Prebiotics are essential for a healthy gut. here are our guide to find out what they are, why they’re important, and to discover the best prebiotic supplements to buy!

Prebiotics are indigestible fiber and carbohydrate compounds that are fuel sources for good bacteria. Also known as probiotics, these beneficial bacteria that reside in our gut are essential for digestion. But that’s not the only reason why prebiotics are important.

 Instead of being digested, they assist in forming stools through which the body gets rid of its toxins. Research has also shown that consuming prebiotics leads to a better immune system, helps in losing weight, enhances bone health, and assists in optimizing blood sugar levels.

While the best sources for prebiotics lie in eating plant-based food, it is not always possible to eat such food—especially for those who are not accustomed to eating such diets. Some don't even have the time to cook healthy meals! For them, consuming the best prebiotic supplements is an ideal choice.

Sounds like you? You’ve come to the right place!

1. GoBiotix Prebiotic Fiber Boost Powder 


 The American supplement company GoBiotix is known for creating its products under strict supervision by themselves, the FDA, and the GMP guidelines. This product is organic and non-GMO for even the doubtful ones.

 It contains Nutaflora, a premium prebiotic fiber whose high concentration of 95% scFOS ensures a much healthier gut, stronger bones, and more immunity than the average prebiotic supplement.

Product Features:

- Powdered form

- Gluten-free

- Enriched with nutrients

What’s Special About It:

- No extra sugar

- Clinically tested prebiotics

- Suitable for diet including vegan, keto or paleo

2. Dr. Tobias Prebiotic Capsules 


In 2018, Dr. Tobias combined with Mimi’s Rock, the organization of health and business professionals, to present their loyal customer base with a wider range of high-quality health products. All are produced following FDA guidelines and GMP certifications. 

The prebiotic supplement contains clinically studied specialized bacteriophages that destroy the harmful gut bacteria without harming the human cells, unlike antibiotics.

Product Features:

- Non-GMO

- Supports probiotic and enhances gut health

- Capsule form

What’s Special About It:

- Contains PreForPro prebiotic that requires only a small dosage to start working.

- No need to refrigerate

- High-quality measures with regular testing of both ingredients and production

3. NOW Inulin Prebiotic Powder 


The award-winning NOW company has become a megastar in the natural products industry since it was founded in 1968. 

There is no reason to doubt its products, which are produced under strict and transparent safety guidelines. Even this prebiotic supplement is NPA A-rated GMP certified. The inulin in it also creates short-chain fatty acids that improve digestive health.

Product Features:

- USDA Organic certified

- Non-GMO

What’s Special About It:

- Contains inulin, which improves intestinal health

- Low glycemic index

- Great bang for the low price

4. BioSchwartz Ultra-Premium Advanced Prebiotic Powder


 The Bioschwartz Company is known for its high quality dietary products. Not satisfied with only following the FDA and FTC safety protocols, they have even designed their own six-step quality assurance guidelines that ensure only the best top-quality products are consumed by their faithful customers, including this prebiotic supplement. It contains two specialized and effective prebiotics, PreForPro and PreticX, which proven to stimulate the growth of beneficial digestive bacteria using only a few doses

Product Features:

- Helps with bloating, diarrhea and other intestinal problems

- 100% money-back guarantee

- 30-day supply

What’s Special About It:

- Dairy-free

- Gluten-free

- Doubly effective as a supplement containing both PreForPro and PreticX

 5. Zenwise Health Digestive Enzymes Plus Prebiotics & Probiotics Capsule Supplement 


 Zenwise Health is another company selling premium healthy food, promising ‘quality, transparency, and innovation’ to their beloved customers. Each product is GMP certified and is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, including this prebiotic supplement.

This product is a triple treatment for all ages: digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics, all of which have been clinically proven to heal your internal body.

Product Features:

- Boosts immune system

- Enhances gut and intestinal health

- Bolstered with natural plant-based compounds

- 180 capsules

What’s Special About It:

- Helps to digest anything including raw, fried, and processed food

- Optimizes enzyme levels for anyone

- An all-in-one solution for digestive issues

Buying Guide for the Best Prebiotic Supplement

Whatever is measured can be changed for effective results. Consuming prebiotic supplements enables you to monitor your consumption level. If you consume too little, your gut will not work efficiently, and you will suffer from insufficient nutrition. If you consume too much, you run the risk of becoming overweight or reducing your metabolism.

It is also necessary to recognize the top brands in the market. How do they provide value? How much should they be consumed? Why are they worth buying? These are questions you need to find answers to. You must also pay attention to the ingredients: how do they help, how are they sourced, and how are they used?

Final Words

So, now you know why you must have prebiotics regularly, and the best prebiotic supplement to buy in 2020. Don’t wait any longer before you finally click on the ‘add to cart’ button! We promise you won’t go wrong with any of these amazing prebiotic supplements. Just remember to follow the instructions and don’t go overboard.

We believe in the saying, “Transform your gut. Transform your life.”

After purchasing one of these supplements, we’re sure you’ll start believing as well.

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