Here Are 8 Ways and Tips to Find Cheap Weights!

If you want to start working out but you don’t have any weights of your own, finding cheap weights can seem like an impossible task. Weights can be expensive, and the cheapest you’ll find them are at your local Walmart or online at Amazon, but those two options can be inconvenient if you don’t live near a Walmart or have easy access to Amazon Prime. Luckily, there are many other ways to get cheap weights that won’t break the bank!

Here are some of my favorite ideas that I use all the time to find the cheapest weights on the market.

Is gym equipment overpriced?

If you think gym equipment is expensive and unaffordable, you’re not entirely wrong. Basic home gym equipment can get very expensive. You could spend $100 or more on a pair of dumbbells, for example. However, with a little searching around and some creativity, it’s possible to build your own home gym for much less than you might expect; you might even be able to outfit your home gym for just a few hundred dollars all together. And before I jump into suggestions for how to find cheap weights on your own, it’s worth noting that there are plenty of opportunities available at any local gym in town—gyms often rent out unused space or extra equipment they have laying around.

Tips for finding cheap weights

1) Do Your Research

Finding cheap weights can feel daunting at times, but the truth is that there are many online resources you can use to find cheap weights. I always start with Google. Search for the equipment that you need and Google will give you plenty resources and price options. To find things for sale, simply use the 'shopping' tab at the top of Google, and you'll be taken to a page which displays plenty of products from different retailers. This will give you a great overview of the budget and price needed for all the equipment.

Some great online resources:

You can find plenty of equipment - new and used - that can fit suit your needs.

2) Use social media

One of your best tools is social media, particularly sites like Facebook and Reddit. Search for groups in your area and ask around. These can be great places to find not only people who lift weights but also cheap or free options for getting weights at home, either for personal use or to use in training others (if you’re a coach). There are also plenty of subreddits that focus on home weight lifting. For example, /r/HomeGym provides an excellent opportunity to ask questions about equipment.

3) Get Discounted Equipment Secondhand

Some people buy gym equipment, keep it for years and never ever use it. I see this happen all the time, and it's a waste of money and space for those who don't end up using them. So, asking around friends or social media, you are bound to find some people who want to get rid of some gym equipment but they've just been too busy to do anything about it.

Reach out to people and see what you can find. Some might even be willing to give it out for free whilst others will charge a small fee to encourage the sale.

How do I Find Cheap Weights? Here Are 8 Ways and Tips to Find Cheap Weights!

4) Check out Garage Sales and Flea Markets

Garage sales and flea markets are very regular events as local people sell things that they no longer use. Sometimes, these events happen in your neighbourhood and other times, it can be a scheduled event in a park. Whichever it is, you can find some great weights there are a really cheap price.

To find garage sales and flea markets, you can take a look at local billboards, or online sites like:

5) Buy Fitness Equipment Online

Buying fitness equipment online has a number of benefits. For starters, the sites that sell it are dedicated to fitness, so they know what people like you want and need. They’ll also offer products and brands at prices that can be hard to beat—even when you factor in shipping costs. If you’re buying heavy items like dumbbells, it may make sense to ask friends for help or check Craigslist to find a cheaper option than the ones on Amazon.

6) Speak to your local gym

It may sound like a lot of work, but you can save a lot of money and hassle by visiting local gyms to inquire about used equipment. It’s more common than you think to hear about commercial gyms tossing out perfectly fine weights for new equipment, or selling off their old machinery for pennies on the dollar. Speak to owners or managers at your local gym, explain what you’re looking for and be prepared to negotiate—you might get lucky! Of course, if Craigslist or eBay is more your style, feel free to search there as well; just make sure that when working with people locally (or over email) you take extra precaution by meeting in public places and bringing a friend along.

7) Enter Competitions and giveaways

Competitions and giveaways are a great way to get free weights. They’re also an easy way to get other important gym equipment, such as free dumbbells, barbells and barbell plates. The only problem is that they’re difficult to find online and can be hard to win if you don’t follow all of their specific rules. If you are looking for competitions or giveaways that give away free weights, it is recommended that you use Google Alerts or similar service. That way, every time there’s a new giveaway, you'll be alerted immediately. If you enter them all and they send out prize notifications, then even if you didn't win one particular time, at least you have a shot next time!

8) Use discount and voucher websites

Websites like Groupon and LivingSocial have gotten a lot of attention in recent years, but it’s not just discount sites that can save you money on weights. There are plenty of ways to get discounts and coupons for weights and gym equipment paying for a coupon book. If you use social media websites like Facebook or Twitter to communicate with friends or to read about news articles and other topics that interest you, your friends may start offering deals to get you to sign up. And if there aren’t any offers coming your way on social media sites yet, check out these coupon websites:

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