Plenty of curcumin supplements are claimed as the best curcumin supplement! But you cannot trust all of them because many of them are full of unhealthy ingredients that may cause side effects. That is why you need to find out which is the best among them. Don’t worry; we will guide you through these dietary formulas and provide the definitive curcumin supplements list.

Curcumin is the active component of Turmeric. It is the deep gold spice famous in India for health, and is used in dying, cooking, fabrics, and is even popular at religious events. It gives curries and mustards their golden shine and remarkable flavor.

Turmeric has been extensively used in Ayurvedic medicinal traditions; it originates from the turmeric plant's rhizome, a ginger family member. Modern research highlights that its main active component, curcumin, supports healthy living as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

1. Source Naturals' Turmeric with Meriva

Your body is unable to absorb curcumin effectively. For enhancing your body ability to absorb curcumin, Source Naturals utilizes a patented production of a compound known as meriva that is formulized to comprise 10 to 22 % of total curcuminoids.

Meriva is a turmeric extract with lecithin. It is a kind of fat present in foods such as soybeans and eggs, delivering 28 times better absorption of curcumin in your body than others. This dietary formula includes 500 mg of turmeric extract per supplement.

Unlike other companies, Source Naturals permit their products to verify the purity and transparency of every ingredient.

Meriva may support multiple health advantages involving healthy inflammatory response in the liver, bones, eyes, joint, GI tract, and skin.

Meriva comprises of the full spectrum of curcuminoids, of which there are three:




All are naturally found in turmeric, and meriva has all three. Again, it comprises 18 to 20 % curcuminoids, of which about 75 % is curcumin.

2. Life Extension's Curcumin Elite

Life Extension utilizes a suitable type of curcumin. The formula comprises of a kind of fiber made from fenugreek seeds known as galactomannans which boost the absorption of curcuminoids.

Curcuminoids are the compounds in curcumin that suppress inflammation to support joints and essential organ health. They also improve the immune response, boost heart health, and offer potential cellular protection from free radicals.

Compounds presented in ginger stimulate a healthy inflammatory response, promote natural defense, and have other critical health benefits.

As the best curcumin supplement, Curcumin Elite offers 200 mg of curcuminoids with another active compound from turmeric known as ar-turmerone. The FDA approves these tablets as they are free from artificial ingredients that are not good for health.

There are plenty of benefits of in taking this tablet:

Helps prevent inflammatory factors from impeding both joint and organ health.

Combats oxidative stress and promotes heart health.

Also supports the brain, the natural defense system and liver health

3. BioSchwartz's Premium Ultra Pure Turmeric Curcumin

BioSchwartz uses BioPerine in this product; it comes from black pepper and boosts your body's ability to absorb curcuminoids. Besides BioPerine, Premium Ultra Pure Turmeric Curcumin comprises 1,360 mg of turmeric root and 140 mg of turmeric extract per three-capsule serving.

Experts claim that BioSchwartz's products have been tested by a third-party laboratory to prove its transparency, purity, and potency. Additionally, this supplement is FDA-approved.

Many herbs can have limited advantages because of low absorption. This turmeric curcumin product involves BioPerine black pepper extract to boost the bioavailability and benefits of curcumin. BioPerine can increase absorption by up to 100 %.

BioSchwartz's turmeric capsules contain turmeric extract that comprises 95% curcuminoids, the most potent compound in the turmeric root with powerful antioxidant abilities to increase results.

Using the latest technologies, the manufacturers are able to develop turmeric with BioPerine that is 100 percent natural and pure with non-GMO ingredients. These supplements do not comprise fillers, binders, taste enhancers, preservatives, soy, gluten, milk, egg, GMOs, peanuts, shellfish, or added sugar.

4. Gaia Herbs' Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength

Gaia Herbs’ Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength as complete curcumin synergy. This unique formulation produces a potential whole plant profile of turmeric's valuable features. Additional strength is offered by more curcumin per supplement than other members of the Turmeric Supreme family.

You can consume this supplement for heart health, bone health, seasonal allergy support, joint health immunity support, and herbal pain relief.

Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength provides the power of a concentrated liquid extract in the convenience of a fast-dissolving pill (dissolves within 8-10 mins of ingestion). These liquid extract capsules are more easily digestible and are absorbed by your body faster than powdered herbal preparations.

Gaia Herbs' Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength formula provides a concentrated liquid extract of turmeric. From Gaia Herbs, this kind of curcumin formula is more easily ingested and better absorbed by your body than turmeric's powdered form. This research is well supported, but more studies are required.

This beneficial product offers 480 mg of turmeric including 35 mg of curcuminoids per capsule. It also consists of 8 mg of black pepper to boost absorption.

Gaia Herbs provides a traceability tool on its website that permits you to discover where this herb originated and to view validation of the formula’s quality.

Buy Gaia Herbs' Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength here!


Curcumin is an extract obtained from the spice turmeric. It improves the inflammatory response and also whole-body health. You can consume curcumin tablets to boost your health.

But for your safety, you should consult your doctor and medical health provider before taking a high dose! However, the supplements mentioned earlier are ideal options, and you can take any of them as your best curcumin supplement!

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