How to Get Bigger Biceps without Weights

Every individual wants bigger biceps. Biceps might even be more important to some men than wealth. There's a reason for that. Biceps are used to showoff body strength and as it is a visible part of a man's body, decently shaped biceps increase self-confidence. A common belief about bicep exercises is that you can't get bigger biceps without weights.

Weights do help in getting the desired look faster but there are other ways to achieve your goal.

You can build strong biceps without any gym equipment. Using everyday items as a makeshift accessory to your exercises is more than good enough. You can use your body weight in this process as well.

The attention factor of biceps is something that inspires everyone to workout. When you have a bigger bicep it doesn’t matter whether you flex your muscles or keep your arm in a vertical position. You would look good either way. That’s why this muscle group is so sought after.

Understanding the Anatomy of Biceps

Firstly, you need to understand what you are working with to get better results. Once you figure out which muscles you should target when working out, things get a whole lot easier.

The muscle you see on the front part of your upper arm is the biceps. This muscle group consists of two major parts known as the ‘Short head’ and the ‘Long head’. They work as a single muscle. The backside of your upper arm is known as the triceps. Whenever you pick something up the biceps shrink and the triceps expand allowing you to do your task.

When it comes to exercises, bicep strain is a serious cause for concern. This happens when someone tries lifting heavyweights. The distal biceps tendon, which connects your upper arm to your forearm, is a comparatively delicate muscle till you build it up.

Understanding the science behind workouts is crucial for reducing injury risks and getting the desired result quicker.

How to Build Your Biceps without Weights?

Realistically speaking, to grow your biceps you need to isolate the muscles and stress the muscle fibers. But for that weights are fundamental. If you've chosen to do biceps workout without dumbbells, barbells, or any other gym weights then there are two paths that you can take. Another option is to mix it up.

  • Method A – Lifting household objects
  • Method B – Using your body weight

You can use both the methods interchangeably for a more intense workout. But what elements can you use as a workout accessory? Let’s find out.

Home Workout Accessories

As stated earlier, using household objects as makeshift workout equipment is a viable option. Try finding products that will suit your workout routine. Some examples are:

  • Water jars with handles
  • Heavy books
  • Laundry Basket
  • Grocery Bags

Anything with a handle can get the job done. There's another option of making your weights at a bare minimum expense.

If you require heavier weights you can fill the big water jars with sand or gravel and use it like a dumbbell.

To use your body weight as the resistant, you will need durable towels and a pull-up bar. You can buy it online or make your DIY equipment. Kid’s playgrounds and parks also have these chin-up bars which you can use.  


Method A: Lifting household objects

 Household products can be used in various manners to do modified versions of gym workouts. Here are a few effective bicep workout routines:

Bicep Curls without Weights

Anyone who has gone to the gym at least once in their life has tried the bicep curl using weights. It's a good exercise that contracts your muscles and makes them stiff. But you can do that without weights as well.

  • Get two water jars and pick a weight that feels heavy but not too uncomfortable for you.
  • Hold a jug in each hand and stand straight. Your upper arm will stay fixed to your side and only the forearm will do the movement.
  • Start with your right hand. Slowly bend your hand and lift the jar to your shoulder.
  • Flex your biceps while curling and hold the position for a couple of seconds and then gently lower the jar like clockwork.
  • Do the same with your other hand to complete one rep.

Try doing 8-12 reps for a total of 3-4 sets depending on your ability. Take 60-minute breaks between sets.

Bicep Curls with a Towel

This is a simple yet effective workout. Plus, every home has a towel and a bag. That’s all you need honestly. For extra weight, you can pack the bag with your clothes.

  • Put the towel through the bag’s handle and grab it with both hands. Keep your upper arm fixed to the side. Only your forearms will move.
  • Curl the towel slowly and lift it up
  • As you go through the motion, rotate your palms inward, and get to the shoulder height.
  • In the same body, movement lower the towel. Your forearm will go from being curled to a horizontal position. That completes one rep.

Do 12-15 reps for a total of 3-4 sets for this exercise. Try to push yourself when you are doing this.

Concentrated Curls with Bottles

This is a popular variation of the bicep curl. This exercise isolates the biceps and only impacts that muscle group. The exercise is a carbon copy of the concentrated dumbbell curls. But instead of a dumbbell, you will be using a bottle with a strong handle. Do this exercise while sitting on a sturdy chair.

  • Place the bottle in your right hand, lean forward, and place your elbow on the inside part of your right thigh. Extend your arm to its full length and keep your body fixed.
  • Position the bottle next to your ankle, curl your forearm and lift the bottle to the height of your chest. Exhale while doing so.
  • You can place your left hand on the left knee for a better balance.
  • After you lift it, hold the position and then gently lower your hand to the starting position. That completes one rep.
  • You shouldn’t be rocking your body when doing this. Flex your bicep muscles and put all your focus into that zone.
  • After doing 10-12 reps on the right hand, do the same with your left hand.

Try doing 10-12 reps each with both hands. So a total of 20-24 reps for a total of 3-4 sets should be more than enough to get the blood flowing.

Method B: Using Your Body Weight

You will need to follow some unorthodox methods to use your body weight in favor of your muscle building. Needless to say, some workouts will be more impactful than others. But doing the whole routine is advised.

Chin Ups  

Chin-up isn’t just a biceps workout it involves the whole upper body, especially the back muscles. Finding a sturdy bar can be tricky. There are two solutions to this problem. You can either buy a pull-up bar or you could go to a nearby park and find a suitable bar there. The choice is yours.

  • Grab the bar at a width of your shoulder with your hands facing you. Use the under grip (supinated grip) to focus more on your biceps.
  • Now all you have to is pull yourself up and stop when your mouth reaches the bar’s height.
  • Then slowly lower your body without touching the ground. Bend your knees if you have to.
  • Keep your body straight and don’t drop yourself all the way. Remember you need to keep stress on those biceps. If you completely straighten your hand this exercise won’t work. 
  • By forming an L shape with your legs, you can stop your feet from touching the ground.

When it comes to pull-ups, maintaining the form can be very tough. So, during the first few days focus on your shape and form. Once you get accustomed to the exercise then you can start doing more reps.

This is arguably the toughest exercise of this list. But don't give up after a few tries. If you manage to master chin-ups, your upper body will completely transform into a much muscular version. There are different variations of the pull-ups with each focusing on a specific body part. You can learn them as well. 

Bicep Curls Using Your Leg

Yes, you read that right. You can do bicep curls using your legs. Initially, this exercise will feel awkward if you haven't done it before. But gradually, you will start to realize the effect of it on your muscles. The good thing about this exercise is, you don't need anything other than a place to sit down. So go and get a solid chair before starting this.

  • Using your right hand grab the backside of your left knee while sitting down.
  • In the form of bicep curls, lift your left leg using only your right hand. Don't involve your leg muscles in this exercise.
  • After you reach the maximum height, lower your leg without letting it go completely. Keep stress on your biceps.
  • Focus on your form and when you are curling, don’t rock your body. Then do the same with your left hand and right leg.

Completing 10-15 reps with each hand should be easier than dumbbell curls. But don’t put too much stress on the muscles. If you start getting fatigued, take breaks and start over again.

Resistance Band Exercises

Resistant bands are a blessing for people who prefer working out at home without using weights. You can find them online or in any nearby supermarket. But most importantly, you can do almost all the dumbbell and barbell related exercises using these bands.

How Do They Work?

Muscle building exercises depend on various forms of resistance. When you are using weights, they act as a resistant. This resistance forces your muscle fibers to engage in the workout and then they start developing with time.

When you are using a resistant band it builds tension in your biceps. The exercises with resistant bands are harder because it focuses on only one muscle group. From beginners to experts almost everyone can get used to this with a bit of practice. There are variations to the resistance as well. A set consists of both light variations and heavy variations

Bicep Curls Using Resistance bands

  • Stand on the middle part of the resistance band. Grab both ends of the band with your hand and stand straight while keeping your hands on the side of your body.
  • Curl your forearms towards your shoulders without moving your upper arm.
  • Once you reach that height hold your position and try to feel the muscle-flexing. Then lower your palms without letting go of the band. That completes one rep.
  • Remember to stand at a shoulder distance on the band. Lastly, don’t rock your body.

You can do 10-12 reps for 3-4 sets. Once it gets easier, move onto harder resistance bands and takes your workout to another level.

The Diet behind Bigger Biceps

When you complete a good workout your muscle fibers and tissues have micro-tears in them. Muscle fat starts to burn and as a result, your body can get weak if you don't follow a healthy diet.

Your muscles require amino acids to get bigger and stronger. A healthy source of amino acids is different forms of protein. When you eat food that has protein in it, your body breaks the protein particles into amino acids making it usable for your body.

Try eating one to 1.4 grams of protein for every pound of your body weight. This is a general rule of thumb that a lot of bodybuilders follow. You can contact a nutritionist to get a better understanding.

When you combine exercises with a healthy diet, that’s when the muscles start to evolve.

Final Thoughts

When you start doing these exercises, you will feel pain for the first few days. Get through the pain. If you manage to do that, everything will get easier and within weeks you will have visible bigger biceps.

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