Top 5 At Home Workout Equipment Of 2020 Buyer's Guide

Investment in at home workout equipment is a lucrative option for people with packed schedules and limited budgets. Great options exist which we have gathered here in this buying guide.

To determine the best at home workout equipment, we considered the average available space at home, fair prices, fantastic features, and maintenance services.

Here’s our guide.

1. Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym for Total Body Workout


This is perfect for those who seek a premium gym experience at a fraction of the elite gym membership fees and which can be operated from the comfort of one’s home.

The product can help you reach any target: lose body fat, increase lean muscle, support your cardiovascular system, ton, and sculpt your muscles for the perfect abs—anything without hurting yourself.

Don’t believe us? Trust Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley—both devoted fans of this fantastic equipment.

Design and Quality: 

Strong and sturdy, the machine is comfortable to use due to its padded glide bench and its head support. The equipment is so smooth and fluid that you’ll fall in love with working out.

Product Features:

-         Contains all the gym collectibles one would need including the pulley, squat stand, and leg-pull attachment

-         Has elastic nylon strap handles

-         Comes with a Pilates kit

-         Foldable for effortless storage

Why We Like It:

-         Supports weight of up to 400 lbs.

-         Super easy to setup

-         Comes with an exercise wall chart and gym-training videos

-         Includes leading fitness maestro Dan Isaacson’s nutritious meal guide

2. Fitnessery Ab Roller for Abs Workout


This is the perfect premium product for you to sculpt your dream abs without ever leaving home. Strong and stable, safe, and ergonomic, it is a reliable tool for vigorous workout sessions. Rolls easily and doesn’t slip—what do you have to worry about?   

Design and Quality:

 The ultra-soft foam-padded handles provide comfort and a good grip for rolling the wheel. The ab roller itself is made of thick, durable stainless steel and anti-slip rubber that can fluidly roll on all areas. Its rounded sides give it a surface wide enough to roll and not slip.

Product Features:

-         Has strong soft padded handles

-         Contains a long-lasting wide wheel to grip the surface properly

Why We Like It:

-         Lifetime 100% money-back guarantee

-         1 Free ergonomic knee pad

-         2 Bonus E-book guides on how to build the ultimate abs and maintain them with a healthy balanced diet

-         Top-ranked product in the Amazon categories of “Core Strength & Abdominal Trainers” and “Exercise & Fitness Home Gyms”

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3. AMBOR Portable Resistance Bands Set (ASIN: B087V4YV6R)


Beginner or professional, it doesn’t matter provided you’re a fitness freak looking for a multi-purpose tool to fulfill all your gym needs, from sculpting muscles and toning abs to stretching and doing Pilates.

What’s more, this set is unique in that it presents five multi-colored bands with five separate resistance levels to build your best body without burdening your wallet! At home or outside, carry your personal gym anywhere thanks to its portability.

Design and Quality:

 Rest assured of the bands’ resistance to damage for they are made of 100% pure latex. The bands take 5lbs., 20lbs., 25lbs., 30lbs., and 35lbs. respectively which means you can use them independently or combined. To add more spice to your workout regime, a durable safety door anchor is included to hold the bands while you exercise.

Product Features:

-         Five multi-colored bands, each of which ranges in weight-bearing capacity from 5lbs to 35lbs

-         Comes with a safety door anchor to hold the bands during your workout session

-         Perfect for muscle-building or even Pilates

Why We Like It:

-         Comes with a duffel bag

-         Stress-free refund or replacement ensured

-         Anyone can train with it anywhere

-         Ranks in the Top 50 in the Amazon category of “Exercise Bands”

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4. Hurdilen Resistance Band for Legs and Butt


This deluxe set of three resistance bands is perfect for toning your limbs, doing physiotherapy, or simple warm-ups. The bands are transportable which means they’ll work their magic on your muscles anywhere. Made from premium quality fabric, these bands can support your workout regime for a very long time.

Design and Quality: 

Made of non-irritating permeable latex, the bands firmly grip your limbs without rolling off. The fabric itself is flexible and resistant to wear-and-tear which means you can fold your bands easily and store or carry them anywhere.

Product Features:

-         Up to three resistance levels

-         Multiple sets of colors to choose from

-         Comes with a carry bag

-         Sculpts and heals wounds in abs, glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings, and arms

Why We Like It:

-         Lifetime warranty

-         Ideal for any exercise including full-body workout and Pilates

-         Bands are strong, broad and extra-thick

-         Great for sensitive skin

 5. PELLOR Forearm Wrist Roller


 If you want to develop your forearm muscles at the price of a premier gym membership, this is the forearm wrist roller for you. You can even build up your grip while exercising with the product’s well-made ergonomic design.

Design and Quality: 

The product is made of steel giving it a strong robust feel. The 100cm-long wire is made of elastic nylon rope that can expand easily. The anti-slip foam handles allow your hands to clutch the product properly.

Product Features:

-         Comes with a forearm trainer strengthener

-         Supports up to 20 pounds of weights

-         No weight plates included

Why We Like It:

-         The lock won’t rust for a long time

-         Users can twist the entire bar independently instead of separately which prevents tennis elbow

-         Ranked Top 100 in the Amazon category of “Exercise & Fitness Home Gyms”

Final Words

Now that you know which at home workout equipment you should buy, why wait? Invest in them and remold your body, right from the comfort of your home.

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