How to Build Arm Muscle at Home

A perfect set of toned arms is what most people dream of having but do very little to manage the time to work on their bodies.


It’s true that building arm muscles take a lot of work and dedication, but their benefits can go beyond our imaginations.


And now that we are forced to spend most of our indoors, what better way to spend our leisure time than working on our bodies and achieve that perfect summer body.

How to Build Arm Muscles at Home

But how can you hit the gym and build arm muscles during this life threatening pandemic? Most people think that the only way to build arm muscles or any other kinds of muscles is to go lift weights at the gym and they couldn’t have been any further from the truth.

There are several ways which can show amazing results in building arm muscles, given that they are implemented perfectly and regularly. And the funny thing is, they can be done at the comfort of our own homes.

So we decided to come up with this article which contains some great ways on how you can build arm muscles even whilst staying at home!

All you have to do is sit back and allow us to guide you through the steps. But first, let’s look at some of the benefits of having arm muscles.

Benefits of Building Arm Muscles

1. Boost Up Your Heart Health

It’s no secret that cardio is good for the body, but there are was always a debate on whether heavy lifting exercises that build arm muscles have an effect on the heart, and the to put everyone’s minds at ease, scientists carried out countless amounts of research on the human cardiovascular system (the entire system of the heart and the veins in the human body) and gave positive results.

Strength training exercises that build up your arm muscles play a vital role in strengthening your heart muscles. A strong heart can easily keep your blood cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and blood pressure in check which reduces the risk of artery damage and keeps your weight in check.

Moreover, building arm muscles drastically improve the blood circulation in the body which increases the oxygen levels in the entire body and minimizes the risk of developing heart diseases.

2. Having Strong Arm Muscles Can Help You Run Faster

Most people think that running fast is related mostly to the leg muscles, but arm muscles can go a really long way to improve someone’s speed and stamina in all sorts of runs. For example, arm muscles can help runners achieve a good form and stability which can help improve their footwork in long distance runs and help runners generate a high forward force while sprinting.

Moreover, strong and thick muscles can protect the skeleton incase the runners trip over and minimize the damage.

3. Muscles Reinforce Your Joints

Joint pain is a pretty common problem for people looking to build muscles and it often keeps them back from achieving their goals. But what most people don’t realize is that the only reason they have to go through this excruciating experience is because their muscles and joints are not used to taking on much stress and when all of a sudden you’re lifting weights left and right, the joints collapse which stimulates these soul crushing joint pains.

The key is to start slow and ease your way into the muscle building routine. When you are training your muscles every day and gradually increasing the load on them, slowly yet surely your muscles will adapt to your workout regime and your body will respond positively to these efforts.

And only after a few days, you will be able to see the difference in your bone structure. The same goes for old people or people with joint pains (even bad knees and hips). When you try to build muscles, the brain releases hormones which help repair damaged tissues, muscles and joints which not only strengthen your joints but also repair them permanently.

4. Muscles Can Control Your Emotions

Research shows that the posture of a person has an incredible effect on the emotional and mental state of a person.  When you spend all day constantly sitting a desk, working, or using your smartphones your brain automatically feels sad and depressed.

But when you’re always active and building muscles simultaneously, your posture automatically improves, it feels like your brain’s dancing to a Brittany Spears and you constantly have elevated levels of happiness.

ect physique.

5. Arm Muscles Give You an Instant Confidence Boost

Nothing feels better than rocking a sleeveless shirt in public and you know everyone is secretly admiring your perfectly toned arm muscles that you worked so hard to achieve.

Even if you’re an insecure person, building arm muscle works like a charm to boost up someone’s confidence as you no longer feel insecure about your body and you know you look good. The moment you stop being insecure is the moment you start being confident, and arm muscles are a perfect way of doing that.

Exercises that Can Help Build Arm Muscles

 Now that we have discovered a few of the countless benefits that arm muscles have on our daily lives, let’s focus on how we can work our way towards achieving them. Some of these procedures are really simple, while some might require a bit experience, let’s have a look:

1. The Downward Facing Dog Push-ups

The downward facing dog push-ups are an amazing way to build arm muscles without actually having to use any weights. This exercise primarily targets your triceps, your shoulders and strengthens your chest muscles and your core.

How You Can Perform This Exercise

  • First you have to start by placing your hands and legs about shoulder width apart. Make sure your hips are raised so it forms a triangular shape.
  • Then slowly reach a pushup position by lowering your hips. When you are finally parallel with the floor, perform a push up and slowly move your body to the initial downward facing position and repeat.

Some people might have trouble getting their pushups right initially and what they can do is place their knees on the floor and complete the pushup and it will slowly improve over time.

2. The Chair Dips

 Tricep muscles are particularly harder to hit, but that is not the case with the chair dip exercise. All you need is a simple chair and you’re all set. Chair dips are a simple, effective and do an amazing job stretching those triceps

How You Can Perform This Exercise

  • Start this exercise by sitting on a chair with your arms placed right beside your hips and place your feet somewhere flat so it is perpendicular to the upper body.
  • Keep your arms straight and raise yourself off the chair by applying force using your arms.
  • While you are performing this exercise make sure butt is in the air and your knees are slightly bent. Inhale as you lower your body and exhale while pulling yourself up.

3. The Towel Curls

Towel curls is one of the few arm exercises that show unbelievable results I a very short span of time. All this exercise requires is a small towel and your arms will do the rest.

How You Can Perform This Exercise

  • Start this exercise by leaning your back against a wall with one of your feet about a foot from your body.
  • Slightly bend your right knee and then your left knee and continue to position your left foot towards the center of the towel.
  • Remember to keep your arms completely still and then curl your towel slowly towards you while resisting the motion using your foot.
  • Once you reach the top, stop there for a few seconds and then slowly return to the original position and start over.

4. Elevated Pike Push-ups

Just like the chair dips, this exercise also requires the use of a chair or a bench. This exercise hits your triceps, shoulders and your upper back. Keep raising the elevation levels gradually once you get the hang of it.

How You Can Perform This Exercise

  • Place your legs on the chair or the bench and slowly walk your hands forwards until your buttocks are facing the air.
  • When you reach that point, slowly lower your entire body until your head is just inches away from the floor.
  • Then push your entire body up and remember to keep your belly tight the whole time.
  • Once you reach the top, pause for a few seconds and ease your way all the way down and start over.
  • Be sure to breathe as much as possible while doing the pushups to get enough oxygen to all your muscles.

5. The Single Leg Tricep Dips

Judging from the name it’s very obvious that it’s just another form of the chair dips. The primary area of focus is the chests, deltoid muscles and the triceps and doesn’t require the use of any additional equipment.

How You Can Perform This Exercise

  • To perform this exercise you need to get on all fours and slowly extend your legs forwards. Keep your legs stabilized using the leg muscles so you don’t lose balance and fall.
  • Once in position, push upwards to your bridge and continue upwards and downwards exactly like you would in tricep dips.
  • Once you get the hang of it, you can try doing the exact same thing using just one leg to increase the resistance if you are looking for even faster results.

6. Inverted Rows

Most people think this exercise requires the use of a pull-up bar or a barbell and can’t be done at home, well we beg to differ. This is a great way to build forearm muscles, biceps, your middle trapezius and your back muscles. This exercise can be done using a strong, sturdy table or even a rope.

How You Can Perform This Exercise

  • You can start by lying under a table or two ropes extended from the ceiling.
  • Hold onto the edge of the table or ropes with your arms facing away from you. Try to keep your body as still as possible and contract your abs.
  • Then pull your entire body upwards until your chest touches the table and slowly lower yourself to ground zero and start over.

7. The Lateral Plank Walk

This exercise looks really easy until you actually try doing them. But it literally works every part of your arm all the way from your shoulders to your wrists and is an amazing exercise to build arm muscles. This is one of the few weight free arms exercise that works so many muscles all at the same time.

How You Can Perform This Exercise

  • Start this exercise by getting yourself into the plank position.
  • Step to the right side using your foot and then follow it using the arms.
  • Continue doing this until you reach the end of the room and then does the exact same thing in the opposite direction until you reach your starting position.

8. Arm Rotations with Resistant Bands

Last but not least, we have the infamous arms rotations exercise. This exercise is very simple to do and focuses entirely on the biceps, triceps and shoulder and is the secret to the perfectly tones arms of most tennis players.

How You Can Perform This Exercise

  • Start by simply making circular movements with your arms wide open like airplane flaps.
  • Keep doing it for about a minute in the clockwise direction and then in the anticlockwise direction.
  • Gradually increase the time of rotation and introduce a resistant band once you get the hang of it.


Hopefully by now you are fully aware of how important the role of arm muscles is in our day to day activities and how you can achieve them. The exercises mentioned above are all specifically chosen so people can tone their arms even at homes.


We think it’s high time for everyone to appreciate their bodies and work their way towards achieving their dream bod. Why wait then? Grab these exercises by its horns and achieve the perfect set of arms that you dream of.

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