Best Nike Cross Trainers Of 2020 Reviews

Cross-training has several benefits. It improves your muscle strength and also your cardio training. As with any exercise routine, the right equipment will help you to achieve better results and makes for a much safer workout session.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best Nike cross trainers that you can buy right now—all with an in-depth review of each pair of shoes for cross-training. To help you make the right decision, there is also a comprehensive buying guide. So keep on reading!

Nike is a revered brand amongst athletes. From professional sportsmen to health enthusiasts, Nike's brand is a symbol of quality and reliability. Here are the best Nike cross trainers you can buy right now.

Nike Zoom Train Command


First on our list is the Nike Zoom Train Command. This is a versatile shoe that also works pretty well as a sneaker. The fit is superb and provides just the right amount of comfort.

For cross trainers, the traction from the rubber pods is great for staying firm on the ground. These shoes are not specifically built for cross-training. Having said that, the shoes are versatile enough for cross-training too.

They are comfortable and lightweight, and of course, have the durability we all expect from a brand like Nike.

Product Features: 

Lightweight and comfortable

Provides great flexibility

Traction pods

 Nike Free X Metcon 2


 If you are looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to the comfort of Nike’s Free line and the durability of the Metcon, the Free X Metcon is the one to go for.

It features a Flywire lacing system and a midfoot cage that keeps your feet in place during quick movement. The outsole rubbers even wrap up to the sides as well. This is great for durability.

For people who sweat more, you will be happy to know that the uppers are made from breathable material that will keep you comfortable throughout.

Product Features:

Good grip and traction

Comfortable to wear


Nike Metcon 4


 Taking our third spot in the best Nike cross trainers roundup is the popular Nike Metcon 4. These shoes are beloved by cross-trainers and are great for cardio workouts.

The Metcon 4 is very durable and comes packed with features. It has the trusted Flywire system to keep your feet planted in place. While running, the shoes stay snug on the feet.

You get an ample amount of traction as well, ensuring that your feet stay firm on the ground. As for comfort, these do not disappoint either. The innovative midsole has a flat offset that gives you more stability. The upper is made from a reinforced synthetic material and a soft mesh. This allows it to be flexible without losing its durability.

Product Features:


Very stable

Flexible and durable

Provide good traction and support

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep


 These shoes are tailored for intense cross-training. If you want a shoe that you can use both at home and in the gym, these are a great choice.

The name comes from two Zoom Air units placed on either side of the forefoot. These absorb impacts when jumping and they cushion your feet, keeping your joints safe.

A plate running across the length of the shoe keeps your feet in place. The sole is split, which allows for greater support and multi-planar movements. Comfort-wise, these also impressed us.

The uppers are made from a breathable mesh that is flexible and allows your feet to breathe.

Product Features:

Innovative cushioning technology

Great support

Breathable uppers make these very comfortable to wear

Nike Metcon 5


 Taking the number one spot in the best Nike cross trainers roundup is the Metcon 5. The name might sound familiar; that is because this is the better version of our previous pick, Metcon 4, and it is also a little more expensive.

The cushioning treats your feet well. The front is plush and firm at the back, giving you even cushioning. The shoe even offers great stability for both quick movements and bursts or workouts with weights.

Both comfortable and flexible with ample support, the Metcon 5 from Nike is easily a top choice for anyone.

Product Features:

Great support

Good cushioning

Comfortable and durable

What to Look for in a Nike cross trainers

Before you splurge on a pair of shoes for cross-training, these are some factors that you need to look out for when making a purchase.


Generally, cross-training shoes do provide a little bit of extra traction; it is a good idea to look into the quality of traction for a particular shoe. You do not want to be slipping while you are working out; that can be both dangerous and embarrassing.


People usually have either arched feet or flat feet. Your shoes need to match your foot type, otherwise you might experience pain. Shoes that provide ample cushioning are great for feet with normal arches, while for flat feet, stability is a high priority.

Breathable Uppers

Cross trainers prefer shoes that have good support throughout. Some people might sweat more during physical exercises. Shoes with breathable material for uppers are a great way to tackle this issue. It also makes shoes comfortable to wear.


This one goes without saying. The fit of the shoe is crucial to your comfort and also for your feet as a whole. Wearing shoes that do not fit you, especially those that are too small, can cause pain. On the other hand, shoes that are too large are going to be uncomfortable and will not give you proper support.


These five best Nike cross trainers are going to make your workouts much safer and comfortable. Grab the one that suits your taste and needs the best and start working out!

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