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The Best Compact Ellipticals Reviews and Comparison

Looking to break a sweat and keep fit with some good ol’ cardio—minus the hassle of driving to a gym every day? Few cardio machines (if any) tick all these boxes better than an elliptical.

It’s one of the best ways to pull off a full-body workout and give your heart rate a kick, all while being kind on your joints. But these are all points that you’re well aware of: otherwise, you wouldn’t be scouring the internet for a review of the best compact ellipticals.

Sure, ellipticals are great for our health—that’s more-or-less set in stone. The dilemma often arises when it comes to choosing the best of the best; the crème de la crème. And in an increasingly crowded fitness market, the buying decision can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve done the ‘dirty work’ for you and narrowed down to the best compact ellipticals in the game.

Each elliptical reviewed in this post satisfies two key criteria…it’s COMPACT and HIGH QUALITY! They are a sure way for anyone (including you) to get in shape even if space is scarce. Whether you want to maximize your living space or save room for other fitness equipment in your home gym, this review of the best compact ellipticals got you covered.

What is the Best Compact Ellipticals? 

Let’s get down to business; what is the best compact elliptical? Read on for the unbiased, no-fluff review of the best compact ellipticals for different uses.

1. Goplus Elliptical Machine, Portable Magnetic Elliptical:

Easy to maintain, inexpensive, a small footprint for tight spaces, easy to move around, quiet, pulse rate monitoring, and offers a full-body workout. Any apartment dweller looking for the best compact elliptical would likely be sold on the above characteristics in an instant. And believe it or not, this is the description of the Magnetic Elliptical Training Machines—aka., the best compact elliptical for apartments.

With dimensions of 35L x 28.5W x 59H inches and product weight of only 59.5lbs, the Magnetic Elliptical Training Machines is designed to squeeze into small apartments and take up as little space as possible. Despite its lightweight build, the solid steel frame ensures it can support users weighing up to 240lbs without the risk of tipping.

If you decide to move from your apartment for any reason (e.g., noisy neighbors or an impossible landlord), the elliptical has wheels for easy transportation. You can even stash it away in the store with minimal logistical hassle. And did we mention that it’s also one of the best compact ellipticals under $500?

But even though it’s our pick for the best compact elliptical for apartments, it has a few cons that you might want to know beforehand. For one, it does not have any type of resistance—meaning you must use your body weight. The stride 11” stride is a tad too short, especially if you’re used to commercial-grade ellipticals in the gym.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 – Best Compact Elliptical Under $500:

We’re living in tough times! The world in on the brink of one of the worst financial crises following the effects of the unforgiving global pandemic. Whether directly or indirectly, our finances and way of life (couch potatoes, anyone?) have been impacted in some way.

As you embrace the ‘new normal’ of working from home and maintaining social distance, you can’t slack off from your fitness routine. But rather than risk visiting the gym, why not bring the gym home? And no, you don’t have to break the bank for this. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 is an impressive yet budget-friendly elliptical to workout seamlessly in small spaces.

For a bargain price of less than $200, you can get your hands on the highly-rated SF-E905. It is arguably the best compact elliptical under $500—and our top choice for several reasons. You only need to look at its Amazon reviews and ratings to understand why it ranks as the best compact elliptical when on a tight budget.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 offers features and workout capabilities that are on par with pricier competitors. This includes a dual handle for versatility and comfort; 8 levels of magnetic resistance to crank up your workout if need be; a digital monitor that keeps track of your pulse and performance; a stabilizer for a smooth experience, and anti-slip contact surfaces for added safety.

The only drawbacks include a rather short stride length (11 inches) and a mind-boggling assembly process. But the pros of the SF-E905 far-outweigh the cons—making it the best compact elliptical under $500.

3. Teeter FreeStep LT1/LT-3 – Best Compact Elliptical Machines for Seniors:

As much as some of us feed off the adrenaline of impact sports and intense workouts, we can’t do anything about the immovable ticking of time. Old age often comes with a host of challenges such as a high risk of joint injury, arthritis, heart problems, and generally deteriorating health.

So when it comes to picking out the best compact elliptical machines for seniors, you should typically aim for something that offers a low-impact workout that’s gentle on their joints, comfortable, and friendly to the circulatory system. The Teeter FreeStep LT1 and LT-3 meet these criteria and more—which is why we strongly believe they are the best compact elliptical machines for seniors.

The popular and innovative machine combines the reclined seated position of a standard recumbent bike, a stepping motion, and the full-body (upper and lower body) workout capabilities of a top-shelf elliptical. This ensures your joints remain stress-free as you burn calories in a quality zero-impact workout.

Seniors users will also appreciate the silent operation of the machine, simple controls, and an option to add entertainment devices. What’s better than exercising on a comfortable, silky smooth elliptical in the middle of your living room as a rockin’ track from the 80s or 90s sets the mood? Well, the Teeter FreeStep LT1/LT-3 ellipticals would have been perfect if they had a pre-installed heart rate register. But they still take the crown for the best compact ellipticals machines for seniors.

To quote one satisfied customer on Amazon, “Great for any age: I am 71 years old. I had a hip replacement several months ago and although my rehab progressed well, I was still using a cane…I needed something that would help improve my hip AND give me some cardio to help improve my breathing…This machine has been an absolute life changer for me...I love the leg exercise plus the upper body workout that I get…Oh, did I mention that I have lost 12 lbs. in 6 weeks?” We’ll leave it at that.

PS: Check out this review of the best stationary bike for bad knees. It ties in closely with the best compact ellipticals for seniors.

4. Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical – Best Compact Elliptical for Home Office:

The Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical is the epitome of compactness. The premium mini-unit slots seamlessly under your desk to help burn some calories as you keep the cash rolling. This is easily the best compact elliptical for the home office—especially now that remote working is the norm.

But don’t stop at the home office: the Cubii Pro is a multitasking beast! You can set it up under your dining room table as you dig into your dinner, by the couch as you Netflix & Chill, or next to the bed to kick off the day in high gear. This is all possible thanks to the elliptical’s 8 resistance levels, portability and, near-quiet operation. It’s also light (32 pounds), battery-powered, and it has its own carrying handle.

 We also loved the exquisite engineering and design of the Cubii Pro. It’s sleek, stylish, ergonomic, and the pedals are positioned in such a way to keep your knees low. And if you’re wondering how you’ll keep track of your progress and fitness data, the elliptical is Bluetooth-enabled (connects with a fitness app).

As you can already guess, one of the main drawbacks of the Cubii Pro (or any under-desk elliptical for that matter) is the lack of a full-body workout. It’s also not the cheapest option in the market, but it more than earns its price.

5. Body Power StepTrac – Best Full Body Workout Compact Elliptical:

Looking to take your workout an extra mile but within the same compact space? The Body Power StepTrac Elliptical is the best full-body workout compact elliptical to meet your needs. It ideally combines the best of a traditional elliptical and a stepper—creating a hybrid that’ll surely get you sweating.

Although it’s impact-free like any other elliptical, the Body Power StepTrac pushes your heart rate more. For a full-body workout, you can move the pedals in sync with the handlebars. This makes it a great option for intense workouts. What’s fascinating is the fact that the Body Power StepTrac still manages to maintain a petite frame and compact footprint despite its advanced workout functionality.

The only noticeable cons from user reviews are the relatively complicated assembly process and questionable sturdiness when exposed to heavy usage. If you’re into full-body workouts, then you might also be interested in the best foldable exercise bikes for home

What is the Takeaway?

The whole idea of this review is to ensure you invest in a compact elliptical that is worthy of your hard-earned money. This is why we went ahead and nitpicked both the strengths and flaws of each item. We hope this review/comparison of the best compact ellipticals gives you a good idea of what to expect when shopping around. And don’t forget to watch your diet for a successful workout program.


As you can see, there are many great compact elliptical on the market. We hope that our list helps you find the best compact elliptical. If you want to learn more about compact elliptical and other great ways to get fit, we hope that you visit By visiting this website, you'll find expert reviews and news about all of the most popular types of home fitness equipment.

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