All You Need To Know About The Legion Pulse Pre-Workout In-Depth Review

There are so many pre-workout supplements available in the market that there’s this huge confusion about which actually works. Some promise to delivery energy the whole, while others promise an improved workout experience.

here is a legion pulse pre-workout  on amazn review I’ve put together to guide you as you look for the best pre-workout.

Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement

Legion Pulse is a supplement company based in Virginia by Mike Matthews. When he was creating his “pre-workout”, he kept in mind all the complaints people had about the supplements. An overwhelming and unnecessary amount of additives, low-quality ingredients, and worrying side effects are just some of the few.

Legion Pulse pre-workout was made as solution to those and this went on to become their most popular product. The signature supplement is free from artificial sweeteners and colorants, and you can find them in multiple flavors - Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Green Apple, Grape, Blue Raspberry, and tons more.

So, let’s break down Legion Pulse pre-workout and evaluate whether or not this pulse energy drink is a scam or not.

Legion Pulse Ingredients

Since there’s a lot of complex products in there which would be hard to explain, our primary focus will be on the stars of the ingredient list – caffeine and beta alanine.

Caffeine: Every pre-workout contains some form of caffeine; it’s the undisputed source of energy. There is one “stim-free” version of Legion pulse that doesn’t contain any sort of caffeine. So if you dislike the ingredient, opt for the alternative.

Caffeine assists with weight loss, energy, endurance, going through the day, strength, and much more. It’s especially useful in workout where you’ll be needing that blast of energy to solider through those high-impact exercises.

Within Legion Pulse, there is 350 mg of caffeine which is the equivalent of a Starbucks Grande Coffee. What do you know? It’s just like your morning coffee.

The caffeine-free version, the fat burner, uses a rather complex science behind the products. You’re supposed to consume both supplements, Pulse and Phoenix together for the best effects. Thus, you won’t go “over” the caffeine limit.

Make a mental note: Too much caffeine can be harmful to your body.

Legion pulse hits the right balance with the amount of caffeine.

Beta Alanine: This is the main ingredient, and Legion Pulse did not play around when adding some to the formula.

There are some impressive benefits of beta-alanine:

  • Enhance anaerobic exercise volume.
  • Decreases fatigue from exercise.
  • Increases tolerable workload, which opens the scope for increased lean mass.

The downside: High amounts of beta alanine can cause tingling and “itchiness” in the skin. Due to this complaint, the amount was reduced from 4.8g to 3.6g per serving. This didn’t really affect the effectiveness.

With all the energy teeming inside you, you may start feeling it in your fingers, before the sensation starts twitching near your ear.

Many people get scared by this and drop it. However, the feeling tingling phase lasts about a week or two.

Apart from caffeine and beta alanine, there’s also citrulline which is related to developing blood flow and pumps. Betaine works in the power output segment. Additionally, ornithine has been shown to be effective in reducing post workout exhaustion.

Legion Pulse pre-workout Flavors – Which is the Superior One?

This would be a totally personal call, but we found the Tropical Punch to be the best. It has a really zesty, fruity taste that one would grow to love. Unless you’re trying out the more “meh” flavors like Green Apple or Blue Raspberry, you most likely won’t have any complaints about the taste.

If you like your drink sweet, add less water. If you don’t like that, add more. These are the basic ways to enjoy this nice pulse energy drink.

Legion Pulse Promises vs. Delivered Benefits

The ornithine, meanwhile, has been shown in some research to reduce fatigue in long workouts (think 45 minutes-plus) and one study also showed it can help with power as well, though that study is pretty old and the only one to show this effect.

Now, do these work? Users claimed that they had an improvement in overall blood flow. Legion Pulse is devoid of any arginine to prevent side effects, and that’s a good sign on its own. The healthy composition brings us to believe that it would be good to consider Legion Pulse pre-workout as one of the more useful supplements out there.

We especially loved the inclusion of theanine and taurine which decreases jitters while empowering you to focus on the works at hand. If you were looking for the perfect supplements that explode with energy into your body but won’t inject it with harmful chemicals, this might be the one for you.

On the negative side, some people despised the taste. And for some, the red flushes from the first few weeks of consumption got too much to handle. One more red flag which applies for a lot of people is the shockingly high level of caffeine. What if ends up making you too jittery? In our experience, that hasn’t happened. Yet.

Legion Pulse Prices pre-workout

One tub comes for about $40, and it has 21 servings; making it $1.90 every serving. Yes, that is expensive considering the average pre-workouts range between 80 cents to a dollar. This can be justified by the high quality products used in production.

You could look for cheaper options, but the results are on you.

Compare to Other Pre-workout

Final Thoughts

We enjoyed Pulse. The dose on every single serving was quite high. If you’re taken aback by the amount of caffeine or beta alanine, you could simply serve yourself half a scoop instead on one and it would do the job rather fine. If you’re picking products without anything artificial, then this will be the one for you. The electrolyte count is higher than its competitors, and the ingredient list is well defined. It leans toward the pricey side, but you will get what you pay for.

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