Nike women's training shoes are specially crafted to help you get the most out of your gym sessions, designed and manufactured with modern technology so we’ve put together to guide you as you look for the best Nike women's training shoes.

Nike Women's Metcon 4


The Nike Women's Metcon 4 training shoes are 3D printed for providing the best experience. These shoes are designed and perfected to the atomic level to make sure that it offers you an unforgettable experience. The heel clips roll up to ensure that you face no drag while handstand pushups and wall exercises.

Product Design and Quality:

The 3D printed shoe offers amazing durability, and it won't show any sign of wear even after rigorous usage.

Product Features:

  • 3D printed training shoes
  • Offers a flexible forefoot and stable heel
  • Features Flywire cables

Nike Women's Flex Trainer 9


The Nike Women's Flex Trainer 9 is a great training shoe from Nike, and it's available in multiple colors. It's a synthetic sneaker, and it offers a rubber sole. These training shoes for women are specially designed to provide flexibility and traction, which makes it perfect for low-impact workouts. The upper strap and the heel strap are completely synthetic, which offers better containment. The foam midsole not only enhances durability but makes it lighter as well.

Product Design and Quality:

The product is available in eleven different color schemes to choose from, and every design holds its own appeal.

Product Features:

  • Synthetic training shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible

Nike Women's Gym Sneakers


Nike women training shoes are amazing sneakers that'll help you take control of your movements during the gym sessions. The forefoot of these sneakers comes with a zoom air unit, which makes it plush and comfortable. The upper part of the shoe comes with a mesh top. This surface is extremely breathable, and it makes sure that your feet aren't suffocated. There's a band to retain support as well.

Product Design and Quality:

This particular shoe features a flexible design and great durability. The shoe is available in seven different designs.

Product Features:

  • Forefoot cushioning with a zoom air unit
  • Mesh upper panel for breathability
  • Side panels are well-built and have perforations as well
  • Sole offers great grip

Nike Air Bella 2 


Nike Air Bella 2 is one of the best Nike women training shoes. The shoe offers a beautiful outlook and tons of features as well. The upper part of the sneakers is made of mesh, which makes it very breathable. No matter how hard you push yourself, these shoes will keep your feet cool and comfortable. It also features a bootie construction that allows you to wear it and put it off easily. There's also a Max Air unit under the sole for a comfortable, plush feel and shock absorption.

Product Design and Quality:

The shoe offers a royal maroon color and a design that's tough to beat.

Product Features:

  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Shock absorption with Max Air unit
  • Comfortable experience
  • Bootie construction for easier on-and-off

Nike Women's Flex Trainer 8


Nike Women's Flex Trainer 8 offers great fit and comfort. These shoes are very lightweight, and if you like to go on long walks or to jog, these are one of the best shoes for you. These shoes perform great in gyms as well.

Product Design and Quality:

The Nike Women's Flex Trainer 8 offers the quintessential Nike experience with eye-catching design and durable build.

Product Features:

  • Great as gym sneakers
  • Suitable for walking and jogging
  • Breathable and comfortable

what you should look for in a Nike Women's Training Shoes

You can't just buy training shoes without giving it any thought. Here are the factors that you should consider while buying the best women Nike cross-trainers.

Arch of Your Feet

Human feet can either have a normal arch, high arch, or a flat foot. According to the arch-type of your feet, you must choose suitable Nike women training shoes.

If you have standard feet, you should choose stability cross-training shoes. These shoes not only will provide you the stability you need for better performance, but the shoe won't degrade as well.

People with flat feet should opt for training shoes that are motion-controlled. These women Nike cross trainers are specially made to provide the extra comfort flat feet require.

If you have a high arch, you should get neutral cushioned cross-training shoes. These shoes will provide you with added cushioning in the midsole area, which will give extra comfort.

Fit and Comfort

How much a shoe fits you is one of the decisive factors when choosing training shoes. If the shoe fits you too tightly or too loosely, you'll face a lot of problems during the training sessions. Remember, if the women Nike cross-trainers aren't comfortable for you, it's not for you.

Type of Shoe

There are different types of gym shoes in the market at this moment. You'll find breathable synthetic shoes, a bit stuffy leather shoe, fashionable No-Tie shoe, and there are even barefoot Nike women training shoes. You should take some time to check out the different types to find out which type is the best for your comfort.


As there are thousands of products to choose from when it comes to women's training shoes, it's very hard to choose the perfect one. In this article, we tried to narrow down the search for you. We hope that you'll find the perfect pair of training shoes for yourself from the products mentioned above.

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