Seeking the best magnesium supplements for sleep? This is just the guide for you! Read through our recommendation to explore the possible choices.

Suffering from insomnia or going through a hard time sleeping? A magnesium supplement is the answer to your prolonged sleeplessness. It is a healthier practice to take natural supplements instead of prescription aids to fix sleep schedules. Magnesium is one of the key minerals that the body requires for the cells, tissues and organs to operate; it contributes to the health of heart, bones, muscles, nerves etc.

Healthy amounts of the micronutrient protect the body’s metabolism, stabilizes mood, minimizes stress and results in restful sleep. If the body is lacking in magnesium, supplements are necessary to prevent magnesium-deficient diseases (chronic problems, GI diseases, diabetes etc.).

1. Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium


Product Description: Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium is an excellent supplement made from chelated magnesium.

 Chelation is an ionic bonding that enables fast absorption and enhances the bioavailability of magnesium. The formulation doesn’t contain GMO ingredients, soy, or proteins.

Not only is this unbuffered formula tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract but also assists with sleep. Each bottle has 100 milligrams of 240 tablets. It can be bought at $22.38.

Product Features:

  • Controls heartbeat and relaxes nerves
  • Gives energy and increases memory
  • Develops bone density and muscle power
  • Stops headaches, migraines and tension

What’s Special About It:

  • Vegetarian friendly as there’s no gluten or soy
  • Utilized cGMP standards
  • Lowers laxative effect

2. Smarter Nutrition Magnesium


Smarter Nutrition incorporates numerous sources together to obtain their unique nutritional supplement. Sea-water magnesium is mixed with plant-based avocado oil and AstraGin to enhance bioavailability and nourish the body with nutrients.

 The magnesium molecule has a stable honeycomb structure with more surface area for fast reactions to take place. It has resistance against stomach acid and humidity. Ninety softgels are present in each container at a price of $14.95.

Product Features:

  • Formation and regulation of bones and teeth
  • Keeps the heart healthy
  • Supplies energy and promotes sleep
  • Maintains blood sugar level

What’s Special About It:

  • Ingredients are naturally sourced
  • Right molecular shape
  • Economic value

3. Nature Made Magnesium Citrate


 Nature Made Magnesium Citrate is a potential supplement to pick for your magnesium hunt. 

With 120 softgels each constituting 250 milligrams of magnesium, the overall absorption of the micronutrient is boosted.

This product is made from magnesium citrate which is a vital element for effective biological functioning. It fulfills the daily requirements by participating in over 300 critical biochemical reactions that ensure the body’s stability. At Amazon, it is sold at $24.80.   

Product Features:

  • Changes food into cellular energy
  • Supports teeth, bones, muscle, heart, and nerves
  • Helps to sleep better
  • Quick and effective absorption

What’s Special About It:

  • Is colored naturally
  • United States Pharmacopeia (USP) verified
  • Gluten-free

4.Natural Rhythm Triple Calm Magnesium


Natural Rhythm’s Triple Calm Magnesium has 120 capsules and 75 milligrams of magnesium per capsule. 

The blend is a combination of three types of magnesium: taurate, glycinate, and malate. While taurate supports cardiovascular health, glycinate and malate bring calmness and benefits the muscles and nerves respectively. A total of 3.99 ounces of the product costs $21.72.

Product Features:

  • Fights anxiety and stress
  • Aids in relaxing, balancing and remaining healthy
  • Pure and maximum absorption
  • Improves the wellness of the heart, muscles and nerves

What’s Special About It:

  • Capsules ensure bioavailability and optimum absorption
  • Suitable for vegetarian
  • Non-GMO and no gluten present.

5. Natrol High Absorption Magnesium


Since 1980, Natrol has evolved into marketing high-quality nutrition-based products.

 Natrol High Absorption Magnesium employs patented technology to manufacture DiMagnesium Malate, which allows rapid uptake of magnesium. Every bottle contains 60 250-microgram tablets, weighs 1.06 ounces, and is offered at $13.60.

Product Features:

  • Promotes muscle, bone, nerve, and heart health
  • Increases absorbability of the digestive system
  • Implements AbsorbSmart technology
  • Supports the nervous system

What’s Special About It:

  • Natural cranberry-flavored tablets
  • Chewable tablets can be consumed without water
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are included

Guide for Purchasing The Best Magnesium Supplements for Sleep

You might be struggling through the selection process to find a proper cure for your problem. Well, worry not! Even though there are various formulas of supplements, you can easily filter out the right one for you by considering the following factors:


Starting with the smallest dose or consulting a doctor for the optimum dose is safe. It is recommended to take 400-420 milligrams and 310-360 milligrams of magnesium for adult men and women respectively. For sleeping purposes, the suggested consumption period is 1-2 hours ahead of bedtime.

Types of Magnesium

There are many types of magnesium. Some popular ones are magnesium chloride, magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, and magnesium glycinate. The brain and nervous system need to calm down to sleep. Magnesium binds with GABA receptors to reduce nerve activity and help sleep.

 Magnesium also relieves symptoms of some sleep-deprived conditions. Magnesium citrate relaxes the brain and muscles. Magnesium glycinate is by far.

the best magnesium chelate up for grabs to induce sleep. Its quick action of binding to amino acids soothes the brain.


The budget is a noteworthy aspect of our life. If you compromise on it and miss out on these supplements, you are well aware of the likely consequences. Thus, given the prominence of magnesium, a small budget should be allocated to it. It is essential to analyze the market at first and then go for the products which concur with your plans.

Final Words

Knowing how important magnesium is, and having come across some techniques to purchase industry-leading supplements, it shouldn’t be any trouble at all for you to head for the stores now for a purchase.

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