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Massages offer a great range of benefits to the mind, body and soul. From helping us to achieve total relaxation, to helping our backs, legs and muscles heal from injury or chronic pain. There are lots of reasons people love massages, but getting an in-person massage can be expensive. That’s why more and more people are investing in an at-home massage chair.

These handy chairs offer a surprisingly long list of features, delivering a massage that is often deeper and more personalised than that of a professional masseuse! With so many options available on the market, we’ve broken down our top 5 massage chairs, making it easier for you to find the best massage chair for you.

Whether you are on a budget or looking for a high-end investment, there will be a chair on this list that is right for you.

1. Infinity Riage X3 – Full Body Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair

The 5 Best massage chairs- of 2020 Buyer's Guide & reviewsThe Infinity Riage X3 provides one of the most in-depth, full-body massages on the market, for an enticingly affordable price. If you suffer with back pain, foot pain or everyday muscle aches – this chair provides all of the relaxation of a human massage, but in the comfort of your own home.

Riage massage chairs are one of the most popular lines on the market, and the X3 adds a luxurious upgrade. With this chair, you can expect a whole host of state-of-the-art massage technology, combined with atmospheric extra features that turn a massage into a full-body relaxation experience.

The really exceptional thing about this chair is the zero-gravity feature. As you sit in the chair it reclines you all the way back, until your legs are elevated above your heart. Pressure releases from the spine, circulation improves and heart rate slows down – this is a chair designed for deep, full-body relaxation, and to transform your overall well-being.

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Notable features:

· 38 airbags

· 6 roller speeds

· Lumbar heat

· Twist function

· Bluetooth compatibility

· Foot massage system with 8 airbags and roller technology

· Five different intensity settings

· 3D body scan

· Focus massage settings

· Smartphone app control

· Speakers

· Space-saving track system

This is an exhaustive list of features, and there’s no doubt that this is a chair that goes above and beyond what you pay for. Let’s take a closer look at some of the stand-out features.

The 3D body scan system used by this chair means that you get the ultra-personalised massage that your body needs. Before every massage, the chair scans your body and adjusts the massage rollers to suit your unique body shape. If you still don’t feel like the rollers are quite hitting your sore spots, there are easy-to-use buttons on the remote that allow you to make the right adjustments. The result is a massage that works wonders every time.

We touched on the zero-gravity seating before, but this really is a stand-out feature that turns a world-class massage into a long-term well-being solution. As your feet are elevated above your body, you experience a comforting feeling of weightlessness and relaxation. Not only does it get you in a position that has been scientifically proven to help your body relax, it also allows the back massagers to get deeper access to your muscles.

The foot massage system allows you to get a true full-body massage, ideal for those that suffer from aches and pains in their feet and ankles. There are 8 airbags and 6 rolling sole massagers designed specifically to squeeze, knead, swing and roll across the heel, sole, arch and ankle.

Lumbar heat is used at the start of the massage, warming and soothing your muscles, prepping them perfectly for a deep and penetrating massage. It also helps your mind unwind and your body sink into pure comfort.

Bluetooth speakers are situated perfectly in the upper portion of the chair, so you can listen to soothing sounds throughout the massage session. When you play ocean sounds or tranquil music through the high-performance speakers, the massage rollers move to the beat to provide an incredibly rhythmic experience.

Smartphone control is also available, making controlling your massage easier than ever. The app is available on both Apple and Android, so you can operate all of the features of your chair directly from your phone. The smartphone remote is far more interactive than the remote that accompanies your chair, so is definitely worth downloading.


· A true full-body, multi-sensory experience

· The rollers and airbags provide an incredibly human-like massage

· Reaches muscles that other chairs can’t

· The speaker provide added ambience

· Zero-gravity promotes long-term well-being


· Only accommodates heights up to 6’2”, it would be nice to see a model that accommodates those of us that are taller.

· Could offer more targeted settings

The verdict:

If you deal with chronic back pain or pain in your lower legs and feet, this is a great choice of chair and you will not be disappointed. This chair offers a thoroughly enjoyable massage with a combination of features that you just can’t get anywhere else.

2. Medical Breakthrough 6 V4 Recliner – 3D Massage Chair

The 5 Best massage chairs- of 2020 Buyer's Guide & reviewsMedical Breakthrough massage chairs are one of the most popular massage chairs across the world due to their advanced features and medically-approved design. This model is currently one of the more superior models on the market, and a great solution for lessening back pain.

This chair has a long list of exceptional features, each of them expertly designed to provide the highest levels of therapy and relaxation possible from a massage chair. Whether you’re just looking for a comfortable massage chair for your home, or curious about if they could help relieve your back pain and muscle aches, this chair is a great choice.

One key feature that really makes this chair stand out is the innovative chiropractic technology that gives your back the stretch it needs to heal and destress. This unique technology reduces tension on your spine and boosts lymphatic flow, leading the brand to promise that this chair will make an improvement to your medical recovery or healing.

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Notable features:

· Human-like massage technology

· Automatic full body scan

· 4D arm massage

· L Track design

· Zero gravity technology

· Memory functions

· Airbag massage

· Space-saving design

· Chiropractic back-stretching technology

· Lower back heating system

The L track design of this massage chair means that it fits your body perfectly, no matter your shape and size. The chair is fitted with vertically-positioned rollers that massage in an L-shape direction, designed to work perfectly in-sync with the human frame. It begins at the neck and works its way all the way down to the thighs, eliminating tension and leaving no knot unloosened. This L-shape motion also prevents any discomfort that could be caused by a seep-tissue massage technique.

There are six different settings that have each been designed by doctors, therapists, chiro-practitioners and medical professionals to make sure they are targeting the right areas of the body, and using the accurate amounts of pressure. Each setting has a different level of recline, intensity, motion and time-period, so you can achieve the exact massage you are looking for.

The airbag massage system delivers the body, arms and legs with deeply relaxing acupressure massage. There are three different intensity settings for the airbags so that you can tailor your experience to your precise needs. The arm massage is an entirely unique feature, especially due to the engulfed arm massage system featured on this chair. Slide your arms into the engulfed arm rest and you’ll be treated to alternating pressures designed to relieve fatigued muscles and rejuvenate the body.


· Deep tissue rollers on the foot and calf massager promote ultimate relaxation

· Effective heating system

· Innovative chiropractic back stretching technology

· Relaxing engulfed arm massage system

· 3 year warranty


· The chair weighs around 200 lbs which means you may need assistance to move and reposition it.

The verdict:

The medical approval of this chair and the fact that it was designed by medical professionals will make it very appealing to those who require massage for chronic pain or injuries. For that purpose it works exceptionally well and is a superior choice on the market.

3. Hubot 3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair

The 5 Best massage chairs- of 2020 Buyer's Guide & reviewsWhen it comes to finding a massage chair that offers the optimum value for money, there’s no beating the Hubot Kahuna. For its lower-end price tag, this chair has a long list of high-end features that perform just as well as the more expensive chairs.

This massage chair is especially good for back pain and muscle tightness that requires a deep tissue-style massage. This is due to the high elasticity massage ball feature that allows the massage balls to reach as deep as you could possible need.

Another incredible feature on this particular chair is the smartphone control function. This is a relatively new feature for massage chairs that has been rolling out over recent years. Up until now, smartphone control features had been exclusive to the higher-end massage chairs. However, the Hubot Kahuna delivers the accessibility and convenience of controlling your chair through your phone for a lower price tag.

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Notable features:

· Full body massage system

· Deep tissue massage

· Smartphone app control

· Heat therapy features

· SL track

· 15 program settings and custom options

· Rhythmic massage settings

· Zero gravity

· Air control system

· Anti-stress head massager

· Bluetooth speakers

· Foot and calf rollers

The full body massage system built into this chair means that no sore spot is missed each time you sit down for a massage. The chair is fitted with numerous tracks, rollers and balls, all designed to reach every corner of any body size or type. The elastic balls protrude as deep as you need them to go to release tension and knots, while the SL track system reaches 52-inches all the way down your spine.

This chair boasts a state-of-the-art heat therapy system, allowing warming sensations to seep into your muscles. This relaxes and softens the muscles to allow for a more comfortable and effective massage. The heat system on this chair is impressively comprehensive, reaching from your upper back all the way down to your feet.

There is also an impressive range of 15 programming techniques, helping you choose the best style of massage for you. Four of the pre-programmed settings are designed for after sports or sports-related injuries, three of them are especially for stretching the back, two of them are special kyro massages, two are signature Kahuna massages and the final four offer varying intensities.

Rhythmic massage is this massage chair’s big selling point and something that they have branding this model entirely around. This feature allows you to have a special rhythmic massage designed to improve circulation and even oxygen levels! This style of massage is said to reduce muscle fatigue in the long term.


· High-end features for a low-end price

· Extensive list of features

· Bluetooth speakers allow you to surround yourself with relaxing sounds

· Easy to assemble

· Smartphone app makes the chair easy to control

· Has a wheel base making it one of the easiest chairs to manoeuvre.


· The remote control that comes with the chair is fairly limiting, especially when compared to the app.

· The instruction manual could be a little more helpful.

The verdict:

Overall this is one of the best massage chairs out there for beginners to the market. If you are curious about how effective a massage chair might be for your back, but don’t want to make a massive investment – this chair allows you to experience a huge range of features for a great price.

4. Osaki OS4000TA Model Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The 5 Best massage chairs- of 2020 Buyer's Guide & reviewsIf you are already a fan of massage chairs and have experienced first-hand what a difference they make to the body – this model from Osaki is one of the most soundly-engineered chairs on the market, making it a great investment for massage aficionados.

This particular massage chair features some of the most advanced technology available, allowing you to target areas that a lot of the other chairs on the market will never be able to reach. This is a serious massage chair for those that are serious about at-home relaxation and body healing.

One of the most impressive parts of this chair is its innovative engineering. It features a lower number of airbags than a regular massage chair, while still providing the same in-depth massage. In fact, the particular airbags used for this chair feature a larger surface area and volume, allowing them to cover the harder-to-reach areas on your body. This also reduces the amount of stress on the chair, so that it will perform better long-term.

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Notable features:

· Full body scan

· Foot rollers

· Innovative air massage technology

· Arm massagers

· Wireless controller

· Calf massager

· Lower back heat therapy

· Shoulder and hip squeeze

· 6 different massage styles

· Hip air massage

· Vibration seat massage

The full body scan feature on this chair means that the massage you receive is exceptionally customised to your physique and size. You don’t have to worry about it not quite hitting the spot as this feature adapts the movements and position of the massagers to ensure that they will give you the thorough and penetrative massage you need.

The LCD remote control for this massage chair is another great touch. The majority of the other chairs on this list offer a smartphone app that can be utilised as a remote, as a consequence the actual remote is fairly limiting and low-quality. Smartphone apps are great, but not everyone who needs a massage chair has a smartphone or wants to control their massage chair with it. The remote control for this chair has an LCD display which makes each function clear and allows you to have extensive control over every feature.

The vibration seat massage feature is another useful addition on this chair. A vibrating seat is not a typical feature on massage chairs, however it can be especially therapeutic for the base of the spine, or for the pelvis when in zero gravity mode.


· Built to last

· Extensive list of features

· Some unique features such as vibration and hip squeeze


· No smartphone app

· Heavy and hard to manoeuvre

The verdict:

This is a chair that the pros will be able to appreciate. It looks and feels high quality, and you trust that the materials and mechanics will last a long time, making this a sound investment.

5. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

The 5 Best massage chairs- of 2020 Buyer's Guide & reviewsIf you’re on a budget but still want a massage chair that offers high-end therapeutic features, this chair is a great option to consider. Just like the Hubot Kahuna, this chair features a large range of features for an impressive price. However, this chair also offers a couple of added functions that may be just what your body needs!

The most impressive feature of this chair that really sets it apart from others on the market is the yoga and shiatsu massage features. These are just two of many speciality massage settings featured on this chair, and features that you’ll struggle to find on any other chair of this price, especially at this level of quality.

If you’re a massage enthusiast, this chair will quickly pay for itself and eliminate the need for in-person massages. Let’s take a look at the key features…

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Notable features:

· Zero gravity

· Body scan technology

· L-track rollers

· Auto yoga program

· Shiatsu massage therapy

· Air massage set-up

· Dual foot roller

· Space-saving design

The auto yoga programon this chair is a real stand-out and a big draw for massage enthusiasts. This setting is spectacular for achieving a full stretch of the spine and elongating the leg muscles, ideal for those who have become less physically able to practice yoga.

The shiatsu massage therapy setting is another stand-out on this chair. This setting provides a massage just like the techniques used in Japan, working to stretch the joints and energize the body, leaving the body more comfortable than ever.

This chair’s air massage system is especially unique at this price point. The system uses less airbags than the typical massage chair, providing an equally thorough massage without wearing out the machinery. This means this chair has been designed with quality in mind and is built to last.


· Unique features

· Doesn’t take up much space

· Long-lasting

· Great price tag


· Not built for people taller than 6’2”

· Sometimes noisy

· Only available in one color

The verdict:

There’s no denying this is a great chair. It offers great value for money with some really impressive features. If you are new to massage chairs and like the sound of functions that help your body to stretch and heal – this is a fantastic option for you.

Overall, there are some really fantastic products on this list and we know a massage-lover would be grateful to have any of them. Making your choice really comes down to the features. If you prefer a lighter and more comfortable massage than a Kahuna may be the best choice for you, if you require a deeper tissue massage then you might prefer the Osaki. All of the chairs on this list offer the revolutionary zero-gravity function, and full body massage settings, meaning you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

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