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A foldable workout bench is a necessary addition to your workout room. Even if you can’t dedicate an entire room to exercise, these compact workout benches allow you to store them away after each use, making them the space-savers we all need!

Here is a the best foldable weight bench review we’ve put together to guide you when choosing your weight bench.

1. Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Bench 


 The Bowflex 5.1 is an exceptional addition to any exercise space. It can adjust to six different positions and had a 90° recline. It includes a removable leg-hold brace to support the decline position and overall supports the entire weight of the body so well that you won’t feel any sort of pain from being on it for too long.

30-year warranty on frame, one-year warranty on upholstery

Design and Quality: The steel body features a solid black leather seating but the head rest is a bright red. The equipment can withstand up to 480 lbs.

What We Like:

  • Strong frame.
  • Stabilizing levelers.
  • Great range of motion.

2. FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench


 The FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench is just super comfortable to work out on, no matter how intense the workout. The frame is great and makes it much durable. The new triangular design gives it the much needed stability. You can adjust up to seven back positions as well as three seat places.

Design and Quality: The 10.6’’ improved backrest paired up with the soft foam padding leather seat offers great comfort. It can hold up to 620 lbs. With the Fast Bolt technology, you can set your workout bench up very quickly.

What We Like:

  • Soft yet firm seating.
  • Comfy backrest.
  • Extra weight holding capacity.

3. GYMENIST Exercise Bench


 This exercise bench is much like your regular workout bench, but with two tweaks. It features a fully decline position so you can try out the decline presses for the upper body; and, it comes fully assembled. For reinforced comfort, there’s an adjustable pillow.

Design and Quality: The all over leather body and the powder coated frame allows it to withstand some major wear and tear, also scratches. There are some bright orange lines across the upper part. It can hold up to 550 lbs.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable comfort.
  • Declined position.
  • Comes preassembled.

4. Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench


 The best foldable workout benches don’t need to be flashy; they need to get the job done efficiently. This Ativafit one features seven backrest positions that were designed to deliver the lumbar support we can only dream from workout benches. You could perform band chest presses, sit up exercises, and much more.

Design and Quality: An ergonomic build and the PU leather fabric captures the concept of exercising with comfort. Along with support pipes, the bench can withstand up to 330 lbs.

What We Like:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Good value for money.

5. Marcy Impex Adjustable Weight Bench 


 Marcy Impex Weight Bench is one of the most long-lasting options you’ll find on the list. Top-notch seating construction and powder-coated frame finish keep it new for years. It features a sawtooth back pad adjustment which can fix it in six position. A unique vinyl covering protects the foam roller pads.

Design and Quality: This bench’s padding is definitely mentionable. With a full silver design, it makes a sort of a statement piece to your workout room. Very ergonomic design is another plus.

What We Like:

  • Total leg developer for full body exercise.
  • Can stand up to 600 lbs.
  • Transport handles and wheels.

what to look for in a foldable weight bench

Many amateurs make the rookie mistake of buying any workout bench that offers them a “good” deal, but trainers and athletes, over the years, have stated how important it is to look into the quality of your equipment before buying.

  • Comfort: While performing high-intensity workouts, if the workout bench isn’t comfortable enough, you’ll definitely have a back ache, if not a neck ache and lower body one too. Look out for the padding in the bench, and whether or not it supports the bottom nicely. It shouldn’t be so soft where you sink in.
  • Sturdiness: A compact workout bench that’s also good quality has a sturdy frame and structure to vouch for it. Flawed by their portable, foldable nature, workout benches can’t take as much weight as their unfolding contemporaries. A decent weight holding capacity would be 500 lbs. A great powder coating will give your equipment a longer life.
  • Flexibility: The workout bench must be lightweight, easy to carry, and super compact. You don’t have enough space in your apartment/house, and that’s why you’re getting a foldable model in the first place. So priority goes bendability and storability.
  • Adjustability: Some portable workout benches feature amazing adjustability. Others simply don’t. While the first tends to be more versatile and expensive, the second achieves the bare minimum.


Adding a workout bench to your exercise regime is similar to adding another dimension of workout possibilities. Don’t shy away from investing in one of these handy equipment.

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