Top 10 Gym Equipment for Abs of 2020 Reviews & Guide

Everyone has abs. It’s just that layer of fat surrounding it making it invisible. So how do you get rid of that fat? Do you go on an extreme diet to lure it out of hiding? You’ve probably tried innumerable exercises to no avail.

Here's a helpful guide to help you choose the best gym equipment for abs workout.

1. Abs Exerciser by Ozoy 


The ab exerciser by Ozoy aims to provide an all in one experience. The product targets not only your upper, middle and lower abs but also your obliques and back. The ab exerciser strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps you build your core strength so it’s perfect for beginner level fitness junkies too.

Design and Quality: The gadget is super easy to install. It has a cushion back support ensuring your comfort while working out. The compact design takes up little space. There is a swivel 360 degree function that allows you to work on different parts of your body.

Product Features:

The product has a central handle that’s perfect for push-ups.

It comes with gym arm straps.

It’s portable so you can transport it with ease.

Why We Like It:

The equipment is built for everyone!

It’s perfect for ab exercises.

The gadget helps burn excess calories because of the multiple workout function.

It’s highly durable.

2. Sit Up Bench by Dolphy 


Dolphy has a large clientele in the fitness world and this equipment lives up to its reputation. This compact sit up bench is ideal for stretching, push-ups, sits and of course, core ab workouts.

Design and Quality: You can easily adjust the height to perform different exercises. The bench has a curved plate that provides support to the lower back. So you won’t face any pain in the spine later on.

Product Features:

The bench is made of a durable, high quality steel.

It is constructed from high quality leather and foam.

It is tailored with non-slippery foams so it stays firmly in place.

Why We Like It:

It can be easily stored.

Supports the entire body while exercising.

The adjustable feature is a plus!

3. Abs Exerciser Machine by Oweme 


This exerciser is the perfect company for your journey to fitness. It’s built to help those with back problems too. The machine isn’t limited to abs workouts only. You can get a full body workout along with an abdominal one too.

Design and Quality: This equipment is built with high quality materials that promises sturdiness and durability. The cushioned “seat” provides back support for comfortable use.

Product Features:

It has a 360 swivel function.

It comes with gym arm straps and a head rest.

The core spring system provides the right amount of resistance.

Why We Like It:

Anyone at any level of fitness can use this with ease.

It’s super easy to install.

The machine doesn’t skid on the floor.

4. Ab Carver Pro Roller by Perfect Fitness 


The Ab Carver Pro Roller targets your obliques and activates several muscle groups at the same time. The wide wheel provides stability so you don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting your back.

Design and Quality: The machine has a spherical design that allows you to move left, right or center. It’s a little hard to control at first but the ergonomic rubber hand grip makes sure your hands don’t slide.

Product Features:

The product comes with an interior kinetic engine which uses a carbon steel spring.

It provides enough resistance to burn fat and amplifies your abdominal and arm workout.

It comes with a high density foam knee pad.

Why We Like It:

You get a full body workout with this.

It works the deep core muscles.

You can enjoy a free downloadable workout plan for 21 days.

 5. Ab Trainer by CAP Barbell 


This equipment is perfect for those who want low effort workouts. There’s no confusion or fuss with this. It takes a moment to assemble. Once that’s done, you can sculpt your muscles by doing crunches.

Design and Quality: This durable ab trainer is made of steel and has an ergonomic design. It has a cushioned headrest for support.

Product Features:

It’s unisex.

You won’t face neck strains or back aches that are usually associated with crunches.

Why We Like It:

It’s really easy to set up.

The product is affordable.

The equipment takes very little space.

6. Weight Bench by Weider 


This versatile gym equipment helps you get shredded effectively. This is because you can do innumerable exercises on this bench. It’s ideal for weight lifting workouts.

Design and Quality: The bench has comfortable seats with sewn in vinyl that adds a touch of sass to your overall workout.

Product Features:

You can personalize the machine to your comfort.

Perform controlled workouts with the leg lockdown feature.

Why We Like It:

It can be used for multiple positions- flat, incline or decline.

It’s great for its value.

7. Roman Chair by Body Solid 


This equipment not only strengthens your abdominal muscles but also your glutes and lower back. You can use this to work on your back hyperextensions too.

Design and Quality: It seems like there’s a lot of pressure on your pelvic area but the padded seats make sure you workout in comfort. It’s super stable too.

Product Features:

It comes with adjustable ankle mounts.

The sturdy equipment doesn’t wobble.

Why We Like It:

The equipment can be used for lower back muscles too.

Various exercises can be performed to define your core.

8. Static Stability Ball by Black Mountain 


Exercise balls are great for ab workouts. They’re fun to use too. Stability balls, also known as Swiss balls, activate more muscles than your abdominal ones. You get to work on your stability, balance and posture along with your abs.

Design and Quality:

This weighs up to 2,000 lbs. so work on your agility with multiple exercises without concern.

Product Features:

It comes with a foot pump to inflate it.

This stability ball by Black Mountain comes in five sizes and four colors.

Why We Like It:

Puts your entire body to work.

The price is a win.

There’s a lifetime warranty.

9. Decline Ab Workout Bench by XMark Fitness 


If you want a machine that takes little effort to set up then is the one for you. It’s straightforward and easy. You don’t have to worry about little details or extra belts or straps.

Design and Quality:

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it won’t withstand the workouts you planned for yourself. The machine is sturdy, strong and full adjustable. The four inched leg rollers are ergonomically placed to help you avoid any strains.

Product Features:

The bench can handle up to 400 pounds.

You have multiple height adjustments.

Why We Like It:

It’s ergonomic.

You won’t get any back strains from using it.

The height adjustment ensures that anybody can use it.

10. Sit Up Machine for Abs by Ab Coaster Max 

Product Description:

If you want to focus on carving your abs then this equipment is something you should invest in. Not only will this help you chisel your abs but also help refine your obliques.

Design and Quality:

The machine is made from steel, this includes the rails and bearings too. It comes with a knee pad that keeps you comfortable while you twist.

Product Features:

The product offers stability.

The gliders are made of nylon that offers a comfortable grip.

Why We Like It:

It maximizes your core’s flexibility.

You can add more weight to the weight plate.

The curved design allows your arms and shoulders to get a workout too.

Buying Guide For the best gym equipment for abs workout

There is a wide range of gym equipment for abs exercises that will help you achieve a flatter stomach. Working at home is a lucrative idea if you’re someone with a particularly busy schedule.

You get your own set of weight training machines, treadmills and a legion of other equipment. Before you jump into building your very own workout paradise, you need to look into a few things. 

Available Space

Your choices may be limitless but your space is not. Buying gym  equipment means dedicating a living space for a job. It might be the basement or a spare room.

You need to make your purchases depending on how much space you have. If your home already has a dedicated gym space then you can buy larger machines. If you don’t, you can stick to small yet effective ones.


You need to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend. Your purchase has to be within your budget. Gym equipment for abs aren’t necessarily expensive. You need to keep an eye out for quality over quantity.

It’s okay if you can only spare around a hundred dollars. You can get a resistance band and a few sets of dumbbells. If you can afford to spend more, then go for a bigger piece of equipment.


Make sure you buy something you’re familiar with. It’s not the best idea to tackle equipment you’ve never used before without the guidance of a trainer. You may overwork yourself or even end up with injuries.

You might end up not using it either. So think of workout regimes you enjoy and make the purchase. Many equipment have versatile features. You can do multiple exercises in a single one. Those are the best investments.

Repair and Maintenance

When buying an equipment, you’ll be confronted by over-enthusiastic sellers or over-the-top ads. Don’t be lured in by those quick-fix gadgets. They’re usually anything but.

It’s better to invest in equipment that you know will pay off. Talk to other health junkies or fitness freaks. Get a better idea before making your purchase. Focus on items that will help you build your core.

So say goodbye to that routine that focuses on abs exercises only. Say hello to these gym equipment that will effectively bring your abs up a notch.


The key to getting a stronger core is to reduce your overall body fat. These gym equipment for abs will target your midsection and burn your belly fat faster, but also offers a full body workout. Invest in them and feel the burn. In a few months, you'll end up with the well-defined pecs you desire.

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