Weightlifting gloves are the secret to relieving pressure placed on your hands when lifting heavy weights. By acting as a barrier between you and the dumbbell, they prevent your hands from building up calluses and blisters. For professional lifters, these gloves are an essential part of every training session because they improve grip strength, especially when your hands get sweaty during intense workouts. Weightlifting gloves also have a lot to offer in terms of support, particularly around the ligaments and tendons of the wrist.

Ready to say goodbye to rough, sore and ripped hands? Here are our picks for the best weightlifting gloves.

1. Best Overall: Copper Compression Gloves


Whether it’s weightlifting, cycling, or CrossFit – the Copper Compression Gloves can do it. Designed to meet the needs of athletes and sportsmen, these multi-purpose gloves are your hands first defense against painful calluses. Calluses are hard tissue build-up that forms on the palms, typically caused by friction from the dumbbell and your hands, especially when sweaty. These gloves will help solve the problem because they feature an inner layer made of breathable compression fabric that wicks away moisture so your hands remain dry for longer training sessions. After using these gloves for a few weeks, you will instantly notice your calluses gradually flatten and your palms become smoother.

True to its brand name, these gloves have the highest copper content than any other product on the market today. It prides itself in utilizing 100% genuine copper ions instead of copper oxide to deliver premium quality copper-infused fabric that’s all natural and chemical free. The main advantage of this feature is support – it’s designed to exert pressure on the muscles of the hands to reduce joint pain and improve range of movement. Copper itself is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that ease the pain and tension of tight muscles.

Aside from support, these gloves have a lot to offer when it comes to grip strength. They keep your hands dry all throughout, so you don’t have to worry about weights slipping from your hands. The copper lining also helps prevent odor build up caused by sweat. It features an easy-to-use pull on design that stays in place on your hand, even through the most intense lifting.


  • Highest copper content for compression
  • Utilizes 100% genuine copper ions
  • Ultra-comfortable stretchable fabric
  • All natural and chemical free
  • True Fit sizing guide


  • Comfortable for everyday use
  • High copper content with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Breathable and lightweight fabric
  • Easy-to-use pull on design


  • Side stitching unravels easily
  • Sizes run small

2. Best Budget: Grip Power Pads Original Lifting Grips


Do you find gloves too restricting on your hands? You can get a more flexible alternative in the form of the Grip Power Pads Original Lifting Grips. What makes this product unique is its innovative design – it looks and feels like a smaller version of a computer mouse pad. The contoured edges are designed to give your hands better control over the bare bar so you can do more reps, but without the unnecessary strain on your hands.

Unlike traditional leather gym gloves with a full fingered design, these pads have no finger loops to restrict your movement and keeps your hands free throughout the workout. And because it’s fingerless, the pads adjust to any hand size – suitable for both men and women. The entire inner is fully padded that adds an extra layer of cushioning to provide both support and comfort.

The secret to its effectiveness is the textured material that acts as a solid barrier between you and the bare bar and designed to keep your hands in place to prevent slipping. The exterior of the pads are covered in breathable mesh to keep your hands dry and keep them odor free for longer periods of time.


  • Textured hand grip pads
  • Fully padded inner
  • Breathable mesh outer covering
  • Fingerless design with full palm coverage
  • Pros

    • Better range of movement without restrictions
    • Different color variations to choose fro
    • Free size fits both men and women
    • No finger loops means it’s more comfortable to wear
    • Provides extra support and cushioning


    • Padding can be too thick, especially when lifting larger barbells
    • Stitching lacks durability

    3. Best Full Finger: SIMARI Workout Gloves For Men And Women


    One of the most important factors to consider when on the market for the best weightlifting gloves is proper finger support. If you’re looking for a product that offers just that, then your best bet is the SIMARI Workout Gloves For Men And Women. When left without support, the fingers take the brunt of the force from lifting that stresses out the tendons and over time, may lead to development of tendonitis or other joint related conditions. These gloves feature a full-fingered design that relieves some of the stress on the tendons of your fingers. It provides a protective barrier to prevent direct contact between your fingers and the bare bar in order to help you increase the weight load gradually.

    is its construction – they’re made of a combination of microfiber and lycra. Microfiber is comfortable wear and reduces the friction on your palm. Lycra, for its part, is light and can stretch up to 7 times its original length to offer you maximum elasticity and flexibility for a full range of movement.

    There’s a lot to admire about these gloves when it comes to wrist support. They feature a thick foam pad around the wrist that not only offers joint stability, but also acts as a solid buffer to absorb the impact from lifting to minimize fatigue.


  • Microfiber and lycra construction
  • Fully padded wrist support
  • Air Mesh outer layer
  • Terry cloth on thumb and fingers
  • Pros

    • Excellent wrist support
    • Breathable mesh outer layer
    • Fabric is extra stretchable
    • Humanized design that fits the contours of the human hand
    • Full finger support


    • Padded wrist support tends to restrict movement 
    • Outer layer peels after continuous use

    4. Best For Pull Ups: Fit Active Sports New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves


    Performing successful pull ups require not just a strong back and biceps, but also a strong grip – and one of the best and most convenient ways of increasing your grip strength is by using the Fit Active Sports New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves. Because pull ups are tough exercises, your hands tend to sweat more, making it hard to get a good grip on the barbell. These gloves feature a construction made of Silicon Printed Neoprene that fits tight around the palms to keep your grip firm and steady as you do your reps. They do an effective job at absorbing sweat to help you overcome the problem of slippage and side-to-side movement.

    We love the unique palm design of these best weightlifting gloves. They fully cover the entirety of the palm and thumb, but leave the upper hand and finger joints free so for maximum flexibility and better range of movement. Great for snatches and front squats, these gloves come with built-in wrist wraps that give an extra layer of support for longer training sessions.

    Compared to other materials, Neoprene fabric is more durable and tends to last longer. It’s also resistant to most chemicals and oils, making it incredibly easy to wash and clean. Despite its contoured fit, this fabric also offers the best when it comes to breathability and proper ventilation.


  • Silicon Printed Neoprene Fabric
  • Built-in wrist wraps
  • Full palm and thumb coverage
  • Full refund policy
  • Pros

    • Recommended for pull ups and heavy lifting
    • Durable construction
    • Extra support for wrists
    • Moisture and oil resistant
    • Unique and flexible design


    • Inaccurate sizing chart
    • No padding around palms

    5. GymPaws Original 4 Finger Loop Leather Workout Glove


    One of the most common struggles experienced by every weight lifter is sweaty hands. They not only add a new level of discomfort, they also greatly affect your grip and increase the chances of slipping accidents that could result in injury. 

    If you share the same problem, then it’s high time to invest in the GymPaws Original 4 Finger Loop Leather Workout Glove. It features a construction made of Military-grade Hydrophobic Neoprene – the same quality used to make scuba suits – that does an excellent job at wicking away sweat to enhance your grip so you stay confident as you lift heavy weights.

     With slight padding on the palm area, these gloves offer just the right amount of cushioning to ease hand fatigue. To add an extra layer of durability, these best weightlifting gloves feature genuine cowhide leather built to withstand the toughest workouts and triple stitching to prevent tears in the fabric.


  • 4 finger loops
  • Military grade hydrophobic Neoprene fabric
  • Triples side stitching
  • Genuine Cowhide leather
  • Padded palm area
  • Pros

    • Ergonomic fit that follows the contours of the hand
    • Unique and flexible design
    • Moisture and oil resistant
    • Durable construction that’s built to last longer
    • Better grip and stability


    • Has a slight rubber smell, so be sure to air dry before using
    • Not recommended for users with large hands

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