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Everyone loves a good workout. Iron pumping through your muscles and endorphins running through your veins, a good workout session leads to happy body and mind. But COVID-19 has changed that drastically. Many of us who relied on the gym for our workouts suddenly have had to adjust our workout routine to an at-home setting. That’s why buying a workout machine is the next best thing.

Perhaps you’ve just gotten the chance to think about which elliptical machine would be perfect in your home. The problem is there are so many models out there to choose from. Which one offers the most value? You’ve most likely come across the Sole E95 Elliptical on your search, a modern elliptical machine from the brand Sole Fitness. We’ve broken down the machine to everything you need to know about it. From the reputation of the company, to the specifications and even the warranty in place for the Sole E95, we’ve got you covered. Keep on reading to find out more about this elliptical machine and if it’s the right fit for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this review:

  • The features and benefits of this Sole E95 Elliptical
  • Any drawbacks that you’ll want to know about
  • A bit of background information about sole
  • What other online reviewers had to say about this Sole E95 Elliptical

Are you ready? Then, grab your favorite fitness tracker and workout shoes. Let’s get right into it!

Features of the SOLE E95 Elliptical:

  • Transfer workout data from the fitness equipment via Bluetooth
  • Multiple levels of incline for users of all abilities
  • Whisper quiet drive system provides a smooth, quiet ride
  • Bluetooth Audio Speakers
  • USB Port - Charge your smart devices while working out

General Overview and Specifications

Like any good review, we’ll start with laying out all the specifications of the machine. Then we’ll dive into the pros and cons, go in more in-depth about certain features, and end off with our verdict.

Let’s start off with the Sole E95 Elliptical’s specifications. The frame of the elliptical is made from heavy-duty materials (we’re talking about steel), allowing the machine to have the ability to support up to 400lbs in weight. Yes, it’s that durable. With a flywheel of 27 lbs, this also adds on to its durability factor. The flywheel is also extremely quiet, allowing you to get a nice workout in without disturbing your next-door neighbours or family members. Another thing to note about the machine is that it has quite a long stride length. As such, taller individuals may be more well-suited with the machine than shorter people. Now let’s go get into the stuff that you’re more interested in – the various resistant levels. With the Sole E95, there are incline and resistant options from 1-20. This allows you to better target certain areas of the body. If you’re looking for a more glute focused elliptical session or maybe a heavier cardio session, you can make the appropriate adjustments. A unique feature that Sole Fitness has included in their machines including the Sole E95 is the adjustable pedal length with 10 different variances. This feature allows your foot to comfortably lay on the pedal, depending on your preference.

Besides the main features of the elliptical, the Sole E95 comes with many additional perks to make your at-home workout even better. The machine comes equipped with a water bottle holder, Bluetooth audio speakers, and USB ports as well. To top it off, the elliptical comes with 10 optional workout programs, but more on that later.

One of the best features of the Sole E95 is the new high resolution display screen. This screen has all you need such as time, distance, calories, RPM, pulse, etc. It’s bright and large to ensure you get perfect vision of everything that you’re doing. You can have a mobile device running the sole fitness app so you can enjoy other forms on entertainment.

Workout Programs on the Sole E95

Almost all of the Sole Fitness machines come with a workout menu. There are 10 workout programs that are meant for different reasons – from strength training to fat burn, the choice is yours. Depending on which one you select, the machine will adjust itself according to the purpose of the workout. You also have the option to customize your own workout for the last 2 workout programs as well.

            If you’re looking for a greater variety of workout programs in your elliptical, Sole lacks in that area. There are other elliptical machines that offer much more workout programs.

Warranty on the Sole E95

When it comes to expensive products, the warranty on those items is what matters. Thankfully with a brand like Sole Fitness, they have an amazing warranty for all their customers. So if your machine so happens to stop working or a piece becomes loose, you’ll have the warranty to fix the machine right back into shape. The manufacturers give their customers a lifetime warranty on the frame. Additionally, when it concerns the parts and the electronic portion of the machine (the screen), these have a 5-year warranty.

Finally, you get a 2-year warranty on the labour. Generally, a technician from the company will have to come to see your machine is anything goes wrong with it. For 2 years if that’s the case you’ve got that covered. When companies have a good warranty on their machine, this often indicates their belief in their products. It says about its quality and it’s durability.

Video: SOLE E95 Elliptical

Video Credit: Fitness MagazineClick Here to watch directly on YouTube

Who is this machine meant for?

If you plan on working out a lot more at home (which many of us are due to COVID), this machine is perfect for you. It has all the quality, features and benefits that an elliptical machine should have in order for you to get a great workout in. Especially if you plan on using this everyday, the quality is unmatched.

Where Can Your Purchase the Sole E95?

Luckily for you there are a few ways to purchase this machine if you find that it’s the right fit for you. You can purchase it off of or right from the Sole Fitness website as well. Since this machine has been gaining more popularity given more at-home workouts being done, it is low in stock in many locations. Better yet if you live in Canada, Sole Fitness offers free shipping on their products as well.

More About Sole Fitness – Who Are They?

If you’re going to drop some big money on an elliptical machine, it’s important to know who you’re purchasing from. Sole Fitness has been around for nearly a decade and has solidified itself as a premier producer of fitness equipment in the industry. From treadmills to exercise bikes, their machines are now used and distributed to over 25 countries around the globe. And that’s not all. For many years, they’ve earned “best buy” tags from various customers and reputable companies as well. Workout lovers around the globe have fallen in love with Sole Fitness as their go to company to look for at-home workout equipment. Sole E95 is one of the newest additions in the line of ellipticals in their brand.

Comparison to Other Sole Fitness Ellipticals

Sole E95 vs Sole E55

Compared to the E95, the E55 carries less features. The flywheel is only 20 lbs making it less sturdy in comparison to the E95. Additionally, the machine can only hold up to 375 lbs. Unlike the E95, the E55 has a smaller LCD screen as well with it being only 9 inches. If you’re looking for a lighter machine with smaller features the e55 may be the ideal fit for you instead. But if you’re still looking for a heavy-duty elliptical machine that lasts, we suggest going for the E95 to get your money’s worth.

Sole E95 vs Sole ST600

The ST600 is also known as a strider, a slightly different machine than the elliptical. Compared to the E95, the ST600 is meant to put less strain on your knees and various joints, making it a low-impact machine. With adjustable striding options, you can work on different muscles and body parts. If you’re looking for a low impact machine with more protection from injuries, the ST600 may be more suitable for you. However it won’t provide the same rigorous workout that the E95 can provide if you’re looking to shed off major weight and fat. Once again, if you’re looking for light workouts go for the ST600, otherwise we highly recommend the E95.

A Breakdown of The Good and the Bad


  • Durable framing made from steel
  • Bright LCD display screen
  • Adjustable Foot Pedals
  • Heart rate and pulse monitor
  • The ability to tailor your entertainment during the workout with Bluetooth Speakers or the Sole Fitness app
  • Good incline and resistance options (up to 20 adjustments)
  • Amazing warranty in place
  • Silent fan an flywheel for a quiet workout
  • Smooth and seamless slides


  • Lack of workout programs
  • Larger machine (You can read this article to find out options on compact ellipticals)
  • Assembly will take a few hours (but this is normally standard with many workout machines)

Final Verdict

Overall, the Sole Fitness E95 machine is perfect for those on a search for an everyday at home workout machine. It has a large variety of adjustable features, an amazing warranty in place and is durable elliptical coming from a reputable brand. As such, we highly recommend the Sole E95 for anyone trying to make the most out of their quarantine workout routine.

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