The Best Water Rowing Machine

Are you looking for a multipurpose exercise machine?

How about one that simulates a natural activity?

We are speaking about water water rowing machines.. The advantage of water rowing machines is that they provide you with muscle strength and high cardio workouts. They can help you burn calories and shape various muscles of your body. With so many different benefits, a water rowing machine is undoubtedly one of your best options when you want to get in shape.

The only bit of issue is that there are numerous water rowing machines on offer. Choosing one among them is not easy. Neither anyone has the time to go through hundreds of options to choose the right one.

The question which then arises is how to choose the best water rowing machine?

We will today share with you the top 5 options that you can choose from. With hours of research, we have compiled this list after taking into account hundreds of different options. Consequently, choosing from this list ensures that you are going with the best water rowing machines on offer.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 12 Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine:


With 12 different adjustable resistance levels, it is one of the most versatile water rowing machines. The hydraulic resistance system is quite reliable and provides you with smooth rowing experience.

Do you prefer monitoring your workout?

If yes, this machine has a digital monitor. It allows you to keep track of time, count, calories burned, and so on. With all these metrics, you can plan your workout in a much better way.

The paddle straps and the level of the rower are adjustable. There are stabilizers to help you adjust them. The customization makes the machine highly convenient for you.

The design of the handlebar cushioned seat, and foot pedals are ergonomic. You can use the machine with ease.

The compact design allows you to move it around. With a weight carrying capacity of 220 lbs, it is suitable for almost everyone.

The digital monitor and ergonomic design are what makes this water rowing machine stand out.


· 12 adjustable resistance levels

· Digital monitor on offer

· Highly portable design

· Ergonomic form factor

· High weight carrying capacity

Fitness Reality 2000F Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine:


How about a water rowing machine with app support?

The one that we are speaking about now has Bluetooth compatibility. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect it with my cloud fitness app. The app is available for iOS and android. It can help you track your workouts and choose from the three workout goal settings on the app. You can select from calorie goals, distance goals, or time goals.

The compatibility can help you keep focused and also provide you with vital metrics.

Besides this, the highlight of the water rowing machine is that it provides you with a full-body workout. The low impact workout can help you focus on muscles like legs, thighs, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and so on.

With 14 tension levels, customizing it is easy. You get a wide grip foam handlebar. The 21.5-inch wide grip allows you to hold the handlebar easily.The weight carrying capacity of 250 lbs does not disappoint either.

The foot pedals come with stabilizers. A highlight of this machine is that it eliminates the rocking of the foot pedals through the stabilizers. The foot pedals are adjustable as well. Consequently, you will have a comfortable workout.

Want to store it?

Worry not! It is foldable. Once you fold it, the water rowing machine's dimensions are pretty compact, which allows you to store it in any corner. The folded dimensions are 39.5" x 21.5" x 53.5".

The folding and unfolding process just takes a couple of minutes, which means that whenever you want to use it again, you can fold it easily.

The 3.5-inch LCD allows you to track all the vitals of your workout. These include calories burned, total count, distance, time, and so on. The comfort and functionality of this water rowing machine help it stand out.


· Digital display

· Foldable design

· High weight carrying capacity

· 12 different tension levels

· App access on offer

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine:


The USP of this rowing machine is that it uses magnetic resistance. The advantage of magnetic resistance is that it is highly precise. You get to choose between the eight different levels of magnetic resistance.

The large LCD console helps you track every metric of your workout like count, calories, time, and so on. It can help you stick to your fitness goals.

The machine consists of built-in wheels at the bottom. Due to these wheels, it is easy to move around. You have to just tilt it and move it around. Also, you can fold it. The folded dimensions are 37" x 19" x 53.5".

The foot pedals are textured. As a result, they are non-slip in design. It means that you get proper traction during the workout.

The foam grip handles allow you to hold the handlebar. The wide cushioned seat further adds to the convenience.

The machine comes along with floor stabilizers, which help you keep it in place during the workout.

Are you wondering about its weight carrying capacity?

It can carry up to 250 lbs. With ample features, it is difficult to ignore this rowing machine in favor of any other.


· Eight different magnetic resistance levels

· Large LCD console on offer

· Built-in wheels

· Floor stabilizers incorporated

· High weight carrying capacity

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine:


Do you prefer a water rowing machine that can carry large weight?

If yes, this has a weight carrying capacity of 500 lbs. The high weight carrying capacity makes it suitable for everyone.

The foldable design of the water rowing machine certainly makes it easy to use. When not using it, you can fold it to the size of 25" x 33" x 54". Consequently, storing it in a small space is not going to be a problem. The 14-inches seat height means that it is convenient for most adults.

You get an adjustable footrest and ergonomic handle along with it. Both these ensure that you can use the machine easily.

The caster wheels allow you to move it from one room to another. The assembling is easy. You need to assemble it using the screws. Doing so ensures that it will not take a lot of time for you to assemble it.

With digital performance monitor on offer, tracking your workout in real-time is not an issue. You can connect it wirelessly with heart rate belts or apps as well. The connectivity increases the functionality of this water rowing machine significantly.

With smartphone cradle, storing your smartphone during the workout is not an issue. You can enjoy movies and other entertainment options on your smartphone by installing it on top of the digital display.

The machine also offers you air-resistant flywheel, which is responsive to every stroke. Additionally, you can choose between 10 different airflow levels. Adjusting the resistance according to your requirement, is not an issue.

The backlit display allows you to monitor distance, intervals, calories, etc. in real-time.

The wireless connectivity, you easy to assemble design, and ten different resistance levels make it one of the best rowing machines you can go with.


· Ten different resistance levels

· Easy to assemble

· High weight carrying capacity

· Ergonomic design

· Highly portable

Stamina ATS Air Rower:


The USP of this air rower is that it can help you burn not only calories but also increase your body strength. It can improve your heart.

The dynamic air resistance ensures that you can customize it so easily. The easy to read display keep track of things as calories burned, time, distance, and speed.

The upholstered padded seat keeps you comfortable. You get padded rowing handle, which is once again easy to hold. The sliding seat ensures that executing various types of workouts using this rower is not a problem.

The footplates are adjustable as well. You get foot straps along with the footplates. The combination of these can easily keep your feet in place.

You get floor protectors, which means that keeping it in any room is not an issue. The built-in wheels allow you to move it around.

In case you want to store it, it has a foldable design. Once you fold it, the dimensions are 48" x 18.75" x 28".

The weight carrying capacity of 250 LPS does not disappoint.

Were you wondering about the resistance levels?

The dynamic air resistance means that the harder you put, the higher the resistance will be. If you're looking for lower resistance, you have to pull the handle at a lower force. Consequently, you can customize the resistance exactly as per your requirement.

The dynamic add resistance of this rowing machine is what helps it stand out.


· Dynamic air resistance on offer

· Highly comfortable

· Easy to use

· Portable design

· Adequate weight carrying capacity


Water rowing machines are one of the most versatile exercise equipment which you can go with. They can help you tone virtually every muscle of your body. All this by simulating a natural activity that is rowing. With that being said, when looking for one, you can choose from our list of 5 best water rowing machines above. With careful curation and hours of research, we have ensured that only the best water rowing machines make it to this list.

So, if you wish to get in shape, it is time to buy one of these water rowing machines today.

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