Best Recumbent Exercise Bike
Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

First things first: Do you know why they’re called recumbent bikes? No? Well, it is because you, the rider, are in a reclining position. This position distributes your weight over a larger area as compared to an upright bike. This ergonomic design takes the pressure off your butt thanks the added back support.

Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent exercise bikes are great because compared to other exercise equipment, they put less stress on your joints. They are a great way to get your daily exercise in, in the comfort of your humble dwellings. Your thighs, glutes, calves, heart, and lungs all receive a healthy aerobic workout, and you get to close all your rings!

Question is, which one is the best for you? Different people have different routines, levels, budgets, and other preferences. So, with all that taken into account, here are the best recumbent exercise bikes to get for yourself!

1. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike

You just can’t go wrong with the Schwinn 270. It is a great choice if you want all the bells and whistles on an exercise bike.

Price Range: $600 - $700


The Schwinn 270 really takes care of you, the rider. It takes a maximum weight if 300 pounds and has a properly-padded, contoured, and ventilated seat. The seat has a slider which allows you to adjust it to your preferred pedalling position, accommodating a wide variety of people: long or short, big or small. No worrying about comfort, especially when you consider the 3-speed fan that cools you down in the heat of things. On that note, it also has a bottle holder!


There’s a total of 29 workout presets that come with the Schwinn 270. The perimeter-weighted flywheel coupled with the 25 resistance levels let you experience the exact exercise intensity you want. What’s more is that the bike can store up to 4 user profiles, each with its own fitness and exercise information, all displayed on the blue, backlit LCD displays.

Referred to as the DualTrack monitor system, it lets you to prop a book or tablet-size device on the main screen while letting you view your exercise information on the secondary display.

There are both telemetry and grip heart rate monitors, the latter being in the handlebars by the seat.

Connectivity & Entertainment:

It’s simply not enough to just pedal away to the sound of your own thoughts and the Schwinn 270 has you covered on that front as well. It has Bluetooth connectivity which:

  • lets you connect to your phone to play music through the inbuilt speakers,
  • lets you download your workout data to a couple of fitness apps, including the Schwinn Trainer App,
  • Lets you connect to the Explore the World App which has virtual routes to ‘cycle through’, and,
  • Lets you have an interactive 360-degree view as you cycle alongside other Schwinn riders.

There is also a USB port through which you can connect an MP3 player.


The Schwinn 270 is a great ‘bang-for-the-buck’ bike and comes from a well-established and reputable fitness company. It has everything you need to track your fitness journey while making sure that exercising is as fun as it should be. It should be very difficult to outgrow even as your exercise levels advance.

With that said, assembly of the Schwinn 270 will need an extra set of hands, and the paired Schwinn app most definitely needs work.

There is a 10-year frame, 2-year mechanical, 1-year electrical, and 30-day manufacturer’s repair and replacement warranty as well.

2. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike:

The Marcy bike is a great option if on a budget, as it is available for a lot cheaper than other recumbent exercise bikes.

Price Range: $150 - $250


This bike has what can only be described as a ‘heavy-duty’ build, which allows it to support a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Just like the Schwinn 270, the seat is adjustable and slides front or back to accommodate different heights. The seat itself is ergonomic, typical of recumbent bikes, and has high-density foam padding for comfort.

The bike has a step-through design. This means that it is not only easy to hop on and off the bike, it is also safe. It also has foam-wrapped handles for extra support when cycling.


The resistance mechanism of the Marcy recumbent bike is magnetic, with 8 resistance levels. This lets you customize your workouts to your preferred resistance level. There is a large LCD which displays useful workout information like distance covered and calories burnt in large, very visible characters.


The bike does come with transport wheels making it easy to move the bike from one place to another.


If all you want is the exercise and the savings, Marcy is the way to go. It has a great build, can support the same weight as more expensive bikes, and shows you your fitness data. Nothing fancy, just straight up cycling. 8 resistance levels may seem on the lower side, and the seat may feel a little bit stiff in comparison to other bikes, but it is still a very solid budget offering!

Oh, there’s also an extended 90-day return warranty.

3. Sunny Health and Fitness Recumbent Bike:

If you thought a 300-pound capacity was great, weight till you see this!

Price Range: $150 - $250


This heavy-duty bike is built to safely support 350 pounds thanks to its very sturdy frame. It has a much larger seat compared to other bikes. What this does is help maintain the correct posture when exercising. The seat is also adjustable, even when already on the bike, to accommodate various rider heights.

There are movable handlebars which can be incorporated into your workout. The bike has a step-through design for easy mounting and dismounting, and like the Marcy, has wheels in case you need to move it from one point to another.


 The Sunny Health and Fitness Bike has a magnetic resistance mechanism, with 8 levels in total. The pedals are large, adjustable, and are non-slip. As earlier mentioned, the moveable handlebars help you give your upper body a workout as well.

During your workouts, you are able to see your time, heart rate, speed, and calories burned on the LCD screen.


The Sunny Health and Fitness Recumbent Bike is another solid offering if you’re looking to accommodate a larger weight capacity. It is a sturdy build, although the pedals do not appear to be as sturdy as the rest of the bike. All in all, it is a great indoor cycling bike.

4. xerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike:

The recumbent bike for any space.

Price Range: $150 -$250


The Exerpeutic 400XL Folding bike does what it says on the box – it folds. Well, to half its size at least. It has a folding frame, but that des not take anything away from its sturdiness. It boasts a 300-pound weight capacity thanks to a steel frame. It is lightweight and compact with a smooth pedalling system. The seat is large, comfortable, and adjustable to accommodate riders of up to 6’2” height.

The bike has transport wheels for easy movement and storage.


The bike has a 3.3” LCD display that serves as the performance monitor. On it is the time, distance, heart rate, sped, and calories burned. It has a magnetic resistance system with 8 resistance levels to calibrate your workout as you see fit. The pedals are large and have safety straps.


If you are a little short of workout space around the house, then this bike is the one for you. It has a great weight capacity while taking up considerably less space than other bikes. It is easy to move and store away once you’re don for the day. Bundled with the bike is a folding waterproof PVC mat. It is also very easy to assemble.

5. Sole LCR Recumbent Bike:

You know the brand, now get to know the bike.

Price Range: $2500 - $3500


The Sole LCR is a high-quality bike. It is good enough for light commercial use, so you know it is next level when used as a home workout bike.

It has a frame made out of heavy-duty steel, and in turn can support weights of up to 350 pounds. It has huge pedals for maximum comfort for any type of user. It has 40 resistance levels on its magnetic resistance mechanism, way much more than any other bike on this list.

The seat is comfortable and adjustable, and it has wheels for easy movement and storage.


40 resistance levels are more than generous. Your workouts are completely personalized. In addition, there are 10 workout programs including some that cater to heartrate. There are both grip and telemetry heart rate monitors, all included in the information found on the LCD console for easy tracking.

Connectivity & Entertainment:

Bluetooth connectivity brings with it a number of possibilities, including playing music via the inbuilt speakers or connecting to fitness apps t log your daily activity. There is a device table for mounting your favourite gadgets, a USB port for charging them, cooling fans, and a bottle holder.


The Sole LCR is a next level bike to have in your home. It is the heaviest bike in this list, but it more than makes up for it in every other department. The frame has a lifetime warranty, a 5-year electronic warranty, and a 2-year labour warranty. It is one of the best buys you can make.

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