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Bowflex revolution home gym review

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the Bowflex revolution home gym is a revolutionary new piece of fitness equipment that has the potential to change the way people exercise. The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym can do an infinite number of exercises and workouts because it contains 16 different resistance levels, no matter what your experience level is or how much you want to work out. It even folds up for easy storage!


In consideration to time and money, a home gym is arguably the perfect way to ensure they are well utilized. The only thing you need to do, is wake up, assemble your home gym equipment’s (if there is need) and start getting the sweat on. What’s even more interesting is the fact that you can work out at any given time without having to commute or book a session.

And of course, all this luxury isn’t found on a silver platter— you have to be smart.

Be extremely keen on the type of equipment you invest in. For one, consider a machine made of quality materials, fits your space and most importantly one that satisfies your needs and interests. Secondly, is it on your price range? There are thousands of home gym equipment’s on the market, this means even their prices vary— check out best home gym that are under 1000. So, the chances of you getting one with the right quality and in your budget are high.

In this article, we have drawn our focus on the bowflex revolution home gym  —gone into depth to ensure we highlighted each of its qualities and have the “is it worth it” questions, answered.

Let’s dive in:

A space friendly machine that isn’t heavy and is all-in-one is a definite consideration for your home gym equipment especially in cases of limited space. The Bowflex revolution home gym is a disguise. It comes with every accessory you may need to work your arms, legs, chest and abs. With the brand having quite an admirable resistance, its versatility is still out of this world— over 100 exercises!

Of course, all home gym machines have a resistance system but this particular one has the SpiraFlex® plate technology resistance system. Astronauts in space were looking for a way to keep fit despite not having the gravity forces and ended up developing the system. It entails a non-inertial resistance mechanism which reduces excessive weight and bulk and in return provides a smooth linear isotonic resistance.

It mainly relies on elastic bands which have proven to be more effective compared to weight plates and free weights.

And in regards to weight—which have several safety and portability issues— the resistance band provides a progressive resistance which ensures that the muscles are not fully activated. With this you can be sure to have an intense workout and increase your strength while still keeping track of your fitness goals.


In comparison to other home gyms in the bowflex revolution category, this model isn’t heavy nor big. It is designed in a streamlined, thin yet long way which makes it lighter.

  • Length: 112 inches
  • Width: 63 inches
  • Height: 73 inches
  • Weight: 336 pounds


  • Preacher curls attachment: Has a platform where you can rest your elbow while holding the ab/leg attachment.
  • 10 positions and 170-degree adjustment for easy hand movements.
  • SpiraFlex® plate technology that offers resistance without inertia.
  • Unlimited variations: 100 plus exercises
  • Leg extension: exercises for stronger and muscular legs
  • Resistance of 440 lbs.: can also be upgraded up to 600 lbs.
  • Vertical bench press: Provides different variations and exercises.
  • 10 position settings
  • 300-pound (136 kg) maximum user weight capacity.
  • Workout area: 10′ x 7′ x 7′


The machine together with the SpiraFlex packs have a 10 years warranty. This, however, doesn’t apply to normal tears and wears.

Full Review

 Home gyms are made to offer a simple yet thrilling workout session at the comfort of your home. The Bowflex home gym system ensured they’d overdo on one of their machines— the revolution home gym. It is the high end one in the system because of its high exercise number, great resistance and the longest warranty seen in the machines designed by BowFlex—you can’t afford to overlook these qualities. It has exercises for weight losses, strength building, performance training and heart rate training.

And when it comes to your safety, the machine uses the resistance bands which provides a consistent tension on your muscles.

This beast machine is highly recommended for people aspiring to be beasts. This is because the machine can boost a maximum resistant level of up to 600 pounds for the lower body and 300 pounds for the upper body. And incase you are hitting the plateau the various configurations are there to take you back on track. The 100 plus exercises will never let you get bored—every workout day deserves a new experience!

Space is one of the key factors to consider while looking for a home gym equipment. In this case, a limited space would work. The machine together with its accessory’s takes about 7 feet long, 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall and of course a considerable free space around it. So, even though it is the most compact home gym, it still could fit in most spaces.

The assembly process isn’t that hard. The machine has an instruction manual which isn’t possibly clear but with the right patience and a right hand man, 6-8 hours should be more than enough. Most parts arrive already assembled. The remaining ones may need some adjustable wrenches and screwdrivers. Luckily, Bowflex also provide different types of Allen wrenches.

Bowflex is known for designing well- built machines and this is why the bowflex revolution home gym operates without any noise. The movements are harmonious i.e., the weight discs do not clank while you are working out. So, since you are looking for a way you can burn calories and be a masculine person, you can work without judgements, no membership required and better still nobody needs to know how you are achieving it. Basically, a win-win situation!

Pros of Bowflex revolution home gym

As you have already noted, the Bowflex revolution home gym comes with fairly impressive features. Read on…

  • 100 plus exercises which provides the thrill to keep working out
  • Quiet operations
  • It is a heavy-duty home gym equipment which can hold a maximum user with a weight of 300 lbs.
  • Well-built construction that is sturdy and solid.
  • Has a variety of useful accessories.
  • It is easily assembled compared to many heavy-duty machines
  • Has the Spiraflex technology that is proven to offers full range of motion for different muscle groups.
  • The Bowflex revolution home gym has a long warranty (10 years).
  • It is a versatile trainer


  • It is pricey for an exercise equipment. So, if you are on a budget, this may not be a fit.
  • Some of its users have complained of its difficulty in disk changing. This means that it can take a while to go back to exercising after you have changed the discs.
  • The machine isn’t necessarily the most compact one since it may need a huge working area.
  • Even though it offers over 100 exercises, the machine still lacks some common movements i.e., the Lat pulldown and the curls.

Bowflex revolution home gym alternatives

This home gym can offer you pure bliss—that’s a guarantee. However, it is an investment that may not be in your plans. This is why we have compared it to other machines close to it and chosen the below ones. They are totally worth it…

1. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home gym

This machine is one of our favorite machines falling under 1000. It is compact and uses a power rod resistance design of t5 to 210 pounds. It takes little space, so you do not have to worry. When it comes to the number of exercises it can offer, the machine has 30 different exercises which isn’t that bad. So, if you are a newbie to a home gym setup this should be on top of your considerations.

2. Bowflex PR 1000 Home gym

This machine is one of our favorite machines falling under 1000. It is compact and uses a power rod resistance design of t5 to 210 pounds. It takes little space, so you do not have to worry. When it comes to the number of exercises it can offer, the machine has 30 different exercises which isn’t that bad. So, if you are a newbie to a home gym setup this should be on top of your considerations. see full review

3. Body-Solid G6BR Bi-Angular Home Gym

A Body-Solid G6BR Bi-Angular Home Gym will help you reach your goal of getting and maintaining a high level of fitness. You'll be able to follow any routine, from Boxing to Fly Enough! Plus this heavy duty piece of equipment is available in two different heights for any workout preference.

It also assembles relatively quickly and easily with full instructions provided by the manufacturer if needed. Just make sure that you inspect every component before starting assembly, especially check nuts, bolts, screws or washers for missing parts. 

Bowflex revolution home gym review


One of the most convincing factors about the bowflex revolution home gym is the 100 different exercises. You can honestly never miss a workout session or even get bored. And coming from a well-known home gym manufacturer, the machine is pimped with a resistance system that was ideally meant for space. This resistance provides much more than you thought you needed. That said, if you are looking for a top class machine and you don’t mind the money other than the quality, then the Bowflex revolution home gym  is completely-and-definitely worth it.

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