For athletes, sports equipment and gear form a very important aspect of their performance. While better sporting gear will not make anyone any better at the game, it makes it easier to become a better player.

If you already play tennis or want to get into the game, we’ve rounded up the five best tennis shoes you can buy in 2020.  We will be taking an in-depth look at some of the best shoes you can buy along with a buying guide to help you choose the right one.

Here are the five best tennis shoes you can buy in 2020 right now. Each shoe in the list provides a mix of durability, support, and other features. Let’s dive in:


adidas adizero

new balance 996 v4

adidas sole court

nike air zoom

asics court ff2

1. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3


Adidas’ Adizeo Ubersonic 3 is a lightweight and versatile shoe that is designed to focus on performance and weight. The herringbone tread design on the outsole keeps it lightweight, and the polyurethane midsole gives a comfortable experience.

The upper part of the shoe is the star here. Its innovative use of materials such as Vectran fibers and Dyneema is great for lightweight durability.

Product Features

Comfortable to wear


Versatile and works on multiple court surfaces.

2. New Balance 996 V4


The fourth version of the New Balance 996 is a versatile shoe perfect for all tennis courts. It gets all the basics right. You have the NDurance rubber technology to keep the shoes durable, while not making it too heavy.

The shoe also uses a FuelCell foam that makes it very responsive to quick movements. The upper material is also breathable. This one is a well-rounded shoe that is suitable for all.

Product Features: 

Great for multiple court surfaces

Lightweight and comfortable


Supports swift movements, thanks to FuelCell technology

3. Adidas SoleCourt Boost


The Adidas SoleCourt Boost is, hands down, one of the best tennis shoes in the market. It is filled with small touches like a toe guard and the abrasion-resistant upper part.

The outsole will keep you more firmly on the ground. You get higher traction, thanks to the classic herringbone design. As for comfort, these shoes are great—some of the best actually. Adidas’s Boost technology makes sure that you do not sacrifice comfort for performance.

Product Features:

Toe guard

Comfortable to wear


4. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X


Nike Air Zoom Vapor X is perfect for either men or women who are looking for maneuverable and comfortable tennis shoes. The outer part of the shoe does not have a lot of fluff; it is fairly minimal. This lowers the weight of the shoes quite a lot.

The midsole is designed to keep the player planted on the court, and the upper part is made from a highly breathable material that is durable and should also keep you comfortable during long hours of use.

Product Features:

Plants players firmly to the ground

Comfortable to wear

Minimal, lightweight design

 5. ASICS Court FF2


Our top pick for the best tennis shoes is hands down the ASICS Court FF2. Providing a complete rounded and balanced experience to its players, this shoe is comfortable to wear and offers great flexibility.

The shoe is quite light as well. Thanks to ASICS’ FLyteFoam technology, this shoe is a whopping 55% lighter than EVA foam.

Product Features:

Complete all-rounder

Durable and very light

Breathable upper part with comfortable design

Best Tennis Shoes Buying Guide

Tennis shoes are not the same as running shoes. While running shoes are built for forward motion, tennis shoes are optimal for the lateral movements involved in tennis. 

Ideally, you want a shoe that is both lightweight and durable enough to withstand the high demands of tennis. There are a couple of nuances when it comes to buying the right tennis shoes for you. Here are the factors to look out for:

Court Surface 

A key factor in choosing a tennis shoe is the surface of the court you will be playing on. There are four types of tennis shoe, each one optimized for a specific court surface.

Clay Courts – Clay courts are soft and require shoes that won’t clog the court and allow a better grip.

Hard Courts – Hard courts require durable shoes that will also protect the court. These shoes are shock-absorbing and will not mark the tennis court while providing ample cushioning.

Grass courts – Grass courts are pretty much self-explanatory. Courts made from grass require shoes that provide a good grip on the slippery grass. They often come with a nub-patterned sole.

All Courts - Many modern tennis shoes are built for all courts and adapt to different court surfaces. These shoes are great if you want to save yourself the hassle of searching for the right shoes for each surface.

Support or Flexibility 

Shoes optimized for peak support are designed to provide the player with better cushioning. They also keep your feet and joints healthy. This type of shoe can be worn by someone who has had a prior injury, or they can be used on hard courts.

Flexible shoes, on the other hand, are designed for more experienced players. These provide greater maneuverability and adjust to quick movement on the court.


This is more of an extension for support. Tennis shoes wear out quicker if you play often - no shock there. Durable shoes add more support and will typically last longer, and that is something we can all appreciate.


These top picks for the best tennis shoes on the market are designed to make the task of choosing tennis shoes easier for you. Pick the one that fits your needs from the list, and you should be all set. 

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