the Best home workout equipment of 2020

For many people who have health and fitness goals and commitments, this has become a source of anxiety; fearing that they won’t be able to make progress. However, that’s not true. Home workouts have been on the rise, and according to Google Trends, have become one of the most googled topics of 2020 globally. But if you’re new to fitness or need some guidance with the most price-effective equipment you should buy, here are our recommendations.

How can you make home workouts effective?

This is probably a question you have asked if you’re stuck at home without any weights or equipment. Can you even get a sweat on just using your bodyweight? The answer is absolutely. Bodyweight training is one of the most popular forms of exercise and can help you get fit, lean and muscular - whatever your goal may be. Bodyweight works help to build functional strength, which is a key precursor to physical fitness.

But what about if you’re bored of bodyweight workouts and find them too easy? It’s time for you to invest in some gym equipment. The world of gym equipment is scary - what should you invest in? What is worth the money? What is a waste of money? We reached out to a personal trainer who summarized all the best home workout equipment to ensure you get enough bang for your buck without breaking the bank!

If you struggle to know what exercises to do during your home workouts, buy this 10 pack exercise workout poster set by QuickFit to put up in your house for some inspiration! You never have to watch a YouTube video or buy an expensive workout class again, this poster set has all the types of workouts you’ll ever need.

1. Dumbbells

We have to start with the most obvious and effective piece of equipment first! Regardless of your experience level, strength, size or goals - you can find dumbbells to suit you. A simple set of dumbbells can be used for numerous exercises: squats, overhead press, weighted crunches, bicep curls etc. You can do all of these with the same free weight! You can pick up some weights and walk to a quieter part of the gym and have a complete total body resistance workout without having to move around, switch out weights or wait for equipment.

These Neoprene Dumbbell Pairs by Day 1 Fitness have 12 weight options, from 1 lb to 20 lbs, for all experience levels. What’s more, they come in all different colors and are the cheapest on Amazon, making them a great option if you are style and budget conscious!

If you’re a little bit more advanced and further along in your fitness journey, try out these Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells that go up to 200 lbs. The best part about these dumbbells is you can adjust the size of them so rather than having to invest in multiple different sets of dumbbells, you only have to buy one, and then the amount of plates you think you’ll need.  Plus, they take up way less room than buying multiple different sets of weights, which is perfect if you live in an apartment or don’t have much room. With the variety of weights available, if you’re used to lifting heavy in the gym, this is the best option for you.

A man doing Home workouts

2. Resistance bands

Doing home workouts with just your bodyweight and some resistance bands can be extremely effective. An interesting study examined how effective resistance bands are compared to weights. The researchers found that elastic resistance bands significantly increased muscle activation, based on the fact they provide resistance throughout the full range of motion, forcing your body to work harder to move itself through the movement. Check out this full workout plan (with more than 50 exercises!) using only resistance bands to give you the guidance you need for each workout.

Resistance bands are the bands used in elastic-resistance training (ERT), a type of training that has been integrated in powerlifting for decades, but has only recently made its way into the mainstream. They are typically made from rubber or material and work to provide resistance to increase the intensity of an exercise, working in a similar way to weights, but with a few key differences. Studies also show that using resistance bands in a warm up increases explosive exercise performance. This is because resistance bands help to generate force efficiently through different ranges of motion.

Rubber resistance bands

Rubber resistance bands are great for beginners and to use for full body workouts because they are stretchy and provide a good amount of resistance. We love the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop which comes in a set of five resistance bands with a variety of resistance ranging from extra light to extra heavy. They have nearly 26,000 five star reviews on Amazon too, so you really couldn’t go wrong!

If those primary colors aren’t appealing to you, try out these Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands that come in a set of five in a variety of different color options including a pink set and a blue set for all you with specific preferences! They’re the same price as the Fit Simplify bands too so it’s totally your choice depending on which colors you prefer.

Fabric resistance bands

 For all those gym junkies that are a little more advanced, you need to try Te-Rich Resistance Bands - they’re made of fabric instead of rubber and provide a way stronger resistance. These bands are staples in every gym bunny’s collection because they are amazing for butt and leg workouts! So if you want a toned booty for summer, these are the bands you need to buy. Plus they’re less than $20 and come with three levels of resistance, in muted greys and black. Perfect!

Resistance bands Home Workout

3. Kettlebells

If you want to keep it simple and stick with one piece of equipment then it should be a kettlebell. It’s one of the most versatile yet underrated pieces of gym equipment and can be used to target multiple muscle groups for a full body killer workout. If you’re new to training, start with this set of three kettlebells by Best Choice Products that come as 5 lb, 10 lb and 15 lb so you can increase the weight as you get stronger in your home workouts.

If you need something a little heavier, try the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell that goes up to 40 lbs!

Believe us when we say that home workouts are the new standard workout. There are so many benefits - decreased time commitment, it’s cheaper, you don’t have to work around opening hours, you can do it in the privacy of your home and go at your own pace. If you’re struggling to transition from the gym to your home, get yourself some resistance bands and dumbbells and enjoy the added benefits of working out at home.

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