Looking for the best boron supplement? Here we tell you about the popular boron supplements. But before jumping to the list, let's try to find out what boron is and why it matters!

Boron is a trace mineral that is present in food like nuts and the environment. We take boron supplements as medicine. These dietary capsules are used for menstrual cramps and vaginal yeast issues. You can also use it for athletic performance, osteoarthritis, and other conditions.

This trace mineral may affect the way your body handles other minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It also seems to boost estrogen levels in older females and healthy males. Estrogen helps maintain healthy bones and brain function. Boric acid can kill the yeast that leads to vaginal problems. Boron contains antioxidant effects, and that is why it is significant for your health.


1. NOW Supplements, Boron 3 mg, 250 Capsules


Boron is a biologically active micronutrient that affects the metabolism of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. This product is renowned for supporting bone strength and structure. Natural color variation may occur in this product. You should use one capsule daily with a meal.

This boron formula is labeled “United States standards” and may differ from similar products sold elsewhere in its labeling, allergen warnings, and composition. It helps the body utilize energy from fats and sugars.

Features and Functionality of NOW Boron Supplement

Includes boron (from calcium borogluconate) and other Ingredients like gelatin, rice flour, and stearic acid (vegetable source).

This product does not contain sugar, yeast, wheat gluten, corn, salt, soy, egg, shellfish, or preservatives.

It will be best if you store the bottle in a cool, dry place.

Boron supplements support bone strength and structure. This trace mineral helps your body use energy from fats and sugars.

The Food and Drug Administration approves this product. However, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition.

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule regularly, preferably with meals.

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2. Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Boron (6mg 2oz)


Trace Minerals contain suspended ionic boron in a liquid with other essential nutrients, including magnesium. This ionic form of boron is highly absorbed and needs no more metabolisms for physiological use. It means you will see results faster.

Every full 1mL dropper offers 6mg of boron that is adequate to fulfill a daily therapeutic dose. The taste is salty and bitter, so it is best diluted it with lots of water.

Features and Functionality of Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Boron (6mg 2oz)

This product includes:

Magnesium (25 mg)

Chloride (70 mg)

Boron (6 mg)

Sulfate (5.5 mg)

Purified water

Boron complex (comprises boric acid citric acid and ascorbic acid) and less than 0.1% potassium benzoate

This product provides your body with the type of minerals that it readily recognizes and absorbs quickly due to its liquid Ionic state.

Improved optimal bone metabolism; science also recommends boron to support normal brain function.

Support for optimal brain functioning.

3. Pure Encapsulations Boron Glycinate (2mg 60 capsules)


Pure Encapsulations offer hypoallergenic, high-quality formulas that are trusted to be free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, sweeteners, gluten, hydrogenated fats, unnecessary coatings, and artificial colors. These capsules are vegan, and their production process minimizes allergens, GMOs, and environmental pollutants.

It is the best boron supplement if you want to regulate proper boron levels with a natural, 100 % clean supplement. The 2mg dose of boron glycinate is ideal for daily support, or you can double the amount for a therapeutic impact on cognition and bone health.

Structure and Functionality of Pure Encapsulations Boron Glycinate (2mg 60 capsules)

Boron supports the excellent metabolism of many essential vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium.

Additionally, this trace mineral promotes the connective structure in the bone matrix.

This trace mineral plays a significant role in the formation of estrogen, vitamin D, and other hormones and protects these hormones from instant breakdown.

Pure Encapsulations manufactures research-based dietary capsules. Products are meticulously synthesized utilizing pure ingredients designed to offer predictable results for the advantage of all patients.

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Swanson Triple Boron Complex (3mg 250 capsules)


Swanson combines all supplemental boron forms into one pill: ionic boron, plus three amino acid chelates of boron glycinate and boron citrate. This formula avoids overloading your body with just one kind of boron.

If you want a supplement for hormone balancing, it is the perfect product for you. Every capsule comprises 3mg of boron; so one a day is adequate for boosting bone health and optimal wellbeing, or you can increase the dose to boost sex hormones.

Features and Functionality of Swanson Triple Boron Complex (3mg 250 capsules)

Swanson Premium Triple Boron Supplement involves three significant forms of the highly useful trace mineral boron (boron citrate, boron aspartate, and boron glycinate) for average bioavailability to your body for bone health, brain health, and much more.

Boron improves calcium absorption by bones, helping them to stay strong and healthy as you age. While it's hard to obtain adequate boron in a daily diet plan, this triple boron supplement helps you to make sure you are accepting getting an appropriate dose.

Besides being good for healthy bones, the study has displayed that proper boron may play a significant role in brain function. Individuals with healthy boron levels may enjoy better memory and eye/hand coordination and an enhanced attention span than individuals with low levels of boron.

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Boron is a trace mineral that is found in the environment and in food sources like nuts. We take boron supplements to build strong bones, to ease osteoarthritis, as a help for building muscles and boosting testosterone levels, and to promote thinking skills and muscle coordination.

Now you have the list, and you can choose the best boron supplement from it. However, you should consult your doctor for a better understanding.

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