Let’s face it – you know you need to exercise more. But fitting in a proper exercise routine into your busy schedule can be challenging. Luckily, you can count on the best yoga balls to give you a full workout in as little as 15 minutes!

Whatever your fitness level, you can incorporate an yoga ball into nearly any type of home workout. This dynamic tool primarily focuses on strengthening core stability, but it also provides numerous other benefits that range from rehabilitating lumbar mobility and spine position to improving posture and balance. And the best part? You get all these benefits from the comfort of your own home – without having to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive gym membership.

Ready to get fit while you sit? Here is our list of the best yoga ball on the market today.

1. URBNFit Stability, Balance & Yoga Ball


Suffering from lower back pain after spending hours of sitting at your office desk? If so, the URBNFit Exercise Ball is the perfect choice for you. It’s a great tool to include into your fitness arsenal because it’s made of professional grade materials that come in a convenient package. Praised by users as a lifesaver for your back and spine, this exercise ball comes highly recommended by physical therapists and personal trainers around the world – and it’s easy to see why.

This exercise ball is made with ultra tough construction using the highest quality PVC material that is intended to withstand the most intense and rigorous workouts. Unlike other exercise balls in the market, this one is latex free to prevent allergic reactions in some users. Its PVC construction also makes it easier to clean and prevents dust from accumulating on the surface.

When it comes to gripping power, you won’t have to worry about the URBNFit Exercise Ball slipping on the floor during a workout. This exercise is built with a non-slip surface that is safe for everyday use. Another notable feature is its anti-burst construction that’s made of ultra tough burst-resistant rubber. It’s a versatile tool that works great for light and heavy exercises, with a maximum weight capacity of up to 2000 pounds!

With an extra large diameter, this exercise ball allows you to perform a whole range of balance and stability exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles. It also makes a great gift for friends or family members because it comes in a complete, ready-to-use package that includes a workout guide, extra plug and pumps. This exercise ball also allows easy storage because it can be deflated and pumped up in just a few minutes with minimal effort. More than just core strengthening, the URBNFit Exercise Ball also works great for yoga, pilates, and balance training.


  • Gym grade fitness ball
  • Non-slip, rubberized surface
  • Professional quality PVC material
  • Anti-burst construction
  • Size variation: 45cm to 85cm
  • Maximum weight capacity: 2000 pounds
  • Inclusions: workout guide, 2 air stoppers, inflation pump


  • Wide selection of colors and sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Dust proof
  • Safe for pregnant women


  • Inflation pump seizes up after continuous use
  • Actual sizes are smaller than advertised

2. Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Chair


Finding that right exercise ball for your needs can be challenging because it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. But with the Trideer Exercise Ball, you can choose between five different sizes – from 45cm to 85cm – to cater to every body type. It also comes in 17 bright colors to choose from, so you can pick an exercise ball that fits your personal style.

Backed by a 12 month warranty and lifetime customer service, this is one of the best exercise balls you can find anywhere. The first thing you’ll notice about this exercise tool is its obvious heavy duty build. It’s at the top of the list with the highest density construction because it measures approximately 2000 micrometers in thickness. And with a maximum weight capacity of up to 2200 pounds, you can be sure that this exercise built can stand up against the most intense workout routines.

One of the most common complaints when it comes to exercise balls is the annoying rubber scent that lingers during use. This is one of the advantages you get from the Trideer Exercise Ball – it comes out of the box completely odor free. It’s constructed out of high quality PVC material that’s free of BPA and heavy metals. This feature makes it a safe and non-toxic option for both children and pregnant women.


  • High density exercise ball
  • 2000 micrometer thickness
  • High quality PVC material
  • Non-slip, anti-burst construction
  • Non-latex and free of BPA and heavy metals
  • 5 different sizes: 45cm to 85 cm
  • Maximum weight capacity: 2200 pounds
  • Pros

    • Good customer service
    • Easy to inflate
    • Workout guide is easy to follow, even for beginners


    • Dust and smaller particles stick to the surface
    • Some products are labeled incorrectly

    3. Black Mountain Stability and yoga Ball


    By delivering gym grade equipment at an affordable price, the Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball is an excellent choice for beginners looking for a new addition to their home gym. As its name suggests, this exercise ball focuses mainly on strength and stability. Sitting on this exercise ball requires the use of your back and abdominal muscles to maintain balance. As a result, it helps improve gait and keep a healthy posture.

    By relieving tension in your shoulders and arms, this exercise ball helps you concentrate on your core movements for better strength training. It’s constructed using professional grade PVC material that delivers both durability and comfort. As an added support feature, this exercise ball features dense walls that withstand intense workout sessions and also comes with a non-slip, anti-burst surface to prevent accidental slipping. With a maximum weight capacity of up to 2001 pounds, this exercise ball is suitable for users of all ages. It comes in 5 different sizes and 4 bright colors for you to choose from.


  • Strong holding balance ball
  • Professional grade PVC material
  • 5 size options: 45cm to 85cm
  • Dense walls for added support
  • Maximum weight capacity: 2001 pounds
  • Inclusions: foot pump and starter guide
  • Pros

    • Recommended for beginners
    • Compatible with lower back and ab exercises
    • Easy to deflate and pump up


    • Not recommended for pregnant women or children 
    • Too bouncy for advanced users and athletes

    4. Mantra Sports Exercise Yoga Fitness Pilates Ball


    What sets the Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Chair apart from others on the market is its inclusion of a removable stability base. This base is made of heavy duty PVC material to anchor the ball in place so it doesn’t roll around even when sat on. This unique addition is intended to make the exercise ball a replacement for your chair at home or at work. The ball movement requires your muscles to respond so that you remain in your center of gravity and balance on the ball. This stimulates the lower back muscles and supports the spine – so you can get fit even while you sit down.

    Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this exercise ball is versatile enough to cater to a range of different fitness needs. It comes with 15 pound latex resistant bands with triple-stitched cushioned handles that you can attach to the exercise ball for better low-impact strength training. Its heavy duty construction is made of the high quality multi-layered PVC material that is not only durable but also non-toxic. Because it’s free from latex and phthalates, it makes an excellent birthing ball for pregnant women to help relieve pressure on the spine.


  • Comes with removable stability base
  • High quality multi-layered PVC material construction
  • Latex and phthalate free
  • 15 pound attachable latex resistance bands with triple-stitched cushioned handles
  • Quicker inflation foot pump
  • Ball tape measurer
  • Maximum weight capacity: 750 pounds
  • Pros

    • Comfortable to sit on
    • Can be used as chair replacement
    • Works well as a birthing ball for pregnant women
    • Good for strength training


    • Maximum weight capacity does not cater to all body sizes

    5. DYNAPRO Exercise yoga and Stability Ball


    With a strong build designed for heavy use in a commercial gym, you can bet that the DYNAPRO Exercise Ball is built to last for years. At the top of its list of features is the extra thick construction – measured up to 2275 micrometers to give you high-resistance against sharp objects to prevent leaks. It makes a good eco-friendly option because it’s made from 100% recycled materials.

    To provide maximum durability, this exercise ball is made of professional grade PVC material that has a maximum weight capacity of up to 2200 pounds. For added support, it features a matte surface with a non-slip ribbed body so that it’s easy to hold without slipping while remaining comfortable on skin. This exercise ball is the perfect exercise companion to have at home that can use for yoga, pilates, crossfit, or strength training – all achievable within a few minutes of use. It also comes in 4 different sizes to match your intended use.


  • Gym quality PVC material construction
  • Matte surface with non-slip ribbed body
  • High resistance against sharp objects
  • 2275 micrometer thickness
  • Size options: 45cm to 75cm
  • Maximum weight capacity: 2200 pounds
  • Pros

    • Uses eco-friendly, recyclable materials
    • Matte surface provides better grip
    • Comes with sizing chart so you can find the right size that fits your needs


    • Not recommended as chair replacement
    • Not to be used as birthing ball for pregnant women

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