All You Need To Know About Proform 600i Treadmill Review
Proform 600i Treadmill

Your home gym isn’t complete without a treadmill. They offer a huge range of options for working out - whether you’re looking to build endurance or break a sweat. If you don’t feel safe running outside, or just want to avoid bad weather - having a treadmill at home can be a lifesaver.

Here’s what to expect in our Proform 600i Treadmill review: We’ll first cover features, benefits, and product specs, we’ll take a deep dive into the special features and drawbacks...

ProForm is known for building high quality fitness equipment. They do have a large offering of treadmills, so it can be hard to know which one is right for your needs. With long lists of features, specs, and reviews, it can be overwhelming. We’re here to help with that. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the Proform Performance 600i treadmill.

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this review:

  • We’ll first cover features, benefits, and product specs.
  • Next, we’ll take a deep dive into the special features and drawbacks of this treadmill. Depending on your needs, these can make or break your decision.
  • Then, we’ll share some background on ProForm and their parent company, Icon, so you know exactly where your treadmill is coming from.
  • Finally, we’ll close out by looking at some reviews, so we can gauge how other independent reviewers and users actually feel about the treadmill.

Features and Benefits of the ProForm Performance 600i:

  • The overall treadmill weight is 224 pounds.
  • 20 inch by 60 inch belt allows for runners both short and tall.
  • 60 inch length ensures that you will not have to shorten your stride.
  • The treadmill includes ProShox cushioning for shock absorption and to protect joints.
  • Equipped with a CoolAire fan.
  • EKG Grip Pulse allows you to track heart rate.
  • This treadmill has a 325 pound weight capacity.
  • iPod compatible audio
  • Bluetuooth Smart Enabled
  • Speed options range from 0mph to 12mph.
  • Incline options range from 0 percent to 12 percent.
  • Quick Touch technology allows you to quickly and easily adjust speed and incline.
  • iFit compatible - access a library of trainer led workouts by connecting to iFit with your phone or tablet. If you choose to purchase an iFit Wireless module (sold separately), you will receive a one year free iFit subscription.
  • This treadmill comes with a lifetime frame and motor warranty, plus a 2 year parts warranty and 1 year labor warranty.
  • SpaceSaver allows you to fold the running platform up and lock it in place, for when you need more of your living area.
  • Device Grip technology allows you to use your tablet with the treadmill, without worrying about its security.

Special Features (Pros) of the proform performance 600i treadmill:

Warranties - ProForm always includes a solid warranty package with their treadmills, and this is certainly no different. With a 1 year warranty on labor and 2 year warranty on parts, this is already better than the competition. Factor in the lifetime frame and motor warranty, and you realize just how substantial the warranties are. ProForm wants you to use this treadmill for a very long time - and they’re putting their money where their mouth is.

Workout programs - Another thing ProForm does well is built in workout programs. The 600i treadmill packs in an impressive 22 options. These will give you the variety you need to keep coming back for more. If you want to change it up, the treadmill is also iFit Bluetooth Smart enabled. That means if you choose to get the iFit subscription, you can join interactive studio workouts or follow a trainer as they run in different locations across the globe. Trainers can even adjust your speed and incline remotely, so you can just focus on your run rather than adjusting your speed to fit what they’re saying.

Belt size - A 20 inch by 60 inch belt is considered the gold standard for treadmills. This size belt allows for runners of all sizes - even the tallest ones - to be able to run without worrying about falling off. If you’ve ever run on a short, compact treadmill, you know how awkward it feels to try to shorten your stride. With this belt size, anyone can hop on and go for a run. This does mean that the deck size will be bigger, and the machine itself will be heavier. If you have the space for it, it’s worth the square footage.

Shock Absorption - The ProForm 600i has an advanced ProShox Cushioning system, which is equipped with four shock absorbers. The entire length of the deck is cushioned, with a thick, strong tread belt so you can walk, jog or run comfortably. The overall durability of the running deck means it’s made to last.

Drawbacks (Cons) of the proform performance 600i treadmill:

Display screen - This treadmill’s screen varies from what you’re used to seeing on similar treadmills. Typically, you expect to see a larger screen which displays workout metrics separately and labeled clearly. Instead, the 600i treadmill has a Watts Meter, which predominantly displays a watts per kilogram algorithm. However, you can still toggle through to see your stats - it just takes a bit more effort than you might be used to.

iFit Activation - While iFit can be a major bonus, if you don’t want to use it the initial activation can be quite misleading. This is a known issue with ProForm treadmills - when you first set it up, the screen will make you think you have to sign up for the $15/month subscription in order to use your treadmill at all. If you try to bypass it, the treadmill will not work. There is a work around, though - simply hold the bluetooth button down for about 20 seconds. Though this doesn’t affect functionality whatsoever after the initial set up, it is definitely misleading and annoying. If you’re looking for a similar treadmill without iFit, check out our review on the Horizon T202.

Video: proform performance 600i treadmill

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About proform:

With over 40 years in the fitness industry, ProForm has an excellent reputation for building high quality, feature rich exercise equipment. In fact, they are the world’s largest manufacturer of home fitness equipment. Their parent company, Icon, actually owns NordicTrack, Gold’s Gym brand, and iFit - which explains why all of their treadmills come with the capability to use it. Even if you’re not interested in iFit, ProForm treadmills always come loaded with a variety of built in workout programs to keep you on track. They have a wide variety of treadmills, based on price points and needs. Overall, Icon and ProForm are a trusted, well known company within the fitness industry.

Independent Reviews for the proform performance 600i treadmill:

Sure, you can take our word on the features, pros, and cons - but what is the rest of the internet saying? Let’s take a look at a few independent reviews and Amazon reviews. - This independent review makes note that the 600i is a basic, mid-range option. They appreciate that the treadmill is versatile and affordable - ideal for any type of exercise including walking, running, or jogging. The foldable frame gives it a smaller footprint when need be. Overall, they rank it as a good machine for someone wanting to add light exercise to their lifestyle, but nothing that goes above and beyond. - The Treadmill Doctor’s review says that the ProForm 600i treadmill helps define what is standard on the treadmill market. While they acknowledge that there are fancier, more feature-rich treadmills on the market, the 600i is a sturdy, affordable option. They note that the warranty and workout programs are great, but take points away for Icon’s customer service. They close out their review by saying they would recommend this treadmill to someone on a budget who is a light or moderate user.

What Do Amazon Customers Have To Say About the Proform 600i Treadmill review?

One verified purchaser notes that the packaging the ProForm 600i arrived in was top notch - it even had wood zip tied to the sides of the treadmill to protect it in transit. They note that assembly was fairly easy, with two people being able to accomplish it in about an hour. They go on to note that they took off a star, giving the treadmill 4 out of 5 stars, due to the iFit activation. Despite this, they say they are otherwise happy. Build sems solid, like commercial grade. They note that it’s made of steel, has capacitive buttons and a large display. They remark how they appreciate all of the features: heart rate sensor, built in speakers, built in workouts. They close out their review with this: “Overall I think it's a solid treadmill for someone wanting a just a good treadmill and not picky about gimmicks.”

Another reviewer says that they were able to assemble the treadmill on their own. They note that they appreciate that the treadmill is apartment friendly as it’s fairly quiet. They also appreciate how sturdy it feels and they enjoy the simplicity of the controls. They do note that they are also not a fan of the iFit activation, but this is their sole complaint, giving the treadmill an overall 4 out of 5 stars.

Bottom Line:

The ProForm Performance 600i is one of many great treadmills offered by ProForm. Though they offer higher end, more expensive versions, the 600i does the job. It’s versatile - whether you’re looking to get more steps or break a full sweat, it has you covered. The whole family, big and small, will appreciate the large running deck. It’s also got SpaceSaver design, so you can easily fold it up when you need to. If you’re looking to add a treadmill to your home and start up a workout routine, the 600i will cover all of your needs.

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