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Care to know the not-so-secret trick to building muscles more efficiently, protecting your knees during a workout, and strengthening your core? Simple, stability! Exercises that build on stability are an easy way to take your workout program to the next level. And an exercise ball is one the best and affordable—yet often overlooked—pieces of gym equipment that help you build stability, core balance, and balance.

For the uninitiated, a stability ball (aka. exercise ball) is just an inflatable, often fluorescent PVC ball that was widely popular during the aerobics craze that hit the 70s and 80s. But it’s more than that…Stability ball exercises force muscles surrounding the shoulders and hips to work together through a full range of motion.

An exercise ball may not be as advanced as the Mirror Interactive Fitness Companion or as engaging as elliptical machines, but it’s a versatile item that can bolster other body exercises. It can elevate your body while doing push-ups, increase your range of motion during crunches, and challenge your core while you type away at your workplace.

Fitness perks aside, exercise balls tend to be durable and affordable—making them a must-have part of any home gym. But deciding to use exercise balls is only one facet of the equation. The main challenge is in picking out the best exercise ball for your unique needs out of the near-endless assortment of brands in the market.

After carefully reviewing a ton of candidates in different categories, we narrowed down to the best exercise balls. Read on for more.

1. DYNAPRO Exercise Ball – Best Exercise Ball for Beginners:

As a beginner, you want a piece of exercise equipment that is durable, easy to use, multi-functional, affordable, and safe. All these qualities define the DYNAPRO exercise ball. According to the manufacturers, the ball is versatile—with applications in the gym, at home, as a chair, or as a birthing ball.

With a burst rating of 2,200 pounds, a thickness of 0.09 inches, and resistance to popping when exposed to sharp objects, it’s fair to say that the DYNAPRO Stability Ball is durable enough to endure tough workouts.

For easy handling and portability, the exercise ball has a matte non-slip surface with ribs and it ships with an air pump. It also comes in a range of colors and different sizes (45cm, 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm) to ensure your specific needs, preferences, and body type are catered for. And if you give two cents about the environment, the exercise ball is made from purely recycled material (mother nature approves).

While it is easy to see why the DYNAPRO is the best exercise ball for beginners, it’s not immune to a few flaws. Most notably, some users express their challenges in inflating the ball.

2. Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Chair – Best Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands:

Exercise balls are great on their own, but they could be better with resistance bands. Some of the best exercise balls with resistance bands provide additional strength training and a wide variety of exercises without the need for expensive and bulky attachments. This allows you to firm faster by recruiting more muscle fibers.

Our pick for the best exercise ball with resistance bands goes to none other than the Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Chair. Why so? Well, for one; it has a 4.4/5* rating on Amazon out of approximately 5,000 real user reviews.

Although it has a rather smooth and shiny surface, the Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Chair is grippy and sturdy enough to support up to 750 pounds. It comes with a stabilizing base to help balance the ball during intense workouts, a pair of high-quality resistance bands to enhance your exercises, and a foot pumps to keep it nice and well inflated.

Drawback? The ball fits loosely on the base and it may wobble when you get enthusiastic with your resistance band exercises.

3. RGGD&RGGL Exercise Ball – Best Exercise Ball for Heavy Person:

The best exercise ball for a heavy person should have a high weight capacity (*duh), slip resistance, balancing features, and it should be burst resistant. Few manufacturers—if any—address these requirements better than RGGD&RGGL.

With the ability to withstand 2,100 pounds of pressure, you’re assured that the Swiss ball can handle your weight. This is courtesy of its heavy-duty vinyl material and thickened design that surpasses your typical exercise balls. It also has an innovative anti-slip surface and a stabilizer ring to help heavier people maintain balance easily.

The most notable con of the RGGD&RGGL exercise ball for heavy person is that it only comes in one size (65 cm). If you need something bigger or smaller, you may have to seek an alternative product such as the DYNAPRO Exercise Ball.

4. Trideer Ball Chair – Best Exercise Ball for Someone with Bad Knees:

Exercise balls were initially designed for physical therapy—and for good reason. It one of the best low-impact exercise equipment for people with bad knees and other injuries. They are effective at rehabilitation exercises such as increasing the range of motion of an affected muscle group or recovering joint.

The Trideer Ball Chair ranks as one of the best exercise balls for someone with bad knees for several reasons. It has an anti-burst design to prevent popping (last thing you want when you’re rehabilitating an injury), available in different sizes to meet user body size needs, and a heavy-duty build (2,200-pound weight limit and 0.08-inch thickness).

The additional plastic stabilizing ring and resistance bands offer an effective combination for a stability workout. This improves posture, core strength, range of motion, back pain, and body balance. This makes for a great physio rehabilitation machine.

It also comes with a free pump—though it’s rather flimsy.

5. Wacces Professional Exercise Ball – Best Budget-Friendly Exercise Ball:

Strapped for cash? If so, the Wacces Professional Exercise Ball is an inexpensive way to stay fit and healthy. It’s one of those oddly cheap items whose high standards of quality don’t match their modest price tag.

Even though the Wacces Professional Exercise Ball costs a fraction of other options in this list, it’s still durable enough to handle 2000 pounds. Unlike some low-priced brands, you can have the peace of mind that you won’t come crashing down to the flow after an explosive burst. Other notable features include a reasonable grippy surface and a variety of options (different sizes and colors).

However, there are complaints about the ball deflating faster than usual—but for the price, this is not much of a surprise.

6. Live Infinitely Exercise Ball – Best Exercise Ball for Durability:

The brand name spells it all! Live Infinitely is an exercise ball built for durability—even under the pressure of tough exercises by heavier users. It is made from heavy-duty professional-grade PVC that can take on 2,200 pounds of pressure. And it can even tank a 2-cm cut without deflating explosively. So expect to have it in a spick and span condition for the next couple of years.

As a show of confidence in the durability of the exercise ball, Live Infinitely has a 1-year unlimited warranty. The stability ball also comes with a useful online workout guide to help you make the most of the exercise equipment and accessories to inflate it on the go.

The ball does not have a smaller 45-cm version, which means it doesn’t cater to the needs of shorter users.

7. Power Systems ProElite Stability Ball – Best Exercise Ball for Advanced Users:

From the texture to the aesthetic appeal, the Power Systems ProElite Stability Ball oozes professionalism. The most obvious feature of the exercise ball is its dimpled surface and a 360-degree range of motion that’s ideal for advanced users looking for control during high-intensity workouts.

As expected of any advance exercise equipment, the right inflation size plays a big part in the performance of the stability ball. This is why the Power Systems ProElite Stability Ball ships with a complimentary tape measure to ensure you get the recommended inflation size. The ball is also puncture-resistant, burst-resistant, and durable. You don’t have to worry about rapid deflation or loss of shape over time.

8. URBNFit Exercise BallBest Exercise Ball Overall (Fan-Favorite):

The title for the fan-favorite exercise ball goes to…drum roll…URBNFit! How do we know it’s a fan favorite? Well, the 21,000 positive Amazon reviews (4.6* rating) are an easy tell-a-tale. Its widespread popularity has to do with the exercise ball’s unique blend of affordability and high-end quality.

To quote one real user, “This stability ball is far better quality than the one I already had. The material seems thicker and sturdier. It comes with a great hand pump (quiet, and no chirping like the cheaper models, and it inflates the ball very quickly) …Definitely would purchase again.”

It comes in 5 different sizes, vibrant colors, a non-slip surface, an anti-burst coating, and a high weight capacity of 2,000 pounds.

How to Use an Exercise Ball for Full Body Strengthening:

Video Credit: YogiApproved

It’s Time to Ball!:

The best exercise ball is relative to your personal fitness needs. This list highlights some of the best options for users in different categories. If you’re on a tight budget, go with the Wacces Professional Exercise Ball. If you want something general for the everyday user, it doesn’t get better than the URBNFit Exercise Ball. Just cross-check each item to ensure it’s texture, durability, and size are right for you.

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