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Nike Gym shorts are known to be constantly innovative with their new editions. So, the list of best Nike gym shorts might never be constant, but that just means there’s better, more developed models in the market.

The ultimate pair of workout shorts will prevent chafing, wick sweat, and enable you to test your limits. Some men’s Nike shorts offer convenient features like pockets for keys, your smartphone, or other necessities.

Nike Men's Sportwear Club Shorts 

Product Features: The Nike Men’s Sportwear Club Shorts brings comfort and class like you’d expect from the brand. There’s a drawstring attached to the elastic waistband which you can use to adjust the size. These mens Nike shorts don’t feel too heavy or restricting against the skin, and are soft to the touch.

Design and Quality: The inner layer fabric is a blend between 80% cotton and 20% polyester and the outer is 100% cotton. Open-hem design and brushed terry for a refined delicate feel.

What We Like:

  • Side hand and back welt pockets.
  • Great fit.
  • Easy to clean.

Nike Boy's Icon Basketball Shorts

Product Features: The Nike Boy’s shorts were made for the intense workout sessions where you’re sweating like crazy but you absolutely need to say dry and comfortable. The Dri-Fit technology wicks sweat efficiently to keep you feeling fresh. An elastic waistband helps you secure your shorts firmly in place.

Design and Quality: The fabric is 100% polyester and quite lightweight. On the left side, the Nike Swoosh trademark logo has been embroidered on. There are side pockets.

What We Like:

  • Side vents allow you to move easily.
  • True to size.
  • Fits like a dream.

Nike Men's Dry Training Shorts

Product Features: These are your classic pair of men’s workout shorts that are practical, comfortable, and look good. What else could we want from gym shorts? Featuring Dri-Fit technology, the pair keeps you dry on long hours of exercise. Motion vents and sweat management technology collectively prevents the weird feeling from sweat and odor.

Design and Quality: 100% polyester fabric that’s nice to touch. Side inset mesh improves ventilation. The signature Nike swoosh logo is embroidered on the left hem. Convenient 9’’ inseam.

What We Like:

  • Free flowing.
  • Ultra breathable.
  • Well made.

NIKE Men's HBR Basketball Shorts

Product Features: Mainly made long for the purposes of playing some intense basketball, these shorts can be doubled as a regular pair of gym shorts. Except these aren’t regular. Another boon of Dri-Fit technology, the HBR Basketball Shorts locks moisture away and retains the dryness.

Design and Quality: It’s made from 100% polyester and features an elastic closure. It falls just above the knee. There are pockets on the side. The Nike logo has been printed down the leg on this model.

What We Like:

  • True to size.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Relaxing to work out in.

Nike Men's Dry Short Hybrid Short

Product Features: Do all your exercise without any obstruction in the Men’s Dry Short Hybrid Shorts. Super lightweight body pairs up with Dri-Fit technology and mesh side panels to deliver superior comfort. You could double this as an everyday short after it’s worn-out a bit, and they’d be your new lounging buddy.

Design and Quality: There are pockets of the side like any other Nike gym shorts. The inseam is about 8’’. The Nike swoosh logo is at the very bottom.

What We Like:

  • Amazing fit.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Durable build.

What Makes the Best Nike Gym Shorts?

Depending on what activity you’re using them for and what your personal workout regime looks like, you’ll be able to choose a great pair of mens workout shorts. Here are some general things to keep in mind.

Material: All the best Nike training shorts will have moisture-wicking properties to decrease sweat, but the materials used may vary widely. Some have four-way stretch material – can be stretched both lengthwise and crosswise and would return to their original shape.

Fit: Majority prefers trim-fit men’s workout shorts for added security, but some are more comfortable in the relaxed fit. This is totally up to personal preference but you should pay close attention to this while shopping. 

Length: The proper length for the gym shorts will be determined by the workout you do. Runners prefer pairs about five inches since excessive material can hinder their speed. On the other hand, lifters will often like some extra coverage between the barbell or bench and their legs, so nine-inch shorts are the popular choice. A good middle choice is the seven-inch gym shorts.

Pockets: Pockets became a big deal ever since everyone started carrying their smartphones everywhere with them. Regular side pockets work fine for pre or post workout walks, while zippered ones prevent your stuff from slipping out. There are some pairs that feature a pouch within the liner that secures your smartphone when you’re performing high-impact exercises.

Style: Who wouldn’t want to look while working out? It’s like an added benefit, not to mention the motivation you receive when you see yourself in those striking pair of Nike sweat shorts. Consider your personal style while shopping.

Bottom Line

Nike training shorts will never fail to exceed our expectations. Stay cool and comfortable in any one of these shorts and direct all your focus toward the workout!

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