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Landing a deal consisting of pocket friendly and just the right attributes in a home gym machine is the beginning of a daily workout thrill. And despite the slightly low price, it should still have useful features. One of the machines fitting this description is the Horizon t 101 treadmill. It carefully features a sturdy frame, a folding design, quiet during operation and for a comfortable workout, a 3-zoned cushioning.

It is designed as an entry-level treadmill and works best for joggers and walkers. Therefore, if you are looking for a gentle/moderate conditional and training treadmill, this model may be your next gym equipment. However, if you are looking for something heavy the Horizon t202 treadmill will work best.

Below are carefully reviewed specs of this machine. Read on...


  • FeatherLight Folding

The ability of the Horizon T101 to fold up easily and lock in place when not in use is amazing. It reduces the space it takes.

  • Incline and speed Buttons 

The buttons are at your disposal and make it easy for you to change either without straining.

  • Maximum User Weight of 300lb

For a treadmill its size, the maximum weight it can hold is surprising. so, despite your size, you can still enjoy the benefits of this cushioned deck.

  • 3-Zone variable response cushioning in the deck

The cushioning is made to absorb impact force when walking or jogging.

  • 0 – 10% Incline range

Incline range is how far your treadmill will move upward. So, as it rises, it creates a steep hill that builds muscle without having to run.

  • EKG grip sensors on handlebars

Found under the console on the horizontal grip bar, the EKG sensors transmit your heart rate to the console display.

  • LED Display Metrics

The red LED (3-windows) display keeps track of your all the record i.e., distance, speed, calories etc., during a workout with multiple adjustable stats.

  • Lifetime Warranty on Motor and Frame

Horizon company still offers a Lifetime warranty. This helps in reflects the quality construction (great quality) of the T101.

  • Dimensions

The fairly light (165 lbs.) machine has the approximate dimensions of 70” L by 34” W by 55” H

  • Speed

The machine is a perfect fit for a light user since it has a speed reaching to a max of 10mp

  • The motor is 2.5 CHP
  • The deck is 20” by 55”

Who is it best for?

Several of its features make it suitable for various users.

  • Works perfectly for people with joint issues
  • Designed for someone looking for a light workout experience
  • Ideal in limited spaces
  • If you are looking for a way to gain leg strength and also develop cardiovascular fitness
  • Helps people looking for a walking exercise

Who isn’t it for?

  • This machine isn’t great for heavy people and those with longer strides
  • Someone looking forward to interactive classes


The durability of the machine is a result of a great designed frame. horizon t101 treadmill  is a silent machine that has a motor that speeds up to 100mph. Read on for more features.

1. Construction

  • Motor

This model has a motor with a horsepower of 2.5. It is designed to perfectly incline the deck and also adjust the speed avoiding pauses or hiccups while working out. Aside from it providing a rhythmic running, conditioning workout and a generally enjoyable experience, the motor works quietly. It makes no squeaks thus making it a great machine for your home.

  • Frame

Let’s begin by saying that the ease of assembling this machine is surprising. You only need a friend and two hours max to have the machine working. The cushioning is enhanced by an MDF deck that is made of multi-density foam. When it comes to the console, its position in steady and secure thus doesn’t wobble around while in use.

  • Deck

Under this section is where we find the belt and rollers, the cushioning and also the dimensions. We have looked deeply into each, so read on…

  • Belt and rollers

The 1.4 mm silicon belt is tapered with rollers ranging from 42 mm to 46 mm enabling it to move smoothly. The two are proprietary to Johnson Fitness meaning that they are well designed and are specifically made for the machine.

  • Weight capacity

If you are under the 300-pound weight category, then you should comfortably be able to use the machine. But if you are above this, ensure you get a more heavy-duty treadmill.

  • Feel or cushioning

The reason why this machine would work best for someone with knee injuries is the fact that it features a 3-zone cushioning. They include the central transition zone, rear push-off zone and a front impact zone.

The cushioning makes the push-off zone and the impact zone softer. The variable response cushioning at the deck is made to absorb impact force ensuring that you get less fatigued when working out.

  • Width/length

The Horizon t101 is only 55” long but the steal applies at its running deck which is 20” wide. This is a steal since most machines in their price range have a lower running deck.

2. Monitor or Console

The model doesn’t have a single screen. It instead has three number boxes displaying different metrics. One indicates speed and incline, another one time and calories and the last one displaying heart rate and distance. The three LED alphanumeric windows can help you track all that.  Beneath the controls and screen at the console is a fan that will ensure you stay cool.

The Horizon t101 has storage for water bottles (or anything you want to put in) found on the console. There is a tablet holder which is wide and secure enough to hold your device. However, the screen will be blocked.

The integrated Bluetooth speaker is another aspect of the model that makes it more interesting. You can listen to and enjoy your music.  

Wondering how your heart rate is measured by this machine? The presence of EKG grips situated at the front and horizontal bar transmits your heart rate to the LCD monitor where it is displayed. This is not as accurate as most are but still works fine. But this can be supplemented with an itouch slim fitness tracker   which will clearly monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels.


If for instance, the device to which you were playing music goes low on battery, the Horizon t101 sorts this for you. It has a USB charging port that does the work for you. You can also use the audio jack to listen to your programs on your headphones.

3. performance

When it comes to performance, this machine is fine. However, one the of things missing under this aspect is the subscription option. The Horizon t 101 treadmill lacks this but on the positive side saves you the hassle of connecting it to Wi-Fi.

  • Incline

Want a more realistic workout experience close to that of walking on the road? The model has a 0-10% incline range making you feel like you are taking a hike on not so steep hills. For each incline, you choose, you will be sure to engage a muscle.  And to give you an effortless adjustment of the incline range, there are buttons on the console.

  • Programmed workouts

30 included workouts! This is a sure promise that you will attain the goal you want to. The various programs vary in calories burned, time, distance, manual, weight loss and many more.

  • Storage

The folding ability of the horizon t101 treadmill makes it easier to store. It will fit in a limited space and to securely fold it, there is a locking system. When folded the dimensions goes to 47 inches long by 34 inches wide by 65 inches high. These measurements are originally 75 inches long by 34 inches wide by 58 inches high.

  • Warranty

The workout equipment has a generous warranty. For the motor and frame, there is a lifetime warranty. However, this applies to only purchases made for home use. The labour and parts are covered by a one-year warranty.

Video: Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

Video Credit: Horizon FitnessClick Here to watch directly on YouTube


  • You can track your speed etc. from the multiple workout metrics found on the display
  • The tablet holder helps you keep up with your favorite programs from your devices while working out.
  • Folding design makes it great for limited spaces
  • various hill variable; the 10% incline range3-zone cushioning helps in reducing joint painsA compact footprint also helps save on space
  • Incline and speed buttons help in changing the incline level and speed
  • For runners, joggers and walkers the 10mph works best


  • Has limited tech and no interactive training
  • low power speakers
  • Not for heavy training
  • The motor is not as powerful for heavy and intense workouts


This model is ideal for people starting their fitness journey. And for a tight budget, the Horizon      t101 will offer value for your money. You can click on the link below to purchase the machine via amazon.

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