Best folding treadmill

Forget expensive gym memberships – for less than $400, you can get that much needed cardio workout by using a folding treadmill.

Treadmills are complex running machines, but you don’t have to empty out your pockets just to have one at home. Even with a cheaper price tag, you can get one that’s packed with good all-around training capabilities, cool interactive elements, and a host of different useful features.

So get ready to lace up those running shoes, and check out our list for best folding treadmill

1. Best Overall: Merax Electric Folding Treadmill


Rain, uneven ground, crowded sidewalks – all these hurdles prevent you from going outside for a good run. Fortunately, you can get a good workout right from your home by using the Merax Electric Folding folding treadmill. A lot of people may not know this, but using this treadmill has a lot more benefits from outdoor running. Aside from obvious safety reasons, it puts less stress on the body and leg joints because it moves in a constant rhythmic motion.

Because this treadmill features a compact design, it’s a great buy for anyone who has less floor space in their home or apartment. It’s built to be foldable so you can store it easily after use. It also comes fully equipped with wheels on the bottom, making it easier for you to move from one place to another. This running machine also makes assembly incredibly easy. The package comes complete with individual pieces as well as screws and bolts, with detailed instructions that will help you through the process. Even if you’ve never assembled a running machine before, you can get this done in as little as 30 minutes.

This treadmill may be small but it packs up a lot of power. It features a strong 1.5HP motor that runs up to 12 km/hr or roughly 7.5 mph. At its maximum speed, you’re guaranteed to burn calories at a faster rate. Beginners can easily control he intensity of the workout by using its three count-down modes. The high power output is balanced out by its energy-saving and noise-reduction system that prevents the motor from making too much noise as you run.


  • 1.5 HP high temperature resistance motor
  • 12 built-in workout programs
  • LCD display with metrics
  • Maximum speed up to 12km/hr
  • One-touch speed adjustment buttons
  • Hand pulse sensor on handles


  • Great standard features for an affordable price
  • Lots of workout programs to choose from
  • Different levels of incline
  • Foldable design saves a lot of floor space


  • Running surface is small with not enough room for a complete stride
  • Comes with some plastic parts that may be damaged during shipping

2.Best for Beginners: XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black


Despite its smaller price tag, the XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill has everything you’ll need to start your way to a healthier lifestyle. It comes fully equipped with hand pulse sensors located on the hand grips that track your heart rate and monitor your breathing levels. Because they’re mounted on the side handlebars, they’re activated by simply gripping your hands to keep you safely within your training zone.

is its large surface, Despite its small foldable frame, it’s designed to carry users of all sizes with a length of 50 inches – that’s enough space for both brisk walking and speed running. As an added feature, the surface is fully equipped with an innovative technology called XTRASoft Cushioning. It adds a layer of support that not only improves traction but also helps absorb the surface impact from every step – reducing joint pressure on the ankles and knees.

Another modern feature is its 5-inch LCD console which makes it easy to read the digital figures. By simply gripping the hand sensors, it displays helpful metrics that include time spent, distance traveled, and calories burnt. It also has 12 preset fitness programs to choose from that usually run within intervals of 30 minutes. With a manual option, you can increase and decrease speed according to your fitness level.


  • 5-inch LCD console with metrics
  • Direct access speed keys
  • 12 preset fitness programs
  • Maximum speed up to 10MPH
  • Three manual inclined settings
  • Powerful 2.25 HP motor
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Pros

    • Large surface with plenty of room to run
    • Console is easy to use
    • Comes with convenient accessory trays to put your tablet or book
    • Beginner-friendly assembly process
    • Speed levels can be adjusted manually


    • Powder takes a lot time to mix
    • Not for pregnant or nursing women

    3. Best for small place: Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill


    Most workout buffs like to keep their phones close to them as they workout, but most treadmills don’t have the space for it. Designed with this problem in mind, the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill incorporates a device holder near the console for easy access. As an added feature, it even comes with two bottle holders on each side to keep you well hydrated as you exercise.

    Like most treadmills within the same price range, this one lacks surface length for taller users. But it makes up for the lack in size by incorporating a shock absorption system into the belt. It’s designed to absorb most of the impact from running so you can work out longer with less fatigue in the joints and knees.

    With this treadmill’s small size and lightweight construction, it can be a real space saver if you live in a small home or apartment. It features a soft drop mechanism that helps you fold and unfold it with ease. With built-in transportation wheels, this treadmill guarantees a hassle-free set up every time.


  • Three quick speed buttons on handrails
  • 2.2 HP motor
  • Device and water bottle holders
  • Maximum speed of 9MPH
  • 3 manual incline adjustment levels
  • Soft drop system
  • 9 built-in workout programs
  • LCD display with metrics
  • Maximum weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Pros

    • Device holder is convenient and large enough to fit different devices
    • Hands-free assembly process
    • Speed buttons are easy to use
    • Most of the controls are located on the handrails
    • Shock absorption works relatively well


    • Inclined levels don’t make much of a difference in height 
    • Low weight capacity – cannot support users over 200 pounds

    4. Best cushioning: Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Cadence Folding Treadmill


    No one wants to spend hours waiting at the gym for their turn on the treadmill. But with the Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Cadence Folding Treadmill, you can train from home at your own time. At the top of its many modern features is its Comfort Cell technology. This innovative system features extra cushioning throughout the entire running surface to give you extra support for a more comfortable workout – making it a great option for older users who are more prone to joint problems.

    One important feature makes this treadmill unique – it comes with Bluetooth connection, which is a steal for its very affordable price. It helps you connect to the digital wonder of iFit training to improve your workout routine and gives access to world-class personal trainers. Like many higher-end models, this one comes with a foldable design that assembles in just a few seconds.


    • 2.25 HP drive system
    • Comfort Cell cushioning technology
    • Bluetooth Connection
    • Access to iFit in-home personal training
    • Integrated tablet holder
    • Maximum weight capacity: 275 pounds


    • Space saving design
    • Preset workout routines are easy to follow
    • Compact and lightweight
    • With Bluetooth connection and access to digital fitness programs
    • Good cushioning


    • Good cushioning
    • No added accessories like water bottle holders and speakers

    5. Best Budget: Merax Electric- Smart Folding Compact Treadmill


    Few treadmills made for home use will offer the kind of quiet performance that the SereneLife SLFTRD18 Folding Compact Treadmill delivers. The high power output of its drive system is balanced out by its impressively quiet motor – it runs almost whisper quiet as you work out.

    What we love most about this treadmill – apart from its unbelievably affordable price tag – is the integrated Bluetooth connectivity feature that lets you connect to your smartphone with ease. It also gives you access to the FitShow app where you can record your stats and personalize your workout.

    No matter your fitness level, you’ll appreciate this treadmill’s focus on safety. It features a red emergency shut-off button that you can use to immediately turn off power. As an added safety system, the display console also has a built-in security key that commands the machine to shut off immediately in case you trip or fall.


  • 1 HP motor that runs up to 6 MPH
  • Bluetooth connectivity and downloadable fitness app
  • Emergency shut off and built-in security key
  • Large LCD display with metrics
  • Grip sensors on handles
  • Pros

    • Lots of safety and security features
    • LCD has backlight that makes it easier to see display
    • LCD has backlight that makes it easier to see display
    • Motor is relatively quiet
    • Motor is relatively quiet


    • Weak power output
    • Very small and narrow treadmill track
    • Weak power output
    • Not recommended for taller or heavier users

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