It is safer to seek food products to fulfill the calcium needs. In an ideal world, we would have all the calcium we need from the things we consume: not only the well-known items like yogurt, milk, and cheese but also salmon, broccoli, sautéed greens, dairy products, and juices.

However, we exist in a world of imperfections. Research shows that more than a third of us don't get enough of the nutrient required to build and sustain solid bones.

Before contemplating calcium supplements, make sure you understand how much calcium you require, the benefits and drawbacks of calcium supplements, and the form of supplement to choose.

1. NOW Supplements


Each serving of this supplement boasts 1,000 mg of calcium, derived from a mixture of calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, and ascorbate calcium.

Previous animal experiments suggest that calcium ascorbate, a compound containing both calcium and vitamin C, can be consumed in the body only as easily as other sources of calcium.

It also contains magnesium, a mineral that has been associated with increased bone mineral density and is important for bone health.


- Gluten-free

- Contains a high dose of magnesium along with calcium

- 250 tablets per bottle

Why We Like It

- Good for building bone strength

- Suitable for vegans as well

2. Nature Made Calcium


This supplement includes 600 mg of calcium in the form of calcium carbonate, a substance with high calcium content in each dose.

Calcium carbonate is not only more commonly accessible but often more affordable than other forms. This product also contains vitamin D which may help increase calcium absorption in the body.


- 600mg of calcium in each tablet

- Contains Vitamin D and D3 as well

- No artificial ingredients

Why We Like It

- Increases bone density

- Good for the teeth

3. Pure Encapsulations’ Calcium Citrate


Packaging 300 mg of calcium into one serving, this high-quality supplement features calcium citrate, a source of calcium which the body absorbs very well.

This calcium supplement is registered gluten-free, as well as being hypoallergenic and manufactured without the use of genetically engineered organisms, making it a perfect choice for those with dietary sensitivities or celiac disease.


- Calcium in true citrate form

- Gluten-free

- 180 tablets in each bottle

Why We Like It

- Absorbs very easily

- Shows positive results on colon health

4. Standard Process – Calcifood


These wafers give 200 mg per serving of calcium, which can be an easy way to step up your calcium intake. Standard Process produces 80 percent of the plants used in its supplements on its own registered organic farm.

They use rigorous assessment techniques that third party organizations such as USP have published to improve efficiency.


- Chewable

- 190mg calcium in two wafers

- 100 wafers in a bottle

Why We Like It

- Provides adequate calcium

- Good for treating osteoporosis

 5. Vega Sport Pro’s Calcium


This substance is made from calcium carbonate, a source of calcium which is often cheaper and more common than other types. It provides 600 mg of calcium per meal, supplying about half of the calcium you'll need in a whole day.

This drug is NSF Approved for Sport which means it has been tested by third parties to validate the product's composition and purity.


- 60 capsules in each bottle

- Vegan

- Instant energy (ideal for athletes or before any workout)

Why We Like It

- Strengthens bone structure

- Highly absorbable calcium

Buying Guide The Best Calcium Supplements

If you are recommended by your doctor to take a calcium supplement, how do you select from the vivid variety of alternatives available, including capsules, chewable tablets, and liquids? The guide below can help you determine.

Types of Supplement

Calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are the two primary types of nutrients. Calcium carbonate has the drawback that it is cheaper, as you usually have to take fewer pills to get the same quantity of calcium. Take calcium carbonate with meals, as extra stomach acid is essential for absorption. The benefit of calcium citrate is that it can induce less heat, indigestion, and stomach pain compared with calcium carbonate.

If you are not keen on swallowing tablets, a liquid or chewable calcium supplement are suitable alternatives. No matter which calcium supplement you pick, make sure you look closely at the label to determine the dosage in each calcium tablet.

Why Take Calcium Supplements?

Calcium supplements can help you meet your calcium requirements. Consult your doctor or a dietitian to find out which calcium supplements are appropriate for you. Even if you eat a healthy, nutritious diet, you can find it difficult to get enough calcium if you:

- Follow a vegan diet

- have an allergy to lactose, and therefore restrict milk products

- Consume vast quantities of protein or sodium that will induce the body to release more calcium

- Suffer from osteoporosis

- Are undergoing long term corticosteroid therapy

- Have certain intestinal or digestive conditions that limit the capacity to absorb calcium

How to Choose A Calcium Supplements?

Elemental calcium is important since it is the real calcium component in the supplement. That is what the body uses for bone growth and other skin processes. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure that supplements are safe and the claims are true.

Be sure to buy from a recognized retailer; search for products that have been checked by third parties and are approved by organizations such as USP or NSF International. Compare shops if cost is a factor.

Final Thoughts

It is important to use a supplement only as prescribed and to consult with a healthcare provider before beginning supplementation, particularly if you have any underlying health issues or are receiving treatment.

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